35 Colors That Go With Yellow (Color Palettes)

There are many colors that go with yellow, as it is a highly versatile color. It is one of the few colors that go with every other color in the visible spectrum, so it will work well if you choose your tones carefully.

Yellow is a warm color that falls between orange and chartreuse on the color wheel. However, it can also lean towards green (lemon yellow), which is considered cooler than other shades that lean towards orange (for example, mustard).

Cooler or warmer, yellow is the color of happiness, optimism, and enthusiasm. Thus, every splash of yellow brings a burst of joy and fun. So, what colors go with yellow?

Whether you are trying to decorate your home, choose a vibrant outfit or simply yellow is your favorite color, here is a list of colors that go with yellow.

What Colors Go with Yellow?

The best colors that go with yellow include blue, navy blue, rose, pale pink, hot pink, dark red, brown, eggplant, dark purple, violet, lavender, teal, moss green, beige, gray, black, and white.

What Colors Go with Bright Yellow?

  • Gray: Modern Sleek
  • Navy Blue: Luxurious Vibe
  • White: Bright Freshness
  • Black: Sophisticated Look
  • Green: Vibrant Nature
  • Purple: Royal Atmosphere
  • Brown: Cozy Comfort
  • Pink: Playful Femininity
  • Turquoise: Tropical Cheer
  • Orange: Vibrant Energy
  • Beige: Soft Neutrality

What Dark Colors Compliment Yellow?

Yellow goes very well with both light and dark colors, which is one of its qualities. Dark colors that go well with yellow include:

  • Teal: Coastal Serenity
  • Navy Blue: Elegant Contrast
  • Forest Green and Dark Emerald Green: Nature-inspired Palette
  • Charcoal Gray: Sleek Modernity
  • Eggplant Purple: Dramatic Contrast
  • Maroon: Rich Opulence
  • Chocolate Brown: Earthy Comfort

What Colors Go with Light Yellow?

Light yellow is a versatile color that goes well with various light colors. These colors include:

  • Pale Blue: Calming Lightness
  • Soft Gray: Modern Sophistication
  • Pastel Pink: Gentle Warmth
  • Mint Green: Fresh Cheer
  • Lavender: Gentle Relaxation
  • Cream/Off-White: Subdued Elegance
  • Light Coral: Playful Warmth

Colors That Go with Yellow

Yellow is a cheerful and bright color that is also extremely versatile when it comes to color combinations. Here’s a list of colors that go with yellow, as well as color palette ideas.

1. Gray and Yellow

gray and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Battleship Gray (#86836d), Yellow Maize (#f5df4d), Dim Gray (#626267)

Gray is one of the best colors that go with yellow. This color adds a modern and sleek look to the bright yellow. It’s definitely a luxurious color combination!

For a stylish and modern look, pair yellow with charcoal or dark gray.

You can also match it with a cool gray for an oasis of calm and relaxation.

If you prefer a light or lemon yellow, pair it with light gray for a soft, contemporary, and fresh palette.

Therefore, yellow goes well with many shades of gray.

2. Charcoal and Yellow

charcoal and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Charcoal (#36454f), Yellow (#ffe66d), Thistle (#d9bdc5)

Charcoal, a near-black shade of gray, is one of the best colors that go with yellow for a luxurious look.

It provides a strong, sleek backdrop that allows a bright yellow to pop, creating a bold, high-contrast, and dynamic color scheme.

3. Green Mint and Yellow

mint and pale yellow

Hex codes: Mint (#00c49a), Verdant Green (#12674a), Naples Yellow (#f8e16c)

Mint pairs well with cooler yellows, such as lemon or Naples, that have a green bias. This combo exudes vitality, freshness, and balance.

This is one of the most stunning yellow color combinations for a modern kitchen. You can also play with a darker green such as verdant or dark emerald.

4. Navy Blue and Yellow

navy blue and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Navy Blue (#000080), French Gray (#adb6c4), Jasmine Yellow (#f4d06f)

Blue is the complementary color to yellow, meaning that they go well together and provide a strong contrast.

Yellow’s happiness and optimism combine beautifully with blue’s calming nature, creating an eye-catching combination.

Although most shades of yellow go well with navy blue, mustard yellow tones match best.

This combo provides a rich and luxurious feeling.

5. Black and Yellow

Black is one of the best colors that go with yellow
Black is one of the best colors that go with yellow

Hex codes: Black (#080705), Yellow (#fccb06), Charcoal Gray (#40434e)

Black and yellow is an eye-catching color combination inspired by the bumble bees.

