12 Colors That Go with Brown (Plus Color Palettes)

Are you curious about the colors that go with brown? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Today, you’ll learn about the most beautiful colors that match brown.

With as many shades of brown as there are, you’ll definitely find one you like. That’s because there’s no getting away from brown, as it’s everywhere in nature, from wood to soil.

Brown is an earthy color that evokes feelings of warmth, comfort, earthiness, stability, and security. However, brown is more of an umbrella term for desaturated orange, red, red-orange, or yellow-orange versions.

With so many variations, brown matches many colors, from neutrals and earth-toned hues to metallics and vibrant colors.

Today we will show you the best color combinations with brown, with some examples from interior design. Moreover, we’ll showcase different color schemes with brown to find inspiration for your project.

What Colors Go with Brown?

Brown is a neutral that complements other neutrals as well as bolder hues such as yellow, orange, green, blue, turquoise, pink, or magenta. 

In addition, brown goes well with earthy tones such as white, off-white, white, olive green, and beige. They’re called earthy because they’re commonly found in nature.

Furthermore, brown matches nicely with green, pink, or even blue pastels.

Here is a list of colors that match with brown.

Colors That Go with Brown

1. Gray

Modern open-space brown and gray kitchen

Do gray and brown go together? Yes, it’s one of the most classic combinations. Gray is also neutral, providing sophistication, elegance, and balance to the warmth and earthiness of brown.

For a harmonious look, combine warm shades of gray with brown. For example, if you go for chocolate browns, combine them with grays with warm undertones.

2. White

color combination with brown and white in home decor

White is one of the most captivating colors that match with brown, as it looks clean and sophisticated.

Moreover, it is associated with purity, innocence, and perfection. Besides balancing and refreshing qualities, its brightness creates a sense of space.

White and brown create a combo that evokes simplicity, cleanliness, and comfort. The minimalism and coolness of white shades complement the warmth and grounding quality of brown.

Add neutrals, such as beige, black, tan, or even gray, to this color combination.

3. Yellow

yellow and brown color combination in a living room

Yellow is about positive feelings, symbolizing joy, hope, and happiness.

Brown is strong, conventional, and reliable, and the cheerfulness of yellow perfectly balances this down-to-earth color.

If you want to decorate a living room, you can opt for bronzes, medium browns, and taupes with accents of sunny yellow. They go nicely together!

If you love the fall season, brown and yellow also make a brilliant combo. Even in fashion, they’re a great fall combination.

4. Blue

Blue is one of the most stunning colors that match brown in a bedroom design

Blue is associated with serenity, calm, freedom, and imagination. It also conveys confidence, loyalty, and trust.

If you go for a luxurious, moody look, choose a combination of brown and blue.

Blue is the complementary color to brown, especially the very dark shades. Brown is a dark shade of orange that sits opposite blue on the traditional color wheel. 

Thus, brown and blue create a subtle but contrasting pair, following color harmony.

The coolness of blue harmonizes with the warm tones of brown. Furthermore, the calmness and relaxation of blue complement the comfort and warmth of brown, forming a harmonious scheme.

5. Dark Green

Dark green and brown color combination in a modern living room

Brown goes well with dark green because it is a complementary color. Complementary? Yes, dark shades of red and red-orange are actually browns, and they sit opposite greens and blue greens on the color wheel.

What’s more, both are colors inspired by nature.

Green evokes harmony, balance, and freshness, while brown relaxes and comforts, being associated with honesty, safety, and security.

Deep, cool greens go great with warm browns. This combination is spectacular for the kitchen or dining room. 

You can use dark green as a dominant color and brown as a secondary color. The color palette can be completed with gold accents, which give an air of elegance.

6. Beige

modern kitchen in beige, grey and brown

Beige is one of the most beautiful colors to go with brown.

Beige conveys simplicity, tranquility and

. It is also a colour associated with modernism, being warm and inviting. When paired together, they provide a cozy feel. 

They are similar, forming a monochromatic color scheme. Beige is also warm and inviting, providing a subtle contrast to brown.

In addition, beige stands for simplicity and comfort, and brown is a bit more earthy and solid, as it’s associated with stability and groundedness.

Beige goes great with tan shades. If you choose a rich chocolate brown, balance it with a sandy beige with red undertones.

7. Black

Black and brown color combination in a luxury kitchen

Black stands for strength, elegance, prestige, and sophistication. It is the color of mystery, often associated with glamour and luxury.

Black and brown create a comfortable and stylish combo. Both are versatile colors. Moreover, black brings drama, mystery, and sophistication to the simplicity of brown. 

