60+ Shades of Coral Color with Names, Hex, RGB, & CMYK

What color is coral? What are the most popular shades of coral? Today, we’ll go over everything there is to know about this stunning color.

The coral color is a pink-orange, often used as an umbrella term for pinkish red-orange colors. This lovely color was inspired by marine invertebrates of the same name.

In today’s article, we will discuss the meaning of coral, what color it is, and what colors it goes with.

We’ve also prepared a comprehensive visual list with shades of coral, along with their Hex, RGB, and CMYK codes.

Let’s begin!

What Color is Coral?

What color is coral?
What color is coral?

The coral color is an orange-pink (or pink-orange) inspired by the marine invertebrates that populate the seabed. It’s fresh, joyful, feminine, and comforting. The coral hex code is #FF7F50.

Moreover, coral combines the femininity and delicacy of pink with the optimism and warmth of orange.

However, the coral color is more of an umbrella term for red, yellow, and pink combinations. Thus, coral colors can range from orange-pink to pinkish red-orange.

Coral Color Codes

When it comes to color codes, coral is represented in digital space by the hex code #FF7F50, which is associated with the RGB values 255, 127, 80.

Coral hex code
The hex code of coral

Coral is made up of 100% red, 49.8% green, and 31.4% blue in the RGB color space. It has a hue of 16.11 degrees, a saturation of 100%, and a lightness of 65.69% in HSL.

In the CMYK color space, coral is made up of 0% cyan, 50.2% magenta, 68.63% yellow, and 0% black.

RGB255, 127, 80rgb(255,127,80)
CMYK0, 50, 69, 0
HSL16.11°, 100, 65.69hsl(16.1°, 100%, 65.7%)
HSV16.11°, 68.63, 100
Coral Color Codes

What’s the Complementary Color to Coral?

The complementary color to coral is Electric blue (#50F3FF), similar to cyan.

When it comes to light, the opposite color of coral is Sky blue (#50D0FF).

Coral also goes well with Tiffany blue (#0ABAB5) and white.

Complementary Color in RYB

Coral #FF7F50

Electric Blue #50F3FF

Complementary Color in RGB

If you work as a digital artist or designer, you should opt for the complementary color within the RGB model that deals with light.

Coral #FF7F50

Sky Blue #50D0FF

Coral Color Meaning

The color coral means femininity, delicacy, freshness, and playfulness. Like a pink-orange, coral borrows from the vitality of red and the sweetness of pink.

Inspired by nature, coral also symbolizes harmony and balance.

But the meaning of the color coral is more complex than that.

Coral color meaning
The meaning of the color coral

Freshness and vitality

The red in its composition gives coral energy and vitality. Also, this bright and vibrant color has a refreshing effect on any color palette.


Because the color is inspired by the marine world, coral is closely connected to nature. Furthermore, its naturalness and warmth take you to tropical beaches.


Coral is one of the most feminine colors, thanks to its pink tones. It’s delicate, sweet, and gentle but also has a bit of the mischief of red.


Coral combines the love of pink with the desire and passion of red. Yellow adds a hint of happiness and optimism. All this makes coral a color that evokes sensuality and romance.


Coral is linked to coral reefs. They are vital ecosystems for underwater life, protecting coastlines from erosion (by reducing wave power). Thus the color coral can symbolize balance and harmony.

Coral Color Symbolism Across Various Cultures

The color coral holds a significant symbolism in spiritual practices, especially within the chakra system. This color is closely linked to the Kundalini stem, symbolizing the beginning of spiritual awakening.

Coral is said to offer protection from evil and help resist temptation. This belief is derived from the ancient Rome and Egypt. They used to make coral jewelry. 

This belief was so profound that Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca features the infant Jesus adorned with a coral amulet for protection. These paintings include ‘Madonna of Senigallia‘ and ‘Montefeltro Altarpiece.’ 

Artists have also been captivated by the beauty of the color coral. Renowned impressionists such as Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne, and Georgia O’Keeffe have frequently used this color in their work. Their paintings, characterized by dreamlike softness and gentleness, resonate the qualities of coral color.

In Benin, coral beads are worn by brides and royalty alike. This tradition dates back to ancient Benin when people wore coral beads to symbolize power, hierarchy, and dominance. [1]

The Pantone company, well-known for its color matching system, chose ‘Living Coral’ as the 2019 color of the year, symbolizing a revitalized sense of vibrancy and optimism for the future.

Shades of Coral

There are many shades of coral because coral is more than just a color; it is a combination of pink and orange.

The most beautiful shades of coral include include living coral, peach pink, coral pink, antique coral, fusion coral, and dusty coral.

