60 Shades of Beige Color with Names, Hex, RGB, & CMYK

Are you looking for shades of beige? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a comprehensive list of beige shades with names, Hex, RGB, and CMYK codes.

Beige is more of an umbrella term for numerous shades ranging from grayish tan and pale sandy colors to light brown and grayish yellow. However, beige colors are neither cream nor off-white.

Beige combines the simplicity of white with the comfort of brown. Thus, the meaning of beige is linked to calmness, elegance, simplicity, and comfort.

That’s why in today’s article, we’ll discuss the different shades of beige along with their names, Hex, RGB, and CMYK color codes. Thus, you will find a plethora of beige color names.

Shades of Beige

Shades of beige range from grayish brown and light sandy fawn to grayish yellow, yellowish brown, and light brown.

Even though there are a lot of names for beige, there is a color with this name – it’s a light grayish yellow.


Beige is a pale, neutral grayish-yellow that can be named a pale sandy fawn color. It is a mixture of light brown and white with a splash of yellow, resulting in a soft and warm color. Beige is also used to describe colors that range from grayish tan to light brown.

The beige hex code is #F5F5DC, and its RGB values are 245, 245, 220.

Hex #F5F5DC
RGB 245, 245, 220
CMYK 0, 0, 10, 4


Almond is a light, buttery color with a subtle hint of pale pink or beige. It is reminiscent of the color of almond nuts, which gives it its name. However, it is more pinkish than beige and lighter than tan.

Hex #EED9C4
RGB 238, 217, 196
CMYK 0, 9, 18, 7


Bisque is a light, pale orange with a slight undertone of beige or cream. It resembles the color of traditional bisque pottery, which is typically a pale, unglazed ceramic.

Hex #FFE4C4
RGB 255, 228, 196
CMYK 0, 11, 23, 0

Cosmic Latte

Cosmic latte is a very pale, off-white color with a hint of yellow or cream. This color was used to describe the average color of the universe – hence the name, as determined by a team of astronomers led by Karl Glazebrook and Ivan Baldry in 2002. It represents the combined color of all the light in the cosmos.

Cosmic Latte
Hex #FFF8E7
RGB 255, 248, 231
CMYK 0, 3, 9, 0

Dessert Sand

Desert sand is a warm, earthy color that resembles the hue of sand found in arid desert regions. It is a light, tan-like color with a mix of orange and beige tones, reflecting the natural colors of desert landscapes. This color can be used to create a cozy and natural atmosphere reminiscent of the desert.

Desert Sand
RGB 237, 201, 175
CMYK 0, 15, 26, 7


Camel is a color that takes inspiration from the fur of camels, which has a distinctive light brown tone. It is a warm and neutral shade of brown, leaning towards tan or beige.

Hex #C19A6B
RGB 193, 154, 107
CMYK 0, 20, 45, 24


Buff is a warm and natural color with a touch of tan and brown. It is a light, muted shade that conveys elegance, tranquility, and comfort.

Buff can be an excellent choice for wall paint, upholstery, or clothing, as it complements various other colors and adds a touch of refinement to any setting.

Hex #DAA06D
RGB 218, 160, 109
CMYK 0, 27, 50, 15

French Beige

French beige is a unique and sophisticated shade of beige with a slight undertone of gray and a touch of brown. It is a subdued and elegant color that gives any space a sense of refinement. The French beige hex code is #A67B5B.

Its undertones add a sense of sophistication and depth, contributing to its darker appearance than classic beige. However, this is one of the popular beige names.

French Beige
Hex #A67B5B
RGB 166, 123, 91
CMYK 0, 26, 45, 35


Hazelnut is a warm and inviting color that takes its inspiration from the outer shell of hazelnuts. It is a soft shade of brown with subtle undertones of orange and beige.

This earthy color resembles the warm tones found in roasted hazelnuts, evoking feelings of comfort.

Hex #CFB095
RGB 207, 176, 149
CMYK 0, 15, 28, 19


Khaki is a pale tan color with a slight yellowish-green undertone, making it look like muted gold. This color gets its name from the dust-colored uniforms worn by the British Army in South Asia during the 19th century. It is a neutral shade of tan with hints of green and brown.

Khaki’s subdued and earthy tones make it a great choice for creating a natural and relaxed atmosphere.

Hex #C3B091
RGB 195, 176, 145
CMYK 0, 10, 26, 24

Light French Beige

Light French beige is a soft and delicate shade of beige that incorporates the subtle and sophisticated characteristics of French beige but in a lighter tone. It is a gentle, neutral color with a touch of gray and brown undertones.

Light French beige is often used in interior design since it creates a calming and inviting atmosphere without too much effort.

Light French Beige
Hex #C8AD7F
RGB 200, 173, 127
CMYK 0, 14, 37, 22


Ecru is a soft and natural color that resembles the pale, light shade of unbleached linen or silk. It is a warm and creamy beige with a subtle yellow or gray undertone, giving it a timeless look associated with simplicity and sophistication.

