Emerald Green Color: Meaning, Symbolism and Shades

Have you ever been captivated by the emerald green color? From its meaning to the colors that go with it, here’s everything you need to know about emerald green.

Emerald green – a symbol of balance and harmony – stands out for its elegance and brightness, bringing freshness and sophistication to any setting. As luxurious as this color is refreshing. 

It is deep enough to create a comfortable atmosphere and bright enough to evoke a sense of tranquility.

Thus, this bright shade of green is cherished for its unique beauty.

This article will cover all the information you need to know about the color emerald green, including its meaning and symbolism, different shades of emerald green, and what colors go well with this opulent bluish green.

What Color is Emerald Green?

what color is emerald green

Emerald green is a bright bluish-green, also known as Veronese Green or Paris Green. Although it is brighter than teal, it is a cool green with a blue undertone.

Its name comes from the emerald gemstone, renowned for its deep, vibrant green color. 

This gemstone was named after the Greek word “smaragdos” via the Old French “esmeraude“, meaning “green gemstone.” [1]

Over time, this term narrowed to refer specifically to the green variety of beryl, which is the mineral composition of an emerald.

What Colors Make Emerald Green?

Wondering how to make emerald green? Like all greens, emerald green is a mixture of yellow and green. The easiest way to make emerald green is to mix yellow ochre with viridian green. 

Another solution is adding a cobalt green splash in a cobalt blue base. The more cobalt green paint you add, the darker the shade.

Emerald Green Color Code

emerald green color code

The emerald green hex code is #50C878. In the RGB color space, this bright green consists of 31.4% red, 78.4% green, and 47.1% blue. This color model deals with light.

When it comes to the printing industry (CMYK color model), emerald green is made up of 60% cyan, 40% yellow, and 22% black.

Now that you know what color it is, what does emerald green symbolize?

Emerald Green Color Meaning

Emerald green represents balance, harmony, healing, rebirth, and renewal. Because it is closely related to the gemstone of the same name, emerald green is associated with wealth, refinement, and hope. It’s soothing and its calming effect can help promote focus and clarity.

In addition, this color is revitalizing because, like any green, it is linked to energy and freshness.

Furthermore, emerald green is a symbol of peace and eternal life. It is soothing and comforting.

Nature and Renewal

Emerald green is the color of life and nature, symbolizing growth, balance, harmony, freshness, abundance, and renewal. As a vivid and lush hue, emerald green intensifies these connotations.

Since this color is closely related to the gemstone of the same name, this is also the birthstone of those born in May. This symbol of rebirth is believed to bring good luck and youth to the wearer.

Luxury and Elegance

Emeralds are precious gemstones often associated with luxury and royalty. Thus, emerald green has meanings of wealth, prosperity, and luxury.

Emerald green is also associated with luxury and elegance and mirrors the wealth of the gemstone named after it.

Balance and Harmony

Emeralds have long been associated with healing because they stand for calming energy, equilibrium, and tranquillity. In other words, it combines the balance of green with the tranquility of blue.

Symbolizing balance and harmony, emerald green provides a calming effect. This peaceful hue can reduce stress and anxiety, promoting tranquility.


In some cultures, emerald green is associated with wisdom and intellectual growth, given the emerald’s association with the Greek goddess of wisdom (Athena) and the Egyptian god of wisdom (Thoth).

Hope and Vitality

The color emerald green symbolizes the vitality of life and is associated with feelings of youth, hope, growth, and regeneration.

But what does emerald green represent in the Bible?

In the Bible, emerald green was associated with resurrection and eternal life.

Emeralds are often mentioned in the Bible, symbolizing the goodness of Christ.

Emerald Green Color Symbolism in Different Cultures

emerald green satin silk

Ancient Romans associated the emerald green with Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. They believed that this gem was a favorite of Venus, embodying her values of love, beauty, fertility, and prosperity. They also thought it promoted hope, the future, renewal, and growth.

Moreover, Roman Emperor Nero was said to watch gladiator games through an emerald to calm his eyes, attributing a calming and healing quality to the color and the gem. It’s also believed that he used a concave emerald to eliminate the sun’s glare and help his myopia.

The emerald green color, representing fresh life and natural vitality, was once connected with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. 

People also considered that emeralds could confer wisdom.

In Chinese culture, this color is associated with the element of wood, symbolizing growth, vitality, and prosperity.

In Irish culture, emerald green symbolizes the vast green landscapes of their country. So this color is reminiscent of the green beauty of their country, also known as the Emerald Isle.

