What Are Complementary Colors? Definition & Examples

Complementary color wheel

Understanding complementary colors helps you choose colors that work well together, creating bold contrast and an eye-pleasing effect. In today’s article, we’ll discuss complementary colors, including definitions, examples of opposite colors in traditional art and graphic design, and why they look good together. What Are Complementary Colors? A definition of complementary colors is the use … Read more

What Colors Make Red?

red paint on paper

Wondering what colors make red? Today you’ll find out what two colors make red when mixed and how to mix different shades of this color. When the human eye perceives color, magical things happen. What’s more, light plays a vital role in mixing colors. Specifically, human vision or a healthy eye has three types of … Read more

What Color Do Orange and Blue Make When Mixed?

Orange and blue gradient background

Have you ever wondered what color orange and blue make when mixed? If you mix orange and blue, you’re combining a primary color with its complementary color. Let’s see what this mixture produces. Orange and blue are opposite on the color wheel, meaning they are complementary colors. Thus, they form a color harmony that provides … Read more

What Color Do Blue and Yellow Make When Mixed?

gradient of blue and yellow colors mixed together

Have you ever wondered what color blue and yellow make when combined? When you mix blue and yellow, the resulting color may differ slightly from what you expect. Moreover, depending on the medium, the yellow and blue combination produces different colors. In today’s article, we’ll look at what colors blue and yellow make when mixed in … Read more