Black goes well with dark russet and wood-toned browns. Although they’re considered neutrals in interior design, this combo isn’t for everyone.

This combo suits modern, minimalist designs as it provides elegance and sophistication.

As a hint, choose matte shades of black.

8. Turquoise

a turquoise and dark brown kitchen

Looking for a soothing color combination with brown? Choose turquoise.

Turquoise is a mix of light blue and green, which falls on the cool side of the color wheel. Although it is associated with calm, balance, and clarity, it brings a pop of energy in combination with the comforting brown. 

For example, you can combine bright shades of turquoise with a dark brown floor and black bean walls. In fact, black bean is a deep dark brown.

On the RYB color wheel, turquoise is complemented by cinnabar – a lovely red-orange. If you darken this color, you’ll get black bean – a gorgeous neutral.

Turquoise also goes nicely with cocoa brown in both dark (#35281E) and lighter (#7E6551) versions.

9. Pink

a living room with pink, brown and dark eggplant

Pink is a nostalgic color associated with love, romance, lust, kindness, playfulness, and compassion. Pink also provides a calming effect.

Pink is a complementary color to many shades of brown, creating a cozy atmosphere when combined.

Furthermore, pink makes brown more playful and lively. In fact, pink is a warm tint of red, so it’s not surprising why it goes so well with brown.

Softer pinks like dusty or pastel pink make any space feel more inviting.

For a bolder look, you can combine dark brown with brighter hues like fuchsia or magenta.

10. Dark Red

dark red goes well with brown and gold accents in interior design

Red is associated with energy, action, and passion. Moreover, it is a stimulating color, symbolizing courage and determination.

Deep shades of red add depth and a pop of color to any brown palette, bringing vigor and energy to its comforting calm.

For example, dark shades of red such as maroon or burgundy add intensity and a touch of passion. Both can intensify the earthy tones of brown.

Use dark red as a secondary or even main color in a 60-30-10 scheme for a balanced and harmonious look. To give it a regal air, add metallic accents.

11. Orange

orange and brown color combination

Orange – as a mix of red and yellow – conveys optimism, energy and enthusiasm. It’s also associated with youth. Moreover, orange is a vibrant hue that can add a lively touch when paired with brown. 

This combination evokes a sense of warmth and comfort. That’s because this combo is inspired by nature.

The warm undertones of brown balance the brightness of orange, creating a visually striking contrast.

For example, you can use a dark brown like chocolate or espresso for your sofa and a lighter orange like peach or apricot for your cushions or curtains. You can also add some white or cream to lighten up the space.

For a royal feel, pair brown with orange tones and gold accents.

12. Copper & Gold

a dining room with brown, gray, and copper accents

Metallics go well with brown, especially gold and copper. They give a bohemian, regal feel, combining traditional and modern styles in a subtle way.

In this brown color palette, you can also include beiges and grays.

Why Are There So Many Colors That Match With Brown?

Even though brown is considered a very dark orange, it has so many shades that it covers the deep colors of four hues on the color wheel.

Thus, brown falls on four slices of the color wheel in the spectrum of dark shades of red, red-orange, orange, and yellow-orange. 

For example, maroon (#800000) is a dark shade of red. Rosewood (#520400), a deep brown with rose undertones, is actually a deep red-orange. 

If you darken an orange enough, you get sepia (#664200). Also, very dark shades of yellow-orange become Chocolate brown (#7A4500).

So, brown is not just a dark shade of orange, but rather a dark shade of all the hues between red and yellow-orange on the color wheel. So let’s discover what colors go well with brown.

Stunning Brown Color Palette Ideas

Here are some of the most stunning color combinations with brown.

Color Schemes with Brown

Are you looking for a light brown color scheme? Or perhaps a gradient of colors displayed in a palette? However, this gorgeous brown color palette ranges from chocolate brown tones to a light, nearly off-white brown.

light brown color palette

Hex codes: Almond (#ede0d4), Dun (#e6ccb2), Tan (ddb892), Chamoisee (#b08968), Coffee (#7f5539), Raw Umber (#9c6644)

Charcoal, Blush, and Buff

blush and light brown color palette

This is another beautiful color combination with brown.

The warm undertones of blush complement light brown to create a soft, contrasting combination. 

Furthermore, this light brown is a tan color – a warm, earthy hue that works well with both the cool, deep charcoal and the softer blush.

If you’re curious about what colors go with dark brown, the short answer is pale pinks, light blues, grays, some yellows, and oranges, as well as beige and cream tones. Let’s discover some combos.

Hex codes: Charcoal (#373F47), Blush (#CE6D8B), Light Brown (#D9AD82)

Ebony, Ecru, and Russet

dark brown color palette with russet, ecru and ebony

When it comes to colors that go with dark brown, ecru and ebony are two exciting options.