Moreover, black contrasts beautifully with yellow, making it a sophisticated combo that creates a moody space.

The yellow brings warmth, cheerfulness, and energy, while the black adds depth, sophistication, and a grounding effect.

However, not all yellows go well with black shades. For example, a very light or pastel shade of yellow might not create enough contrast with black, causing the yellow to look washed out or faint.

6. Cool White and Yellow

Hex codes: Yellow (#efca08), Cool White (#f4fdff), Teal (#00a6a6)

White is one of the simplest and most effective colors to pair with yellow. This combo provides a fresh, clean, and bright look.

White stands for clarity, cleanliness, and peacefulness. Moreover, it balances the warmth of yellow, giving an air of freshness.

Conversely, yellow is the color of happiness and optimism that loves the simplicity of white.

Thus, this combination fits perfectly into a kitchen design.

For a more beautiful visual effect, choose a cool shade of white.

7. Forest Green and Yellow

forest green and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Forest Green (#228c22), Yellow Maize (#fde74c), Russet (#7a4419)

Forest green is a rich, deep green that pairs wonderfully with yellow for a nature-inspired color palette.

The coolness of forest green relaxes and revitalizes, bringing a sense of harmony and balance to the joyful yellow.

Typically, yellow works well as an accent color for dark shades of green.

Moreover, this color combination is versatile. You can pair it with lots of yellow shades.

Use a brighter, more saturated yellow for a more energetic and cheerful aesthetic.

Also, a softer or muted yellow can work well if you’re aiming for a more subdued and relaxing atmosphere.

8. Maroon and Yellow

maroon and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Maroon (#80000), Naples Yellow (#f9dc5c), Aquamarine (#7ae7c7)

Maroon is one of the best dark colors to pair with yellow, especially with warm yellows like mustard, golden yellow, or a brighter canary.

They go well together as they are both warm colors.

The golden yellow’s richness complements the maroon’s depth, creating a warm, luxurious color scheme. It’s an elegant and sophisticated color combination.

Moreover, this deep, rich shade of red provide a bold contrast to gold – which adds a touch of luxury and shine, resulting in a warm yet balanced palette.

9. Eggplant Purple and Yellow

eggplant purple and yellow color combination

Hex codes: Eggplant Purple (#483248), Yellow Saffron (#e6c229), Thistle (#d6c3c9)

Eggplant purple is a deep, rich color that goes well with bright yellow, golden yellow, and mustard.

This deep purple shade creates a dramatic contrast with yellow. For a warm, luxurious color scheme, pair eggplant purple with golden yellow.

If you want a deep, autumnal color scheme, pair dark purple with mustard yellow. This bold combo requires some white to get a good balance.

10. Pink and Yellow

pink and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Pink (#e75a7c), Bright Yellow (#ffdf00), Gunmetal (#2c363f)

Pink and yellow go well together, creating a gentle, cheerful color palette that is often associated with youth and femininity. This color combination is both uplifting and relaxing.

The secret is to match similar tones of yellow and pink. For example, bright shades of pink go well with bright yellows, while pale pinks go well with light shades of yellow.

A soft pink and light yellow combo creates a warm, gentle, feminine look.

For a more youthful and vibrant look, pair yellow with hot pink. This color combination is trendy in fashion.

11. Mauve and Yellow

mauve and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Salmon Pink (#f49097), Mustard Yellow (#ffd858), Mauve (#dfb2f4)

Purple is one of the shades of purple that matches yellow. The kindness and friendliness of purple and the cheerfulness and optimism of yellow go hand in hand.

As a pale bluish purple, mauve is a cool color that complements the cheerful, warm yellow.

12. Magenta and Yellow

magenta, cyan and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Magenta (#fe218b), School Bus Yellow (#fed700), Picton Blue (#21b0fe)

Magenta and yellow is a bold and vibrant combination that looks beautiful and sophisticated. Although this color combination is not for the faint of heart, it creates a luxurious, royal effect.

A great example is magenta and mustard yellow. This combination is very popular in the fashion industry.

13. Coral and Yellow

Hex codes: Living Coral (#ff6f61), Icterine Yellow (#f7f052), Cafe Noir (#563f1b)

Coral – a blend of orange, pink, and red – is a positive and friendly color that pairs lovely with yellow.

This bright shade of orange with pink undertones carries the warmth of these colors. Paired with yellow, this pinkish red-orange creates a vibrant, tropical, and energetic color scheme that feels cheerful and inviting.