Hex #C2B280
RGB 194, 178, 128
CMYK 0, 8, 34, 24


Linen is a soft and natural color that resembles the pale, light shade of unbleached linen or silk. It is a warm and creamy beige with a subtle yellow or gray undertone, giving it a timeless and elegant appeal.

Hex #FAF0E6
RGB 250, 240, 230
CMYK 0, 4, 8, 2


Parchment is a soft and delicate color that mirrors the appearance of aged parchment paper. It is a warm and inviting off-white with a touch of yellow and beige undertones. Moreover, this pale, creamy shade resembles antique documents’ warmth, arousing nostalgia.

Hex #F1E9D2
RGB 241, 233, 210
CMYK 0, 3, 13, 5


Tan is a warm, earthy color that resembles the hue of tanned leather or the sandy soil found in desert landscapes. It is a light to medium shade of brown with hints of yellow and orange undertones.

The tan hex code is #D2B48C. This soft, sandy shade evokes feelings of comfort and relaxation. Its warm tones make it popular for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Hex #D2B48C
RGB 210, 180, 140
CMYK 0, 14, 33, 18

Bare Beige

Bare beige is a soft and subtle shade of beige with a touch of pink and peach undertones. It is a delicate and warm color that resembles bare skin’s natural, nude tone.

This gentle color is associated with calmness and comfort.

Bare Beige
Hex #E8D3C9
RGB 232, 211, 201
CMYK 0, 9, 13, 9


Basketweave is a warm and inviting color that draws inspiration from the traditional weaving patterns found in baskets. It is a medium shade of brown with hints of beige undertones.

Hex #CAAD92
RGB 202, 173, 146
CMYK 0, 14, 28, 21

Beige Linen

Beige linen is a pale shade of beige with subtle hints of gray and yellow undertones. It can be described as a pale grayish yellow, so it’s a shade of beige. This soft and light color takes inspiration from the natural, neutral tone of linen fabric.

Beige Linen
Hex #E2DAC6
RGB 226, 218, 198
CMYK 0, 4, 12, 11

Birch Beige

Birch beige is a light shade of beige with a subtle mix of yellow and brown undertones. This warm, earthy beige color was named after birch tree bark’s soft, pale tone. In addition, this lovely beige evokes feelings of nature and comfort, creating a sense of tranquility and warmth.

Birch Beige
Hex #D9C3A1
RGB 217, 195, 161
CMYK 0, 10, 26, 15

Blanched Almond

Blanched almond is a pale and delicate sandy fawn color that was named after the creamy hue of blanched almonds. It is a warm and light shade of beige with a splash of pink and peach.

Blanched Almond
RGB 255, 235, 205
CMYK 0, 8, 20, 0


Bone is a warm off-white with a touch of beige and gray undertones, resembling the natural color of bones.

It can also be described as a pale greige – a mixture of beige and gray. This color is associated with tranquility, simplicity, and comfort.

Hex #E3DAC9
RGB 227, 218, 201
CMYK 0, 4, 11, 11

Boutique Beige

Boutique beige is a warm shade of beige with a subtle mix of yellow and gray undertones. Soft and elegant, this beige color help you create an ambiance of sophistication and charm.

Boutique Beige
RGB 225, 206, 173
CMYK 0, 8, 23, 12

British Tan

British tan is a light golden brown that embodies the richness of traditional British leather. Its yellow undertones make it look like a dark shade of beige.

British Tan
Hex #C2A47F
RGB 194, 164, 127
CMYK 0, 15, 35, 24

Candlelit Beige

Candlelelit is a shade of beige with subtle hints of gray and yellow undertones. This luminous color leans more toward gray than brown and evokes the warm and comforting glow of candlelight. Thus, you can call it a soft grayish-yellow.

Candlelit Beige
Hex #F1EDE0
RGB 241, 237, 224
CMYK 0, 2, 7, 5

Cocoa Cupcake

Cocoa cupcake is a medium brown with reddish undertones. Rich and warm, this shade of beige brings to mind the deep tones of cocoa-infused desserts.

Cocoa Cupcake
Hex #967859
RGB 150, 120, 89
CMYK 0, 20, 41, 41

Coffee Foam

Coffee foam is a warm and creamy color named after the frothy, light brown foam on top of freshly brewed coffee. It is a soft and inviting shade of beige with subtle hints of gray and yellow undertones.

Coffee Foam
RGB 219, 193, 170
CMYK 0, 12, 22, 14


Greige is a sophisticated grayish beige or beige-gray, sitting between the coolness of gray and the warmth of beige. Moreover, greige combines the neutrality and maturity of grey with the simplicity and comfort of beige.

This neutral color can be described as cool or warm depending on the ratio of beige and gray. As a result, it complements both warm and cool colors.

As a mixture of gray and beige, greige symbolizes neutrality, balance, calmness, elegance and simplicity. The greige hex code is #B9AFA1.

It’s also one of the most beautiful beige color names.

Hex #B9AFA1
RGB 185, 175, 161
CMYK 0, 5, 13, 27

Light Beige

Light beige is a warm, neutral shade with subtle undertones of gray and yellow, resembling the paler and lighter version of traditional beige.