Here are some of them:

Light Coral

Light coral is a soft and delicate shade of coral that leans more to pink than orange. It’s soft, gentle, and invigorating. Moreover, the CMYK space features an equal mixture of magenta and yellow, with a small addition of black. Thus, this coral is a balanced combination.

Light Coral
Hex #F08080
RGB 240, 128, 128
CMYK 0, 44, 44, 6

Australian Coral

Australian coral is a warm orange with pink undertones, reminiscent of the vibrant corals found in the coral reefs surrounding Australia.

It looks like a well-balanced coral, combining the adventurous spirit of orange with the heaty warmth of pink.

Australian Coral
Hex #EF7A6C
RGB 239, 122, 108
CMYK 0, 49, 55, 6

Peach Coral

Peach pink combines the color of ripe peaches with a subtle infusion of pink, blending elements of both colors. Thus, this charming coral symbolizes softness and feminine sophistication.

Peach Pink
Hex #F99584
CMYK 0, 40, 47, 2

Coral Pink

Coral pink is a lively shade of coral that leans more toward the pink side. In addition, coral pink looks like a bridge between the vibrancy of coral and the softness of pink, resulting in an eye-catching and cheerful shade.

Compared to Australian coral, this is a lighter variation.

Coral Pink
Hex #F88379
RGB 248, 131, 121
CMYK 0, 47, 51, 3

Living Coral

Living Coral is a vibrant shade of coral with a slight golden undertone and has been named the 2019 color of the year. This warm, saturated coral shade conveys joy and optimism.

Living Coral
Hex : #FA7268
RGB 250, 114, 104
CMYK 0, 54, 58, 2

Brownish Coral

Brownish Coral is a deep shade of coral with subtle brown undertones. So, you can call it a brownish orange. This captivating shade looks like a muted version of Alloy orange by Crayola.

Brownish Coral
Hex #CD5B45
RGB 205, 91, 69
CMYK 0, 56, 66, 20

Dark Coral

Dark coral is a medium-toned orange-red that is part of the red color family. It has a slightly higher brightness than Persian red.

It’s more reddish than the brownish one above. It has less black and thus shines more than brownish coral.

Dark Coral
Hex #D75341
RGB 215, 83, 65
CMYK 0, 61, 70, 16

Constant Coral

Constant coral is a muted, medium-toned shade of coral with strong pink undertones that looks like a bolder nude pink.

This muted appearance is caused by the percentage of gray from its composition (44% in HSL). It’s very similar to muted clay by Pantone.

Constant Coral
Hex #CD8D7E
RGB 205, 141, 126
CMYK 0, 31, 39, 20

Coral Pastel

Coral pastel is a soft and gentle variation of coral that provides a delicate and subtle appearance. As its name suggests, it’s a light, muted coral shade.

Coral Pastel
Hex #E67C7A
RGB 230, 124, 122
CMYK 0, 46, 47, 10

Antique Coral

Antique coral is a soft, subdued shade of coral that carries the kindness and romanticism of pink in its undertones.

The low levels of magenta and yellow in its CMYK emphasize its delicate nature. It can be likened to the inside of a seashell, gentle yet radiant.

Antique Coral
Hex #FFC7B0
RGB 255, 199, 176
CMYK 0, 22, 31, 0


Tucson is another light coral color with a soft touch of earthy terracotta. It looks so similar to terracotta – a lovely brownish orange.

Hex #F37F6B
RGB 243, 127, 107
CMYK 0, 48, 56, 5

Jazz Age

Jazz age is a soft, light coral shade with a delicate blush-pink tint that sparkles with the glamour and effervescence of the era.

However, jazz age is similar to antique coral, but more pinkish.

Jazz Age Coral
Hex #F9C5B5
RGB 249, 197, 181
CMYK 0, 21, 27, 2

Coral Clay

Coral clay is a deeper, more subdued shade of coral is reminiscent of earthen clay with a rosy tint, bringing a sense of earthy tranquility.

Coral Clay
Hex #C0796E
RGB 192, 121, 110
CMYK 0, 37, 43, 25

Wet Coral

Wet coral is a dark coral from the color family Red. Thus, it’s no wonder why it looks more red and less pink than other coral shades.

This shade looks like red coral, one of the most sought-after coral species for its vibrant and intense color. They live on the rocky bottoms of the Mediterranean and in the western Pacific.

Wet Coral
Hex #D1584C
RGB 209, 88, 76
CMYK 0, 58, 64, 18

Burnt Coral

Burnt coral is a light, medium pink with a touch of orange. Thus, it can be described as a pinkish-orange that looks similar to salmon color but more muted.

Burnt Coral
Hex #E9897E
RGB 233, 137, 126
CMYK 0, 41, 46, 9

Coral Silk

Coral silk is an inviting mid-tone peach. This color evokes feelings of warmth, energy, and optimism. Moreover, coral silk illustrates a ripe peach’s pink and orange hues.