Match light coral with a pale yellow for a softer, more relaxed look.

If you love this combo, follow the 60-30-10 rule with 60% neutrals, 30% yellow, and 10% coral to avoid overwhelming the space.

14. Teal and Yellow

teal and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Teal (#008080), Sunglow Yellow (#ffc857), Lavender (#dfd9e2)

Teal – a dark greenish-blue – is one of the most beautiful colors that go with yellow, forming a combination that stands out in any situation.

Teal combines the qualities of blue and green as it is associated with harmony, elegance, relaxation, and wisdom. These lovely qualities balance the cheerfulness and playfulness of yellow.

For a fresh and soothing vibe, combine teal with a light yellow.

On the other side, darker yellows – like mustard – provide richer contrast with teal, providing a more dramatic and bold look.

15. Turquoise and Yellow

turquoise and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Turquoise (#40e0d0), Yellow Maize (#f2e863), Coral (#f25757)

Turquoise complements yellow well because it is a combination of green, blue, and a touch of yellow. This combo brings to mind tropical color palettes.

Turquoise is a greenish-blue color often associated with the freshness of tropical waters.

Its coolness greatly contrasts the warm, earthy tone of mustard, which is a dark, rich shade of yellow.

16. Mint and Yellow

Mint and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Mint Green (#3eb489), Soft Yellow (#f8fa90), Coral Pink (#fe938c)

Mint green and bright yellow go well together, creating a crisp, lively combination reminiscent of citrus fruit. So, it evokes a sense of freshness and energy.

This fresh and cheerful color combination is perfect for spring and summer palettes.

Mint green work well with light and bright yellows. For example, lemon yellow is one of the best yellows to pair with mint green.

And here’s another little-known fact: yellows go well with dark shades of green.

17. Lavender and Yellow

lavender and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Lavender (#dbb2d1), Mustard Yellow (#fcd757), Dim Gray (#6f686d)

Since lavender is a pale shade of purple, and purple is the complement of yellow on the RYB color wheel used in traditional art, yellow matches well with lavender.

This color combination combines the warmth and brightness of yellow with the soothing, cool undertones of lavender.

Moreover, this gentle and uplifting combo promotes creativity and relaxation.

As a hint, vivid light yellows go best with lavender.

18. Chocolate Brown and Yellow

chocolate brown and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Chocolate Brown (#7b3f00), Yellow Maize (#fde74c), Light Sky Blue (#85c7f2)

Yellow and brown go well together because they are both warm colors, which means they share similar undertones.

Thus, the deep, warm browns create a comforting, earthy palette when paired with yellow. One of the best shades of brown that go with yellow is chocolate brown.

The depth and warmth of chocolate brown pairs beautifully with the brightness and energy of yellow, creating an earthy, balanced palette.

Moreover, the bright and uplifting yellow pops against the rich, grounding tone of chocolate brown.

19. Light Blue and Yellow

Hex codes: Baby Blue (#89cff0), Mustard Yellow (#ffe156), Dusty Purple (#a690a4)

Light blues work well with pale and dark shades of yellow. This color combination is light and airy and is often used in bedrooms and bathrooms for a calming effect.

Pale blue is a calm, soothing color often associated with the sky or clear water. It’s a cool shade of blue that is refreshing and relaxing to the eye.

On the other hand, dark yellow, which can range into shades like Xanthous, mustard, or goldenrod, brings warmth and depth to the palette.

20. Orange and Yellow

Hex codes: Burnt Orange (#de6b48), Golden Yellow (#ffdf00), Dusty Pink (#f4b9b2)

Yellow goes well with dark shades of orange, like rust or terracotta. That’s because they’re neighbors on the color wheel. This earthy shade of orange creates a warm, rustic, and down-to-earth feel when paired with yellow.

For a warm, autumnal feel, pair yellow with burnt orange. It’s slightly less intense than bright orange but still very warm and inviting.

If you want a gentle, calming pastel palette, match it with peach orange. This color combination is soft and comforting.

21. Beige and Yellow

beige and yellow color combination

Hex codes: Beige (#e8ded1), Yellow Maize (#fbec5d), Battleship Gray (#74776b)

Beige is a popular neutral, which means it pairs well with many colors, including yellow.

Beige goes well with yellow because both colors carry warm undertones. Moreover, beige is the color of comfort and simplicity, making yellow softer.

A warm beige enhances the warmth of yellow, while a light beige provides an airy feel. So, if you are looking for a nice color combination with a yellow wall, this palette is for you.