Russet, a rich dark brown with red undertones, is a lovely earthy tone that conveys warmth, stability, and comfort. 

On the other side, Ebony is a dark green-gray that adds depth and richness. Its coolness brings sophistication and modernity, balancing the warmth of brown.

Hex codes: Ebony (#515a47), Ecru (#d7be82), Russet (#7a4419)

Cinnamon, Orange, Terracotta

color schemes with brown

This palette combines different warm tones, ranging from the deep, almost brown-red – cinnamon – to the bright, energetic orange and finally to the earthy, muted terracotta.

Cinnamon – a deep brown – adds richness and depth. Its darkness contrasts beautifully with the brighter orange. 

At the same time, orange brings some enthusiasm, while terracotta – a pale red-orange makes a smooth transition between these colors, providing gentle energy.

Hex codes: Cinnamon (#652a0e), Orange (#f6aa1c), Terracotta (#e26d5a)

What Colors Go with Light Brown?

If you’re wondering what colors go with light brown, the simple answer is neutrals – beige, cream, white, gray, black, ivory – and pastels of green, blue-green, yellow, and orange – peachy tones.

Here’s a brown color palette that showcases two light browns – Buff and Papaya Whip – among pastel shades of green (a soft tea green) and yellow (Cornsilk).

Pale Greens and Off-Whites

what colors go with light brown

These pastel greens with warm undertones complement the earthiness of light brown, lending a calming, natural touch. 

On the other side, cornsilk – a pale shade of yellow, and papaya whip – a soft peachy tone – bring playful blush as well as a sunny vibe.

Hex codes: Tea-Green (#ccd5aeff), Pale Citron (#e9edc9ff), Cornsilk (#fefae0ff), Papaya Whip (#faedcdff), Buff (#d4a373ff)

Greenish-Gray and Champagne Pink

colors that go with light brown

This is another example of colors that go with light brown: Isabelline, light khaki, and champagne pink – a harmonious blend of muted and neutral hues that beautifully complement each other.

Isabelline is a pale, desaturated greenish-gray that looks off-white. This color brings some fresh air to this palette.

In addition, champagne pink is a pale pink with yellow undertones that adds a romantic touch.

Hex codes: Isabelline (#edede9), Timberwolf (#d6ccc2), Linen (#f5ebe0), Champagne pink (#e3d5ca), Pale Dogwood (#d5bdaf)


light brown match with eggplant

If you love deep shades of purple, then this is for you. Buff goes great with eggplant in a more desaturated version.

This is a sophisticated color palette that exudes warmth and depth.

Eggplant brings a sense of drama, while buff is a light, warm-toned brown that balances the eggplant’s coolness.

Coyote is brown with a lot of gray in the composition, which links the two hues smoothly.

Interestingly, this palette contains two desaturated shades of purple and brown. Even this buff is actually a desaturated tawny.

Hex codes: Eggplant (#453843), Coyote (#856d5b), Buff (#cfa07e)

Light Yellow

light brown goes well with pale yellow and black

This is one of the most contrasting color schemes with brown: a highly saturated orange that looks almost black, a pale yellowish-gray similar to flax, and tan.

Bistre, even if it looks almost black, it’s a dark shade of café noir. In fact, is a very dark shade of orange. Combining this color with tan produces a striking contrast, softened by this pale yellow – Jasmine.

This pale yellow between Bistre’s intensity and Jasmine’s brightness brings a sense of cheerfulness and energy. Furthermore, it evokes the comfort and stability that this palette requires.

Hex codes: Bistre (#251605), Jasmine (#F6E27F), Tan (#E2C391)

Dark Sea Green

brown color palette with yellow and sea green

This brown palette combines bug with a pale yellow (Sunset) and dark Sea green.

Sunset is a pale, warm golden hue that brings energy and joyfulness. Buff is a light brown with yellow undertones, making it work well together. 

Sea green comes as a cool element in this palette, having a calming effect. 

Moreover, it adds depth and balances the warmth of the other two shades, creating an eye-pleasing palette.

Hex codes: Sunset (#f2c57c), Buff (#ddae7e), Dark Sea Green (#7fb685)

Last Words on Colors That Go with Brown

There are a lot of colors that go with brown, as this color comes in many shades.

Brown, no matter the shade, is a neutral color that goes well with earthy tones and neutrals such as white, beige, cream, gray, greige, and black as well as pastels of green, blue-green, red, yellow, and orange. It also goes well with vibrant colors.

These vibrant colors can range from deep shades of blue and dark reds to oranges and yellows.

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