Moreover, emerald green is also linked to luck and good fortune, mainly through associations with leprechauns and four-leaf clovers.

In Ancient Egypt, emerald green was a powerful symbol of life, rebirth, and immortality. They associated the emerald green with the fertility and rebirth symbolized by the annual flooding of the Nile River, which left behind rich, green lands.

In addition, Cleopatra – the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt – was known for her fondness of emeralds. She often wore emerald jewelry, and it’s believed she had emerald mines near the Red Sea. [2]

Shades of Emerald Green

shades of emerald green color

Although emerald green comes in various shades which range from light to deep tones, dark emerald green is the most popular.

Here is a list of emerald green colors.

Pale Emerald Green

Pale emerald green is a very light shade of green with a slightly blue undertone. It’s a very soft, fresh, and calming green.

Pale Emerald Green
Hex #C2FFC9
RGB 194, 255, 201
CMYK 24, 0, 21, 0

Very Light Emerald Green

This gentle, almost pastel green exudes a sense of calm and serenity. It symbolizes new beginnings and growth and is reminiscent of early spring foliage.

Very Light Emerald Green
RGB 158, 255, 170
CMYK 38, 0, 33, 0

Light Emerald Green

Light emerald is a pale bluish-green. It’s a softer, less saturated version of the emerald green. In addition, it’s a slightly richer shade than the very light emerald yet still maintains a tranquil aura.

This color might be associated with early spring, a time of new beginnings and fresh starts.

Light Emerald Green
Hex #8BE796
RGB 139, 231, 150
CMYK 36, 0, 32, 9

Brilliant Emerald Green

Brilliant emerald green is vibrant and lively, standing out due to its brightness. It embodies the fullness of life and vibrancy of nature.

Brilliant Emerald Green
Hex #51E764
RGB 81, 231, 100
CMYK 59, 0, 51, 9

Bright Emerald Green

This emerald green shade is a bold and energetic color that demands attention. It’s reminiscent of a tropical rainforest and embodies the spirit of adventure.

Bright Emerald Green
Hex #00C957
RGB 0, 201, 87
CMYK 79, 0, 45, 21

Emerald Green

This is the classic emerald green, a balanced and luxurious shade often associated with elegance and tranquility. Named after the emerald gemstone, this color features a balance of blue and yellow undertones, creating a lush, vibrant green.

Emerald Green
Hex #50C878
RGB 80, 200, 120
CMYK 47, 0, 31, 22

emerald green vs dark emerald green

Moderate Emerald Green

This color is a more muted shade of emerald, adding a sense of peace and stability while still maintaining the color’s vibrancy.

Moderate Emerald Green
Hex #4AA855
RGB 74, 168, 85
CMYK 37, 0, 33, 34


Emerald is a rich, deep color rooted in elegance and sophistication. It evokes wealth, royalty, and refinement. Moreover, it leans more toward the color wheel’s blue side, making it appear a bit cooler and darker than emerald green.

Hex #01A049
RGB 1, 160, 73
CMYK 62, 0, 34, 37

Strong Emerald Green

Strong emerald is a deep, bold shade that radiates confidence and strength. It’s a color that stands out and draws attention.

Strong Emerald Green
Hex #00A815
RGB 0, 168, 21
CMYK 66, 0, 58, 34

Forest Green

This deep, rich green evokes feelings of freshness and vitality. Moreover, it has a grounding effect, tying you to nature and creating a sense of calm and peace.

Forest Green
Hex #028F1E
RGB 2, 143, 30
CMYK 55, 0, 44, 44

Filmpro Emerald Green

Filmpro emerald is a darker, earthier shade of green that gives off an artistic and somewhat mysterious vibe. It resembles a moss-covered rock or a dark, deep forest area.

Filmpro Emerald Green
Hex #2C8139
RGB 44, 129, 57
CMYK 33, 0, 28, 49


Argyle is a medium-dark shade of green-cyan, quite similar to emerald green but slightly darker and more towards teal.

This is one of the best emerald green paint colors by Sherwin Williams. Its color code is SW 6747.

Hex #348A5D
RGB 52, 138, 93
CMYK 62, 0, 33, 46

Illuminating Emerald

This color’s combination of blue and green gives it a brighter, more energizing feel. It could be compared to an attractive, crystal-clear tropical lagoon.

Illuminating Emerald
Hex #319177
RGB 49, 145, 119
CMYK 38, 0, 10, 43

Medium Dark Emerald Green

Like the classic emerald green, this color is rich and intense, offering a sense of luxury and opulence.

