23 Colors That Go with Light Blue (Plus Color Palettes)

Wondering what colors go well with light blue? The short answer includes a wide spectrum of colors, from purple, coral, and navy to peach, lavender, and lilac. Today’s article will go over over 20 colors that go with light blue.

Light blue is associated with calm and relaxation. In addition, it represents trust, reliability, innocence, youth and childhood. Moreover, it has a peaceful nature that many homeowners adore.

Depending on the shade of blue, this color can pair well with vibrant colors like purple, coral, orange, brown, and red or more pastel colors like dusty pink, light pink, lilac, lavender, peach, white, beige, and gray. However, deciding on the perfect colors to go with it can be a bit difficult.

Color Theory

According to color theory, there are seven major color schemes, of which the most important are complementary, monochromatic, analogous, split-complementary, and triadic.


The complementary color of light blue is light orange. However, depending on the color variation, its complementary may lean towards a dusty rose or a salmon orange. For example, peach, dusty pink, and salmon are some of them.

Light Blue
Hex: #ADD8E6

Chilean Pink
Hex: #E6BBAD

Light blue is a slightly muted shade complemented by Chilean pink – a muddy pink – while baby blue is a brighter variation complemented by salmon orange.

Baby Blue
Hex: #89CFF0

Hex: #F0AA89


A monochromatic light blue color palette implies darker variations of this hue. Depending on the type of light blue, these can go up to dark shades of cyan or various dark blues that can be mistaken for black, such as Midnight or navy.

Light Blue
Hex: #ADD8E6

Moonstone Blue
Hex: #71B5CC

Dark Cyan
Hex: #3A9EC0


When it comes to analogous colors, light blue makes a good match with lavender blue and Robin egg blue – its neighbors on the color wheel. While lavender blue is a variation of violet and blue, Robin egg is a pale blue-green color.

Light Blue
Hex: #ADD8E6

Lavender Blue
Hex: #ADBBE6

Robing Egg Blue
Hex: #ADE6D8


A split-complementary combination involves the two neighbors using the complementary color of light blue, specifically orange. So, the two colors you can use in a split combination are variations of yellow and red-orange. Two examples are Flax – a pale yellow – and Salmon Pink – a lovely red-orange.

Light Blue
Hex: #89CFF0

Hex: #F0DD89

Salmon Pink
Hex: #F0899C


Light blue, particularly baby blue, pairs well with lime green and pale magenta in a triadic palette. Because light blue is a bit muted, it forms a triadic combination with earthy lime and pale, dusty magenta.

Light Blue
Hex: #ADD8E6

Green Earth (Verona)
Hex: #D8E6AD

Pink Pearl
Hex: #E6ADD8

What Colors Go with Light Blue?

Colors that go well with light blue include:

  • Lavender
  • Light Pink
  • Dusty Rose
  • Peach
  • Coral
  • Lilac
  • Navy blue
  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Gray
  • White

Match light blue with light pink, dusty rose, peach, lavender, or lilac for a soothing and uplifting space. If you want to go bold, combine it with navy, red, or coral.

Here’s a detailed list of colors that go with light blue, including color palette ideas.

1. Lilac

lilac and light blue

Hex Codes: #C8A2C8, #B0DB43, #12EAEA

Lilac, with its soft and muted purple tones, complements the soothing and calming nature of light blue. This combo provides tranquility and elegance to any space.

2. Light Pink

pink and light blue color palette

Hex Codes: #F4CBC6, #89CFF0, #F4AFAB

Pink is warm, romantic, and playful, complementing light blue with optimism and kindness. Moreover, it is associated with calm – just like pale blue.

For a charming and delicate look, combine light blue with soft pink. This pairing works wonders in nurseries, bedrooms, or even bathrooms. Think about light blue walls with soft pink bedding or bath towels.

3. Pink Lavender

pink lavender and light blue color palette

Hex Codes: #DBB2D1, #BCF8EC, #AED9E0

Pink lavender is a mixture of magenta and pink that looks like a softer lilac. So it’s no wonder it complements the light blue so beautifully.

