Dark Green Color: Meaning, Shades, and Color Codes

Are you looking for the meaning of the dark green color? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Moreover, you will discover dark green shades and their RGB, CMYK, and Hex codes.

Colors evoke emotions and can change our moods. They are powerful, and they surround us every day. Yet, the dark green color holds a special place among the captivating hues that grace our lives. 

Dark green is a color that denotes elegance and sophistication, as it is associated with wealth and prosperity. Moreover, this ambitious color has gained popularity in recent years.

Dark green is a deep yellowish green with the hex code #023020. Moreover, dark green is a sophisticated color associated with expensive things, prosperity, calmness, and freshness. 

Dark green, with its rich and earthy tones, encapsulates the beauty of nature, bringing a sense of tranquility and balance to any setting. 

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the dark green color, including its meaning, symbolism, and popular uses.

Furthermore, we will show you the dark green shades, as well as their RGB, CMYK, and Hex codes.

Dark Green Color: A Window into Nature’s Serenity

The dark green color is an intense shade of green that illustrates the look of lush forests, meandering rivers, and flourishing landscapes. 

Its deep, saturated hue resembles the green leaves of trees, evoking a sense of calm and harmony.

Dark green brings something of the qualities of renewal, growth, and abundance associated with the color green, reflecting the rejuvenating power of nature.

Whether it’s the vast expanses of emerald fields or the hidden depths of moss-covered forests, dark green surrounds you in an oasis of serenity.

What Color is Dark Green?

Dark green is an intense yellowish-green shade. Dark green is sophisticated, luxurious, and expensive. The dark green hex code is #023020.

According to the CMYK color space, dark green consists of cyan and yellow in a 3:1 ratio and a lot of black.

dark green colors

Dark Green Color Codes

Here are the dark green color codes:

CMYK96, 0, 33, 81
RGB2, 48, 32rgb(2, 48, 32)
HSV159°, 96%, 19%
HSL159°, 92%, 10%hsl(159, 92%, 10%)
dark green hex code

The Meaning of Dark Green Color

Dark green represents freshness, wealth, fertility, abundance, ambition, and renewal. It is a sophisticated color that demands respect.

Moreover, it has a soothing and grounding effect. This color promotes balance and harmony, relieving stress and anxiety.

It is associated with abundance, especially in the United States, because it represents the color of the dollar bill.

Dark green is also known to enhance concentration and stimulate a feeling of freshness, making it an ideal choice for workspaces or areas where the focus is crucial. 

Incorporating this color into interior design can create an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation.

From a negative point of view, dark green can be linked to greed, jealousy, and materialism. Moreover, this shade is also associated with death, following the development of a dye in 1814 by a company in Scweinfurt, Germany. It was made with arsenic, a chemical element that caused ulcers all over the skin. [1]

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Dark Green Shades

Shades of dark green include forest green, phthalo green, cape verde, moss, Sacramento, deep jungle, emerald, hunter, and spring green. Here are some dark green colors along with their hex codes.