Medium Dark Emerald Green
Hex #006C46
RGB 0, 108, 70
CMYK 42, 0, 15, 58


Seaweed is a rich deep emerald green paint color by Benjamin Moore, reflecting nature’s serenity. Its color code is 2035-10.

Hex #136938
RGB 19, 105, 56
CMYK 82, 0, 47, 59

Deep Emerald Green

This is a very dark and intense shade of emerald green that exudes depth and sophistication.

Deep Emerald Green
Hex #00590B
RGB 0, 89, 11
CMYK 35, 0, 31, 65

Dark Emerald Green

Dark emerald green is a deep, rich green, resembling an emerald gemstone seen in dim light. As a dark green, this color is associated with nature, wealth, and renewal.

Dark Emerald Green
Hex #27592D
RGB 39, 89, 45
CMYK 20, 0, 17, 65

What Color Goes with Emerald Green?

Salmon is one of the best colors that go with emerald green
Salmon is one of the best colors that go with emerald green

Emerald green goes well with beige, taupe, white, gray, peach, dusty pink, and dark blue.

For a lovely contrast, you can pair the emerald green color with ochre, mustard, salmon, or black.

Here are a few colors that go with emerald green:

  1. White: A classic combination that exudes elegance and simplicity. White brings out the richness of the emerald green, creating a crisp and clean look.
  2. Gold: This is a luxurious and opulent combination, often used in event design for a feeling of elegance and extravagance.
  3. Blush Pink: This combination is romantic and sophisticated, with the blush pink providing a soft contrast to the richness of the emerald green.
  4. Navy Blue: This pairing is deep, rich, and often seen in traditional or nautical themes. The cool tones of both colors complement each other well.
  5. Gray: For a modern and sleek look, the neutrality of gray pairs beautifully with the vibrant emerald green, balancing out its intensity.
  6. Black: This combination creates a bold and dramatic look, with emerald green popping against the contrast of black.
  7. Mustard: This combo is vibrant and deep, earthy and elegant. It’s a balance between warm and cool tones. Moreover, mustard highlights the lushness of emerald green, making it more vibrant.
  8. Salmon: Its warm, pinkish-orange hue provides a pleasing contrast to the rich emerald tone. In addition, salmon balances and softens the deep intensity of emerald green.

Want more? Discover other colors that go with green.

Emerald Green Color Palette Ideas

Emerald green color palettes are growing in popularity in recent years. That’s because it’s a color associated with harmony, refinement, and growth. And the gemstones from which the color comes are highly prized for their beauty.

Here are some emerald green color palettes to use, from fashion or interior design to web and graphic design.

Emerald Green and Blush Pink

Blush Pink adds a contrasting pop of warmer, softer tone, which can bring vibrancy and a touch of femininity to the palette. Moreover, emerald green provides depth, while light gray – which looks like an off-white – acts as neutral.

emerald green color palette

Argyle and Black

Argyle by Sherwin Williams is a calming and balanced emerald color that fills the void between the intensity of black and the softness of pastel green.

On the other hand, the pastel adds a delicate, revitalizing touch to the color palette, inspiring a feeling of renewal and relaxation.

emerald green color palette with black and pastel green

Emerald Green and Mustard

This is a vibrant, bold emerald green color palette. Mustard brings a sense of cheerfulness and energy, while reddish pink adds passion and intensity.

mustard, rose and emerald green color palette

Emerald Green and Purple

This is a rich and dramatic color palette, which can be associated with royalty and luxury.

Old Gold is a rich, deep yellow reminiscent of vintage jewelry or aged gold. It evokes a warm, luxurious, and elegant feel.

Tyrian Purple is a very dark shade of purple, almost burgundy in tone. This color adds depth and sophistication to this palette and is often associated with royalty, luxury, and power.

emerald green color palette with gold and purple

Emerald Green and Dark Blue

Dark Blue adds further depth and sophistication to this palette, providing a calm and stabilizing effect, which nicely complements the vitality of the emerald green. 

Yellow, on the other side, adds a bright, contrasting accent color in this palette.

emerald green and yellow

Last Words on the Emerald Green Color

Emerald green embodies the spirit of life, growth, and renewal while holding onto a unique charm that symbolizes balance, tranquility, and luxury.

As a hue that calms as much as it invigorates, the grandeur of emerald green is not just in its beauty but also in its capacity to enhance our experiences and interactions with the world around us.

In essence, it’s truly a color to cherish and celebrate.

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