This pairing evokes a sense of calmness and sophistication, making it perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, or living spaces.

4. Lavender

lavender and light blue color palette

Hex Codes: #B57EDC, #88CCF1, #333333

Light blue and lavender offer a soothing and dreamy atmosphere. This combination is popular in bedrooms, living spaces, and bathrooms.

For example, lavender accents through curtains, candles, or wall art can create a serene retreat.

5. Red

red and light blue combination

Hex Codes: #F71735, #89CFF0, #011627

Imperial red and light blue is a bold pairing. The boldness of red contrasts dramatically with the calming and cool nature of light blue, creating a visually appealing blend.

When used in the right proportions, this pairing can infuse energy and vibrancy into a space.

6. Dusty Rose

dusty rose and light blue color palette

Hex Codes: #C9A9A6, #2B4570, #A8D0DB

Dusty rose pairs well with light blue due to the balance it brings to the color palette. The contrast between the warm, rosy hues and the cool, serene blues creates a harmonious combo. This combination evokes a sense of balance and sophistication.

7. Gray

gray and light blue

Hex Codes: #817F75, #AFDBF5, #FFD8BE

Gray is the perfect neutral that goes well with almost any color, including light blue. This combination exudes a serene and sophisticated ambiance, perfect for bedrooms or living rooms.

This combo works great in small spaces to open them up and create a relaxing interior.

8. Midnight Blue

Midnight and light blue

Hex Codes: #191970, #92DCE5, #F8F7F9

According to color theory, Midnight blue and light blue represent a monochromatic color, which involves several shades and tints of a single color.

In addition, Midnight adds a touch of elegance, stability, and mystery to the dreamy light blue.

Furthermore, it provides a pleasant contrast even if they are variations of the same hue. You can add a neutral if you don’t want the space to feel overly monochromatic.

9. Coral

coral and light blue color palette

Hex Codes: #FF7F50, #363732, #53D8FB

Coral is an orange-pink that easily stands out in combination with pastel shades such as light blue.

You can pair light blue with warm coral accents for a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. This combination can breathe life into any room, especially in kitchens and dining areas. Think about coral dining chairs or tableware to infuse a lively touch.

10. Peach

peach and light blue combination

Hex Codes: #FFE5B4, #5DA9E9, #706C61

Peach complements light blue because it is a mixture of orange, yellow, and white. Both orange and yellow are complementary colors to light blue, providing a stunning contrast.

Moreover, peach can energize light blue, adding vitality and playfulness.

11. Olive

olive and light blue color scheme

Hex Codes: #BAB86C, #7CC6FE, #423E28

To create a calming and nature-inspired ambiance, combine light blue with olive green. This earthy combination is ideal for bedrooms or home offices. A good idea is to use light blue walls with olive green bedding or office decor.

12. Green

green and light blue color palette

Hex Codes: #517664, #89CFF0, #E4E6C3

Although myths say that blue and green should never be paired, this combo contrasts nicely. Moreover, it is inspired by nature and evokes freshness, calm, and relaxation.

It’s no wonder since green is refreshing and calming, symbolizing harmony, safety, and hope.

13. White

white and light blue

Hex Codes: #F9F9F9, #7FC8F8, #5AA9E6

Light blue and white is a timeless combination that creates a fresh and airy atmosphere. The elegance and simplicity of white goes beautifully with the serenity of light blue. White is innocent and delicate, while light blue is tranquil and peaceful.

White trim, furniture, or cabinetry against light blue walls can make any space feel spacious and welcoming.

14. Pastels

Pastels are some of the best colors that go with light blue

Hex Codes: #BDE0FE, #CDB4DB, #FFC8DD, #FFAFCC, #A2D2FF

As a soft, slightly muted shade, light blue goes wonderfully with pastel colors, a family of pale hues with low saturation and high brightness.