If you want to paint something in this color, Benjamin Moore has something similar – Monticello Peach. PPG Paints also offers a similar paint color, Coral Serenade.

You can choose Ravishing Coral by Sherwin Williams for a more muted variation.

Coral Silk
Hex #F9A48E
RGB 249, 164, 142
CMYK 0, 34, 43, 2

Vintage Coral

Vintage coral is a shade of coral with a subdued red-orange tinge that features a romantic and nostalgic charm.

Vintage Coral
Hex #D68C76
RGB 214, 140, 118
CMYK 0, 35, 45, 16

Antique Coral BM

Antique coral is a pale shade of orange with pink undertones. This color is available as a paint color by Benjamin Moore (code 1198).

Antique Coral by Benjamin Moore
Hex #F0C6B4
RGB 240 198 180
CMYK 0, 18, 25, 6

Carnation Coral

Carnation coral is a soft, muted pink inspired by the species of the same name – one of the most exotic soft corals living in tropical reefs.

However, it comes in several colors: red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, and mixtures.

Carnation Coral
RGB 237, 185, 173
CMYK 0, 22, 27, 7

Coral Sunset

Coral sunset is a light pinkish-orange shade inspired by a species of peony of the same name. This APS gold medal winner is adored for its orange hue with pink undertones.

Interesting that the hue of this pretty flower changes to yellow after a few days.

Coral Sunset
Hex #ED7F6E
RGB 237, 127, 110
CMYK 0, 46, 54, 7

Peachy Coral

This is another shade of coral with more pink, which gives it the appearance of dusty pink.

Peachy Coral
RGB 255, 204, 201
CMYK 0, 20, 21, 0

Fusion Coral

Fusion coral is a medium red-orange shade resembling a salmon and coral pink cross.

Fusion Coral
Hex #FF8576
RGB 255, 133, 118
CMYK 0, 48, 54, 0

Dusty Coral

Dusty coral is actually a dusty shade of pink. However, this shining seashell pink has a slight hint of coral.

Dusty Coral
Hex #F5B7B1
RGB 245, 183, 177
CMYK 0, 25, 28, 4

Animated Coral

If you enjoyed the color coral fusion above, this is a similar shade but with more gray in its composition.

Animated Coral
Hex #EE8E7F
RGB 238, 142, 127
CMYK 0, 40, 47, 7

Coral Tree

Coral Tree is a muted and somewhat moody dark red, resembling the tropical plant of the same name, native to Southeast Asia’s coastal forests. Coral trees are found today, mainly in South America and South Africa. [2]

Despite its appearance, the flowers of this tree bloom in the shape of a coral, with a vibrant red-orange color.

However, this color has an equal amount of magenta-yellow and more black in its CMYK values, giving it an earthy tone.

Coral Tree
Hex #A86B6B
RGB 168, 107, 107
CMYK 0, 24, 24, 34

Coral Commander

Coral commander is a dark pinkish red-orange – similar to living coral – that evokes enthusiasm and energy. This bold and vibrant shade reflects the vitality and intensity of a coral reef.

Coral Commander
Hex #EE6666
RGB 238, 102, 102
CMYK 0, 57, 57, 7


Coralistic is a cheerful pink-orange shade that exudes a sense of positivity and enthusiasm. However, this is slightly more muted than the coral color.

Hex #FF917A
RGB 255, 145, 122
CMYK 0, 43, 52, 0

Island Coral

Island coral is a salmon red with a lot of gray, giving it a dusty appearance. Thus, this gorgeous tone provides a soothing quality, combining the soft blush of a seashell with a warm, sandy undertone.

Island Coral
Hex #D8877A
RGB 216, 135, 122
CMYK 0, 38, 44, 15

Most Popular Coral Shades

Looking for coral paint colors? You’ve come to the right place. Many of them you’ll find in the catalogs of Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, PPG Paints, Valspar, or Dunn-Edwards.

However, it will be easy for you to use them since they are listed below by name, along with Hex, RGB, and CMYK codes.

The most popular coral colors include coral haze, almond, cloud, spiced, sun-kissed, quartz, bird of paradise, charisma, dishy, coral reef, and coral living.

Light coral shades include tropical paradise, Adobe avenue, coral gables, and coral sands.

