Meaning of the Color White: Symbolism, Uses, & More

In today’s article, we will discuss the symbolism and meaning of the color white.

White, the color of positivity and innocence, is associated with new beginnings, innocence, cleanliness, peace, goodness, and perfection. It also represents purity, faith, openness, and safety. Alternatively, it can mean coolness and emptiness.

The meaning of white is associated with simplicity. We can see it in snow, in fluffy white clouds, in cotton, or in clean bed linen.

We can learn about the meaning of the color white by looking at naturally white things.

However, in order to gain a better understanding of the symbolism and meanings of white, we will look at its meaning in other cultures, its uses, associated chakra, facts, gemstones, and idioms.

color white meanings
Color white meanings

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White Color Meanings in Different Cultures

Each color, according to color psychology, has an effect on our emotions, behavior, and thinking. Nevertheless, colors can have different meanings for various individuals, as each has their own perspective.

So, before discussing psychological meanings, we take a look at the meanings of white in other cultures.

In Western cultures, white is associated with peace, purity, and innocence. It’s also a color of virginity. That’s why brides wear a white dress.

The Japanese consider white to be a symbol of death.

In traditional Chinese culture, white symbolizes the element of metal, and it is associated with purity and innocence.

In India, there was a tradition for widows to wear white in order to make them unattractive and force them to a life of seclusion.

In Eastern cultures, white symbolizes mourning and bad luck.

In African culture, white conveys purity and peace.

In Ancient Egypt, white was associated with sacredness, purity, and simplicity. White is associated with the goddess Isis.

The ancient Greeks associated white with breast milk.

In the United States and Europe, white has meanings associated with perfection, honesty, new beginnings, neutrality, and cleanliness.

What Does the Color White Mean in the Bible?

The color white is associated with enlightenment, purity, innocence, and the forgiveness of sins in the Bible. In Revelation, for example, Christ rides on a white horse with hair as white as wool. The horse symbolizes knowledge.

In Christianity, the symbolism of white was adopted from the Romans, being associated with purity, justice, and virtue.

Psychological Meanings of White

White was discovered to be the sum of the rainbow colors in ancient color symbolism. 

The reason behind this is that the color white contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum. Furthermore, a white surface evenly reflects all wavelengths. That being said, white conveys more unity than yellow.

Thus, white stands for simplicity, cleanliness, purity, and new beginnings. It also has meanings of neutrality and impartiality.

Color White Meaning

White is associated with purity, innocence, goodness, enlightenment, and cleanliness. It also has meanings related to beginnings, perfection, sincerity, protection, virginity, and spirituality.

White, the color of snow, symbolizes purity, innocence, and the joy of achieving spiritual life.

From a spiritual standpoint, the color white is associated with the awareness of the soul’s oneness with God. It also symbolizes the fulfillment of love.

The color white influences us psychologically, giving us mental clarity and greater power of concentration. White is also said to convey enlightenment and can help with emotional cleansing.

Furthermore, as a color of certainty, white is frequently associated with knowledge and learning.

White also symbolizes what is good and beneficial. This is why angels are always depicted in white.

White brightens and makes the spaces we live in seem larger. White also lights any space.

White, on the other hand, can give the impression of a cold environment. That is why empty white rooms are unfriendly.

The color white also represents new beginnings. White gemstones are said to help create new beginnings and eliminate prejudices in this way.

The color white is associated with purity. Brides were once thought to wear white to symbolize virginity, innocence, and purity.

bride in white wedding gown

In Heraldry, white is associated with purity and faith. 

In nature, white is the color of snow and denotes simplicity, coolness, and cleanliness. 

Hospitals, where white is used to convey the idea of a sterile space, also highlight the meaning of white associated with cleanliness.

White has the power to arrange the environment in order to create harmony in Feng Shui. It is a strong color that is represented by the element Metal. Another meaning of white helps us to be better organised.

White is a popular color in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. It works well with wood, glass, and contrasting notes to provide balance. White is the only color that complements every other color. Furthermore, white makes spaces appear larger. As a result, it is ideal for small apartments.

White is the color of milk, and it can represent dairy and low-fat content.

It is frequently used in design projects to create contrast. Furthermore, minimalist designs use white in various shades, such as grey or beige.

In marketing, white symbolizes safety, freshness, and cleanliness. It is often used to create contrasts. 

In the web industry, we often see white as a background color on many websites. It matches most color schemes and denotes clarity, and cleanliness. It also adds a touch of elegance.

White is a popular choice in fashion for those who want to convey purity, innocence, and freshness. White is also the best summer color because it reflects light and keeps you cool. Furthermore, white conveys a sense of cleanliness.

As a result of its brightness, white can cause headaches and impair vision. The reflection of sunlight in the snow is a good example. This can lead to temporary blindness.

White, in contrast to black, exudes simplicity, purity, and cleanliness, with predominantly positive connotations.

White symbolism also has negative connotations, representing a lack of courage and deceitfulness.

White has no ability to stimulate the senses, being poor in imagination. Moreover, it transmits coldness.

Physical Effects of White

The color white also has physical effects on us, giving us clarity and better power of concentration.

Calms the mind: It has mind-calming, soothing, and emotional cleansing attributes. Additionally, it improves concentration.

Clarifies: White refreshes and purifies, giving us mental clarity.

Assists you in organizing: The color white is an excellent organizer. It helps us to be more organized, tidy, and clean.

Personality Color White

If white is your favorite color, you have a white personality. That means you have high standards when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. You are a neat, immaculate person, and because of this, you tend to be overly critical of those around you. 

You are optimistic, positive, discreet, and sensitive. You think carefully before making a decision and tend to be well-balanced.

If white is your favorite color, it means you have good self-control, being careful and prudent with your finances. You are confident and self-assured, and you desire simplicity. 