On the other side, dark beige or taupe provides a stronger contrast that makes the yellow stand out more. This combo feels bolder and more dramatic.

But not all shades of beige go well with the same yellow.

For example, light yellow goes well with the traditional beige, a pale grayish yellow. This combo is soft and calming.

Mustard yellow pairs well with dark beige or taupe, creating a sophisticated and grounded feel.

If you prefer lemon yellow, pair it with a classic beige that tones down its brightness.

22. Blue-Gray and Yellow

light blue and dark yellow color palette

Hex codes: Light-Blue (#a0ddff), Xanthous (#ffba49), Payne’s Gray (#555b6e)

Blue-gray is a combination of blue and black that produces a dark bluish-gray that complements a rich, slightly dark yellow very well. Payne’s gray, for example, is one of the best colors that go with yellow, especially darker tones.

23. Cambridge Blue and Yellow

charcoal and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Cambridge Blue (#8bbf9f), Yellow Sunglow (#fdca40), Charcoal (#36454f)

Cambridge blue is a pale greenish blue that looks great with deep yellows. Thus, this shade of blue provides a calming drop to the cheerful yellow.

Charcoal, a dark gray color with some blue undertones, complements the other two hues, adding depth and sophistication.

Even though they are complementary colors, the chosen tones make this palette relaxing and cheerful, with no tiring contrast.

24. Viridian Green and Yellow

yellow and viridian green

Hex codes: Jonquil (#f8c828), Viridian (#007e5d)

Dark shades of green pair well with warm yellows. These include viridian green and verdant green. On the color wheel, these fall between green and teal.

Even emerald green goes with yellow. Preferably, use a muted golden tone.

25. Light Pink and Yellow

yellow and light pink

Hex codes: Golden Yellow (#fdd023), Pink (#f56476)

As you have seen, there are many pink colors that compliment yellow. This is another example. In fact, pink is a tint of red – a light variation of red, so it’s understandable why it goes so well with yellow.

26. Dark Purple and Yellow

Hex codes: Jonquil (#fdd023), Bright Pink Crayola (#f56476)

This is another yellow color combination that looks amazing.

Dark purple appears to be a cross between burgundy and purple, evoking royalty and sophistication alongside the optimism of yellow.

Although they complement each other well, yellow and dark purple create a starkly contrasting combination that can become overwhelming if not used correctly.

27. Rust and Yellow

orange and yellow color combination

Hex codes: Mustard (#ffdb58), Taupe Gray (#8f8389), Rust (#bf3100)

Rust goes well with yellow because it has reddish-yellow undertones. In fact, it’s a reddish-brown, so a warm-toned brown.

Yellow Color Palette Ideas

28. Charcoal, Persian Green and Yellow Saffron

Hex codes: Charcoal (#264653), Persian Green (#2a9d8f), Saffron (#e9c46a), Sandy Brown (#f4a261), Burnt Sienna (#e76f51)

This is one of the prettiest yellow color palettes. It’s all about happiness, optimism, balance, and harmony.

Saffron yellow serves as a transitional color between blue-green and its complementary red-orange hues. It’s Persian green and burnt sienna in this case.

Charcoal, a dark gray with a slight blue undertone, is one of the colors that, along with Persian green, evoke feelings of calm.

29. Blush Pink, Salmon and Yellow

blush pink, salmon and yellow color scheme

Hex codes: Hunyadi Yellow (#f6bd60), Linen (#f7ede2), Blush Pink (#f5cac3), Cambridge Blue (#84a59d), Coral (#f28482)

This color palette harmoniously combines warmth and coolness, creating an elegant and airy atmosphere.

Yellow and coral are the statement pieces that exude energy, positivity, and joy, while linen and blush pink are soft neutrals that add a touch of simplicity and youth. Coral also adds vibrancy to the palette.

On the cooler side, Cambridge blue introduces a touch of serenity and sophistication.

This palette, however, is more pastel than the one shown above.

30. Hot Pink, Yellow and Blue

This is a triadic yellow color palette with red and blue variations, which creates a captivating visual contrast ideal for making a bold statement.

However, it features a smooth transition from the warm hot pink to the midnight green – which is actually a very dark cyan.

