Subtractive Color: Overview, Theory, and Examples

Subtractive colors

Subtractive color theory involves the mixing of pigments, where color is generated by selectively absorbing certain colors from white light while reflecting others. But why is it called “subtractive,” and what does it actually mean? The term “subtractive” directly relates to how this process generates colors, highlighting the method of color creation. Like additive color, … Read more

31 Shades of Blue-Purple Colors with Names, Hex, RGB, & CMYK Codes

Shades of blue-purple colors

Blue-purple shades are special because they combine the serenity of blue with the mystery of purple. Moreover, they symbolize tranquility, healing, inspiration, imagination, nobility, and creativity. They can also represent ambition, wisdom, and grandeur. Have you ever wondered what color purple and blue make when mixed? As you might guess, it’s blue-purple, a tertiary color … Read more

40 Funny Color Names

Funny color names

Are you looking for funny color names? Here is a comprehensive list of funny colors, including their Hex, RGB and CMYK codes. When we think of colors, we associate them with specific emotions or characteristics. However, there’s a whole universe of funny color names that add a touch of humor to everyday life. From ‘Tickle … Read more

RGB vs CMYK: Color Modes Explained

cmyk vs rgb color modes

RGB vs CMYK? Both color modes can be used in graphic design, but RGB is best for digital designs for TVs and the web, while CMYK is best for printed designs. Even so, choosing a color mode is an increasingly common dilemma among those who create graphics in various apps for later printing. Whether you … Read more

50+ Shades of Champagne Color (Names, Hex, RGB & CMYK)

shades of champagne color

The color champagne, often described as a subtle and sophisticated shade, symbolizes understated elegance and sophistication. Much like the sparkling wine it draws its name from, this hue exudes refinement and grace. This article will cover everything you need to know about the color champagne, including what color is and its psychological meanings, as well as … Read more