Coral Almond
Hex #E29D94
RGB 226, 157, 147
CMYK 0, 31, 35, 11

Coral Rose
Hex #F3774D
RGB 242,114,69
CMYK 0, 51, 68, 5

Coral Quartz
Hex #F77565
RGB 247, 117, 101
CMYK 0, 53, 59, 3

Sugar Coral
Hex #EC707B
RGB 236,112,123
CMYK 0, 53, 48, 7

Spiced Coral
Hex #D75C5D
RGB 215, 92, 93
CMYK 0, 57, 57, 16

Sun-Kissed Coral
Hex #EA6676
RGB 234, 102, 118
CMYK 0, 56, 50, 8

Coral Gold
Hex #D27D56
RGB 210, 125, 86
CMYK 0, 40, 59, 18

Coral Sands
Hex #EDAA86
RGB 237,170,134
CMYK 0, 28, 43, 7

Autumn Sunset
Hex #F38554
RGB 243, 133, 84
CMYK 0,45,65,5

Coral Blush
Hex #E8B7C1
RGB 232, 183, 193
CMYK 0, 21, 17, 9

Coral Cloud
Hex #E2A9A1
RGB 226, 169, 161
CMYK 0, 25, 29, 11

Bird of Paradise
Hex #E66F68
RGB 230, 111, 104
CMYK 0,52,55,10

Hot Coral
Hex #F35B53
RGB 243, 91, 83
CMYK 0, 63, 66, 5

Mango Orange
Hex #FF8B58
RGB 255, 139, 88
CMYK 0,45,65,0

Coral Banks
Hex #D98883
RGB 217, 136, 131
CMYK 0,37,40,15

Autumn Enchantment
Hex #E76344
RGB 231, 99, 68
CMYK 0,57,71,9

Hex #EE9489
RGB 238, 148, 137
CMYK 0,38,42,7

Dishy Coral
Hex #ED9190
RGB 237, 145, 144

Coral Reef
Hex #EF8C7D
RGB 239, 140, 125
CMYK 0,41,48,6

Coral Gables
Hex #F98F83
RGB 249, 143, 131
CMYK 0,43,47,2

Pouty Pink
Hex #F8A49A
RGB 248, 164, 154
CMYK 0,34,38,3

Watermelon Slice
Hex #E77B68
RGB 231, 123, 104
CMYK 0,47,55,9

Blooming Dahlia
Hex #EB9687
RGB 235, 150, 135
CMYK 0,36,43,8

Adobe Avenue
Hex #FB9587
RGB 251, 149, 135
CMYK 0,41,46,2

Coral Haze
Hex #E38E84
RGB 227, 142, 132
CMYK 0,37,42,11

Ravishing Coral
Hex #E79580
RGB 231, 149, 128
CMYK 0,35,45,9

Tropical Paradise
Hex #F69278
RGB 246, 146, 120
CMYK 0,41,51,4

Pueblo Rose
Hex #E9786E
RGB 233, 120, 110
CMYK 0,48,53,9

Coral Passion
Hex #F1846E
RGB 241, 132, 110
CMYK 0,45,54,5

Youthful Coral
Hex #F0AFA8
RGB 240, 175, 168
CMYK 0,27,30,6

Hex #FF8656
RGB 255, 134, 86
CMYK 0,47,66,0

Coral Red
Hex #FF4040
RGB 255, 64, 64
CMYK 0,75,75,0

Rose Fusion
Hex #F96653
RGB 249, 102, 83
CMYK 0,59,67,2

Desert Coral
Hex #D16459
RGB 209, 100, 89
CMYK 0,52,57,18

Physical Effects of Coral Color

  • Coral borrows from the energy of red, the optimism of orange, and the femininity of pink, being a color that evokes warmth but is also refreshing.
  • Coral is optimistic and uplifting and focuses the mind on physical comfort. Pink tones add calm and relaxation to delicate coral. Pink is known to reduce stress levels.
  • Inspired by nature, coral is a positive color that brings memories of the beach. 

What Colors Go with Coral?

The complementary color to coral is electric blue (#50F3FF).

If you want a three-color combination with coral, you can choose an analogous, split-complementary, or triadic color palette.

If you want an analogous color palette, coral goes well with mustard (#FFD650) and bright pink (#FF5079).

Coral #FF7F50

Mustard #FFD650

Bright Pink #FF5079

If you want a more vibrant combination, you can combine coral with electric blue (#50F3FF), electric purple (#AD50FF), and mustard (#FFD650). Thus, you get a tetradic color scheme.

Coral #FF7F50

Electric Blue #50F3FF

Electric Purple #AD50FF

Mustard FFD650

Last Words on Coral Color

Coral has meanings of warmth, optimism, gentleness, femininity, and acceptance. From a color point of view, coral is part of the orange family, even if it has pink tones in its composition. It can be described as a pink-orange.

Coral means: joy, feminity, freshness
Effects of coral: uplifting, comforting, warmth
Positive traits: compassionate, adventurous, bold
Negative traits: impulsive, careless, irresponsible

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