Furthermore, emeralds add depth and sophistication with their jewel-toned richness, introducing a cool balance.

emerald green and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Hot Pink Crayola (#ef476f), Sunglow (#ffd166), Emerald (#06d6a0), Blue NCS (#118ab2), Midnight Green (#073b4c)

31. Blue, Yellow and Orange

blue and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Sky Blue (#8ecae6), Blue Green (#219ebc), Prussian Blue (#023047), Selective Yellow (#ffb703), UT Orange (#fb8500)

This color palette is a lovely blend of neighbors and opposites.

The sky blue, blue-cyan, and Prussian blue are analogous colors, meaning they’re adjacent on the color wheel, creating a sense of harmony.

The deep Prussian Blue and Selective Yellow, on the other hand, have a complementary relationship because they are opposite each other on the color wheel, providing a vibrant contrast.

Therefore, this palette combines the harmony of analogous colors with the vibrant contrast of complementary colors to create a balanced visual effect.

32. Red, Yellow and Blue

red, blue and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Prussian Blue (#003049), Fire Engine Red (#d62828), Orange Wheel (#f77f00), Xanthous (#fcbf49), Vanilla (#eae2b7)

This color palette is a stunning combination of deep, bright, and neutral tones that exude a lot of energy.

The dark blue and red make a strong statement, while the orange adds a vibrant warmth. The muted yellow softens the palette and provides a pleasing contrast to the more intense colors.

Beige also grounds the palette and adds a sense of balance.

33. Black, Oxford Blue and Yellow

Black, Blue and Yellow

Hex codes: Rich Black (#000814), Oxford Blue (#001d3d), Yale Blue (#003566), Mikado Yellow (#ffc300), Gold (#ffd60a)

This is another yellow color palette that combines the mysterious depths of dark blues with the joy of yellows.

Rich black is a deep shade of black that adds a touch of elegance. So, this scheme is both soothing and cheerful.

34. Sea Green, Coral Pink and Yellow

Sea Green, Coral Pink and Yellow color palette

Hex codes: Cerulean (#227c9d), Light Sea Green (#17c3b2), Sunset (#ffcb77), Floral White (#fef9ef), Coral Pink (#fe6d73)

This color palette balances tranquility and vibrancy with a touch of delicate softness. Cerulean and sea green bring a calming effect, while yellow and coral add some lively warmth. Moreover, the off-white shade works as a perfect neutral.

35. Turquoise, Yellow and Moss Gray

turquoise and yellow color combination

Hex codes: Turquoise (#6efafb), Mustard Yellow (#ffdb58), Moss Gray (#706c61)

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors go with mustard yellow?

Mustard yellow is a dark shade of yellow, and like any yellow, it has the quality of being extremely versatile. If you’re wondering what colors go with mustard yellow, the short answer is navy blue, gray, black, teal, turquoise, pale pink, and forest green.

What colors go with yellow and blue?

Yellow and blue pair well with neutrals like white, black, and gray as well as magenta, bluish gray, dusty purple, chocolate brown. As primary colors in the RGB color model, yellow and blue also work well with tints and shades of red such as pink or maroon, forming a triadic scheme.

What colors go with yellow and green?

Yellow and green go well with neutrals like white, black, and gray, but they also complement warmer tones like reds, oranges, and browns. Coral pink, coral, lavender, and russet brown, for example, look great with yellow and green. In addition, this combo looks good with different blues.

What colors go with yellow and black?

Yellow and black pair well with different shades of gray, including slate gray, silver, taupe gray, and charcoal. In addition, yellow and black go well with thistle, lilac, plum, coral, bittersweet, dusty pink, old rose, cherry pink, brown, Cambridge blue, light Tiffany blue, dark green, spring green, cinnabar, and off-white colors (like magnolia).

Light Tiffany Blue #1C7C54

Yellow #FFD23F

Eerie Black #191919

What color go with yellow and pink?

Pink is a red tint that, along with yellow and blue, forms a tetradic scheme. As a result, yellow and pink complement various shades of blue. They also work well with neutrals (white, gray, and black), as well as dusty pinks and different orange and orange-pink shades (for example, coral).

Last Words on Colors That Go with Yellow

Yellow has always been popular in both interior design and fashion because it evokes feelings of joy, cheerfulness, and optimism. One of its lovely characteristics is its versatility.

Still wondering what color goes with yellow?

Yellow goes with many colors:

  • Pair it with gray for a modern and sleek look.
  • Match it with navy blue for a deep contrast and luxurious feeling.
  • Combine with black for a sophisticated look.
  • Complement it with dark green for a nature-like and vibrant vibe.
  • Choose pink or coral pink if you want something playful and feminine.
  • Go with turquoise if you want a tropical and cheerful feel.

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