15. Sage

sage and light blue color palette

Hex Codes: #CDC392, #89CFF0, #304C89

Light blue is calming and uplifting at the same time, going hand in hand with earthy shades like sage green. The neutral tone of sage can be softened by pale blues.

Using sage as a neutral tone with light blue as an accent can create a tranquil and refreshing atmosphere while allowing for flexibility in adding pops of complementary colors.

16. Navy

Navy and light blue color palette

Hex Codes: #000080, #A9CEF4, #7EA0B7

Light blue and rich navy create a striking, elegant, and visually appealing contrast. Moreover, navy blue – associated with trust and stability – adds depth, richness, and sophistication. Cu toate astea, exists multe albastruri care merg cu navy. However, many blue colors pair well with navy.

For a bold statement, you can use navy blue as an accent wall color or through furniture pieces like a sofa or cabinet.

17. Cream

cream and light blue color palette

Hex Codes: #FFFDD0, #C4D7F2, #967D69

Cream is a pastel version of yellow, well suited to light blue’s saturation. Since yellow and blue are complementary colors, this combo works perfectly for a lovely contrast.

After all, it’s a complementary pair in pastel versions.

18. Chocolate Brown

chocolate brown and baby blue color palette

Hex Codes: #410B13, #89CFF0, #DCC48E

Whether it’s woody tones, tan, taupe, or something chocolatey, brown is at its core a dark shade of orange that sits opposite blue on the color wheel.

It is a contrasting match, and the brown’s comfort complements the light blue’s calmness, making it a successful combination.

This combo adds depth and balance to your interior space, creating a cozy mood. However, more muted shades of brown with a touch of grey go best with light blue.

19. Mustard

mustard and sky blue color palette

Hex Codes: #FFDD4A, #87CEEB, #37393A

If you’re wondering what color goes well with light blue, mustard is one of them. The light blue on the cool side of the color wheel contrasts nicely with the warm yellow, making it stand out and appear more vibrant.

This combination is rooted in Van Gogh’s art and is often used in interior design.

So, if you want a great contrast, you can paint the walls light blue and use a mustard sofa or armchair.

20. Orange

Orange and light blue color palette

Hex Codes: #F46036, #6CD4FF, #424B54

Light blue and pale orange are complementary colors that sit opposite each other on the wheel, which explains why they work so well together in any industry.

The light blues provide a neutral base for various shades of orange, which bring the splash of warmth needed for a great match in any design.

Interestingly, light blue goes well with both softer shades of orange and more vibrant ones like terracotta.

21. Beige

beige and light blue color palette

Hex Codes: #D4B483, #87CEEB, #001021

Light blue and earthy beige create a balanced and cozy ambiance. The warmth of beige helps the light blue become even more soothing. It’s a welcoming neutral that gives depth, and next to light blue results in a visually balanced scheme.

Use beige as the primary color for furniture and carpets, allowing light blue accents to add a touch of freshness to the space.

22. Plum

plum and light blue color palette

Hex Codes: #8A4F7D, #89CFF0, #887880

Plum is one of the most beautiful and vibrant colors that go with light blues. As a shade of purple, plum is royal, mysterious, and luxurious, bringing a touch of sophistication and elegance to light blue, which feels innocent and youthful.

In order to bring a touch of drama and richness to your interior space, you can use plum as an accent color or an accent wall.

This combo also works great in fashion. For example, a plum blouse and a light blue skirt with a similar-colored necklace contribute to a chic outfit.

23. Emerald

emerald and light blue color palette

Hex Codes: #4CB963, #6CD4FF, #1C5253

Emerald green is one of the few green colors that go with light blue. This combination creates a serene and calm atmosphere. That’s because emerald is green with a touch of blue, providing depth and vibrancy.

Moreover, this combo is reminiscent of clear skies and lush landscapes.

Last Words on What Colors Go with Light Blue

In conclusion, light blue goes well with both vibrant shades of blue, purple, red, orange – such as navy, plum, imperial red or salmon – as well as with more pastel colors like lavender, lilac, peach, and dusty rose.

However you choose to combine them, the possibilities are endless.

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