Dark Green
Hex #023020
RGB 2, 48, 32
CMYK 96, 0, 33, 81

Deep Jungle green
Hex #004B49
RGB 0, 75, 73
CMYK 100, 0, 3, 71

Sacramento green
Hex #043927
RGB 4, 57, 39
CMYK 93, 0, 32, 78

Hunter green
Hex #355E3B
RGB 53, 94, 59
CMYK 44, 0, 37, 63

Dark Emerald
Hex #27592D
RGB 39,89,45
CMYK 65,0,49,65

Kelly Green
Hex #046A38
RGB 4,106,56
CMYK 96,0,47,58

Breathe Deeply
Hex #01493E
RGB 1,73,62
CMYK 99,0,15,71

Cape Verde
Hex #01554F
RGB 1,85,79
CMYK 99,0,7,67

Forest Green
Hex #174A43
RGB 1,85,79
CMYK 99,0,7,67

Moss Green
Hex #114232
RGB 17,66,50
CMYK 74,0,24,74

Dark Spring Green
Hex #177245
RGB 17,66,50
CMYK 74,0,24,74

Dark Green Pantone
Hex #314F40
RGB 49,79,64
CMYK 38,0,19,69

Dark Green RAL
Hex #284B3E
RGB 40,75,62
CMYK 47,0,17,71

Chrysocolla Dark Green
Hex #004F39
RGB 0,79,57
CMYK 100,0,28,69

Teal Dark Green
Hex #006D57
RGB 0,109,87
CMYK 100,0,20,57

Dark Olive Green
Hex #556B2F
RGB 85,107,47
CMYK 21,0,56,58

Dark Jungle Green
Hex #1A2421
RGB 26,36,33
CMYK 28,0,8,86

Hex #05472A
RGB 5,71,42
CMYK 93,0,41,72

British Racing Green
Hex #004225
RGB 0,66,37
CMYK 100,0,44,74

Country Squire
Hex #124A42
RGB 18,74,66
CMYK 76,0,11,71

Bavarian Forest
Hex #1D4543
RGB 29,69,67
CMYK 58,0,3,73

Ocean Tropic
Hex #1C4E42
RGB 28,78,66
CMYK 64,0,15,69

Deep Pine
Hex #254A47
RGB 37,74,71
CMYK 50,0,4,71

Holly Leaf
Hex #2E5A50
RGB 46,90,80
CMYK 49,0,11,65

Pastel Dark Green
Hex #2F4C39
RGB 47,76,57
CMYK 38,0,25,70

Pastel Dark Green is a deep green with low saturation and brightness. The pastel dark green hex code is #2F4C39.

On the RAL color system, there is a similar color named Pine Green 6028. This is the closest RAL color code.

If you’re looking for a very dark green, phthalo green is the perfect shade.

Phthalo Green
Hex #123524
RGB 18,53,36
CMYK 66,0,32,79

So, there are plenty of dark green colors to choose from. We hope this list of dark green hex codes will help you with your project.

shades of dark green

Cultural Significance of Dark Green Color

Throughout history, colors gained symbolism, often representing different cultures’ values, traditions, and beliefs. 

The color dark green carries various meanings in different cultures and traditions. In some societies, it symbolizes serenity, renewal, and prosperity, as it is associated with the arrival of spring and the rebirth of plants.

In others, this vibrant shade represents prosperity, luck, and wealth. For example, this is a lucky color in China, linked to health, harmony, and wealth.

As for happiness, dark green is more a soothing color than a color of happiness.

Dark green is also linked to environmental awareness and sustainability, reminding us of conserving our natural resources.

What Does Dark Green Represent in Art?

In art and literature, dark green means growth, rebirth, and new beginnings. This color of abundance embodies the calming qualities of blue and the energy of yellow. 

Conversely, it can represent feelings of envy, jealousy, or even lack of experience.

Thus, this color can symbolize everything from the vitality of nature and the balance between life and death to the cyclical patterns of existence. 

Moreover, this shade adds depth and dimension to artistic creations, awakening the imagination.

Furthermore, artists have captured the essence of dark green in their works, from poems describing the mesmerizing beauty of lush landscapes to paintings depicting serene forests. 

Uses of Dark Green

The versatility of this color is as rich as the color itself. This color has gained popularity recently due to its association with prosperity, health, and freshness. 

Moreover, its calming effect makes dark green a favored choice in interior design, fashion, branding, and web design.

Interior Design

In interior design, dark green is associated with luxury and can transform a living room into a sanctuary of tranquility. Whether used as an accent wall or decorative element, this color infuses a sense of nature’s serenity into any room. 

Dark green complements a wide range of styles, from modern to rustic, and pairs beautifully with natural materials like wood and stone.


When it comes to fashion, dark green denotes elegance, luxury, and sophistication. As nature’s neutral, dark green looks clean and mind-clearing.

From deep emerald gowns to forest green suits, this hue adds a touch of luxury and richness to any outfit.

Although intense, dark green feels light, delicate, and fresh. This freshness comes from its connection to nature.

Also, wearing dark green can help you feel more relaxed when you’re feeling anxious or nervous. 

What’s more, dark green is subtly linked with wealth and money. Some luxury brands such as Rolex, Land Rover, or Lacoste use this color in their logos.

Whether incorporated into casual wear or formal attire, the dark green color brings a sense of refinement and style.

However, some associate it with greed and jealousy.

Graphic Design

In web design, dark green is associated with trust, reliability, and safety. Furthermore, dark green is professional, expensive, sophisticated, and respectable. 

For this reason, this vibrant color is also used in the luxury accommodation industry.

On the other hand, this color is linked to nature. It lends itself to businesses dedicated to green action and environmental sustainability. 

Dark green really stands for sustainability. It adds a touch of freshness and vitality to visual compositions, capturing viewers’ attention and conveying a message of sustainability.

Thus, in graphic design, the dark green color is often used to convey reliability, trust, and environmental consciousness. 

It is frequently used in eco-friendly branding, sustainable product packaging, and nature-inspired designs.

As previously said, dark green can evoke feelings of trust and stability, making it an excellent choice for corporate logos, luxury retreats, and organic or natural product lines.

Colors That Go with Dark Green

Dark green pairs well with white and pale shades of brown such as warm tan or soft cocoa brown. These balance the intensity of dark green. For a softer look, pair it with blush pink. Both colors are calming and relaxing.

Moreover, it goes well with metallics (silver and gold). If you want a bolder look, you can pair it with dark red – its complementary color. 

colors that go with dark green

The complementary color to dark green is dark purplish red. Its hex code is #300212, known as black bean.

Also, this color is quite versatile, suitable for both modern and vintage styles.

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