The color white says that you are wise, discreet, and pretentious. You have strong convictions, an open mind, and high flexibility. You communicate easily and like to share your ideas.

Clutter and chaos cause confusion and can make you feel overwhelmed.

Spontaneity is not one of your strengths. You also like to hide your flaws in order to look as perfect as possible.

Meanings of White Shades

Because white is an achromatic color, it has no pure shades. On the other hand, white light encompasses all wavelengths of color, and for this reason, we can identify some shades close to white.

Ivory: A warm yellow shade with a lot of white in it, the Ivory shade is associated with purity.

  • Ivory hexadecimal code: #FFFFF0

Beige: A warm color, beige confers relaxation, calmness, and confidence. It masterfully combines the stability of brown with the purity and simplicity of white.

  • Beige hexadecimal code: #F5F5DC

Snow: A cool shade, the color of snow exudes purity and the idea of coolness.

  • Pewter hexadecimal code: #F5FEFD

Merino: A warm shade of white with a high yellow proportion, Merino conveys warmth.

  • Merino hexadecimal code: #F2EBDD

More Shades of White

Some of the prettiest shades of white include Pearl, Pacific Pearl, White Heat, Chocolate, Cotton, Rice, Snow, Smoke, Stone, Powder, and White Wisper. 

Other lovely white shades include beige, Greek Villa, Old Wood, and Atrium.

shades of white color
Shades of white

Common Uses of White

The color white has many uses. It is used in interior design to give the impression of larger spaces and to create contrasting notes with other colors. It is also used for added light.

White is also used in hospitals and sanitary units to give the idea of sterility and cleanliness. White is also used in pharmacies because it is associated with healing and cleanliness. Hence the expression ‘clean as in the pharmacy.

White is also often used in fashion, as it is associated with freshness and innocence. Moreover, as it reflects light, it is recommended to be worn in summer, keeping you cool.

In web design, it is mainly used to create contrasts and to illustrate clarity and cleanliness. 

Furthermore, white provides elegance, minimalism, and style, being used to focus attention on other important elements. A clean design needs white.

Companies and Brands That Use White in Their Logo

Many businesses and brands today use white in their logos, either as a font or in the monochrome (white and black) versions of their branding book.

The white logo brands include Uber, Volkswagen, HP, Starbucks, Michelin, Apple, WWF, Chanel, Guggi, Mini, Nike, and Burberry.

White Gemstone

White gemstones are believed to help create successful new beginnings. They are also believed to help with inner cleansing and emotional cleansing. White crystals are also said to have detoxifying properties. 

Furthermore, they can help heal the crown chakra, which is the pathway to higher consciousness.

It can also help to relax the mind, allowing you to be free of fear and other negative energies.

White crystals and white stones include the following:

  • White Agate: can aid in the release of frustrations and worries. It emits only pure vibrations.
  • White Selenite: It’s a crystal that represents purity, enlightenment, and connection with the higher self. It can aid in the release of emotions that cause anxious thoughts.
  • Clear Quartz: It’s among the brightest of the brilliant stones. It can assist in channeling logic and reason.
  • Moonstone: This stone is associated with transformation and change, and guides us to enjoy the freshness of new beginnings without remaining anchored in the past. Some believe that this stone has fertility-healing properties.
  • White Calcite: This stone, which combines warm and energetic yellow with cool white, can aid in energetic cleansing.
  • Scolecite: This gem is said to promote restful sleep and spiritual transformation.
  • White Beryl: It represents strength and courage. Its glowing energy can aid in brain clarity and setting priorities in life.
  • White Howlite: It represents purity and can aid in self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Facts About White

Here are some interesting facts about white, the color of purity, and snow. 

  • The color white is the brightest color in the spectrum. 
  • White is an achromatic color, which means it has no hue.
  • White is considered a non-color and therefore does not appear on the color wheel.
  • White is the color used in the architecture of the Baroque period (especially in the Rococo style).
  • The color white is used on flags as a symbol of peace.
  • White light is seen by the eye only when the wavelengths of the visible spectrum are combined.
  • Isaac Newton discovered that white light can be split into colors by passing it through a prism.
  • White is worn by brides as a symbol of innocence and purity. It is said to bring good luck.
  • The color white symbolizes purity and is a symbol of spirituality.
  • In India, there is a tradition of widows wearing white.
  • White wine is less tannic than red, and in the fermentation process, the white grapes do not come into contact with the skin.
  • The white lamb symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for humanity.
white gemstones
White gemstones and crystals


Symbol of all that is positive and good, the color white is used in a multitude of idioms. Some of the most popular idioms with the word white include:

  • White knight: means the hero who comes to save you. It means a good man.
  • White as snow: defines something as clean, pure, and innocent.
  • Whiteout: refers to the lack of visibility.
  • White list: means a positive list of approved items. It is associated with permission and acceptance.
  • White flag: is associated as a symbol of surrender and surrender
  • White lightning: means moonlight
  • White sale: represents the sale of sheets and other linens
  • White knuckle: refers to something that causes over-excitement or fear.

Summary Color White Meaning

White means purity, innocence, cleanliness, and peace. It also symbolizes new beginnings, enlightenment, spirituality, understanding, goodness, faith, and safety. Moreover, white – the colour of snow – can also convey cold.

Psychologically, the color white improves our power of concentration and gives us mental clarity.

A spiritual color , white helps us to cleanse emotionally and connect with our higher self.

Although associated with what is good, white can also have meanings of coldness, unkindness and blandness.

White means: purity, innocence, new begginings, goodness
Effects of white: brings clarity, purifies, simplifies, refreshes
Positive traits: simplicity, cleanliness, openness, elegance
Negative traits: coldness, emptiness, distantness, boringness

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