It gets its name after the soft and light shade of the fur of a young deer, known as a fawn.

The light beige hex code is #F5EFE8.

Light Beige
Hex #F5EFE8
RGB 245, 239, 232
CMYK 0, 2, 5, 4

Light Taupe

Light taupe is a pale grayish-brown, combining the warmth of taupe with a gentle tone. Light taupe is associated with elegance, modesty, and maturity. It can also be linked to intelligence and reliability.

Light Taupe
Hex #B38B6D
RGB 179, 139, 109
CMYK 0, 22, 39, 30

Mailibu Beige

Malibu beige is a pale shade of beige associated with relaxation and tranquility. As its name suggests, this color captures the essence of the sandy beaches in Malibu. Thus, it creates a sense of coastal charm and natural beauty.

Malibu Beige
Hex #C9C0B1
RGB 201, 192, 177
CMYK 0, 4, 12, 21

Mesa Beige

Mesa beige is a light grayish-yellow named after the sandy tones of mesas, flat-topped mountains with steep sides.

However, it looks much lighter than the mesas.

Mesa Beige
Hex #F2EBD6
RGB 242, 235, 214
CMYK 0, 3, 12, 5


Nude is a soft and neutral color that resembles the natural skin tone of the Western-European-centric Caucasian people. This shade of beige features subtle hints of pink and peach undertones.

Hex #E3BC9A
RGB 227, 188, 154
CMYK 0, 17, 32, 11

Paper Beige

aper beige is a soft and understated color that draws its influence from the warm, subtle tones found in natural parchment.

It’s a refined and subdued shade of beige with hints of gentle yellow.

Paper Beige
RGB 220, 191, 166
CMYK 0, 13, 25, 14


Pearl is a unique beige color because it captures the essence of natural pearls with its iridescent and luminous quality.

Just like the lustrous surface of a pearl, this soft and refined shade of beige carries a subtle play of cream and gray undertones, giving it a captivating and elegant appearance.

What sets Pearl apart is its ability to exude a sense of luxury and sophistication without being overly flashy.

This is another shade of beige with subtle brown undertones.

Hex #EAE0C8
RGB 234, 224, 200
CMYK 0, 4, 15, 8


Putty has a warm and earthy tone that may resemble certain shades of bronze. While it is not a true metallic color, its softness and muted appearance can sometimes evoke the richness and depth associated with bronze.

Hex #CFC3A5
RGB 207, 195, 165
CMYK 0, 6, 20, 19

Royal Beige

Royal beige is a pale shade of beige with subtle undertones of gray. Similar to greige, this timeless grayish beige works well with many colors, adding a touch of sophistication and grace to any palette.

Royal Beige’s regal and inviting appearance makes it popular for creating a grand and elegant atmosphere.

Unlike putty, which leans more towards a metallic tan because of the brown undertones, this type of beige is more of a grayish tan.

Royal Beige
Hex #CFC8B8
RGB 207, 200, 184
CMYK 0, 3, 11, 19


Taupe is a dark gray-brown that combines the warmth of brown with the coolness of gray. It is a subdued, neutral shade with a slight purple undertone. This rich, muted hue evokes feelings of elegance and refinement.

The taupe hex code is #483C32. Even if it looks so dark, taupe has a calming and soothing effect, creating a sense of tranquility and comfort.

While it may appear simple at first glance, taupe actually has subtle undertones of brown, gray, and sometimes even green or purple.

Hex #483C32
RGB 72, 60, 50
CMYK 0, 17, 31, 72

Stonish Beige

This muted beige color evokes feelings of comfort, tranquility, and a sense of connection with nature, creating a calming and cozy ambiance.

Stonish Beige
Hex #CCB49A
RGB 204, 180, 154
CMYK 0, 12, 25, 20

Wooly Beige

Wooly beige is a muted pinkish beige associated with warmth and comfort, much like the soft texture of wool. It’s a unique beige color because of its subtle blend of warm beige with delicate pink.

While it has a hint of pink, it is not overwhelming or vibrant like a traditional muddy pink.

Woolly Beige
Hex #E7D5C9
RGB 231, 213, 201
CMYK 0, 8, 13, 9

Beige Paint Colors

beige paint colors

Here is a list of the best beige paint colors with names and color codes as well as their hex code.

The letters after their names refer to the manufacturer of the beige paint color. SW stands for Sherwin-Williams, while BM is for Benjamin Moore.

Beige Intenso

Beige intenso is a deep and warm shade of beige with strong brown and yellow undertones. This color is popular in interior design because it helps create a bold and sophisticated look.

Beige Intenso (SW 9096)
Hex #C5A88D
RGB 197, 168, 141
CMYK 0.0, 14.7, 28.4, 22.7

Ginger Root

This rich and inviting shade of beige with a mix of brown and orange undertones was named after the natural color of ginger roots – hence the name.

Ginger Root (SW 9095)
Hex #D2B79E
RGB 210, 183, 158
CMYK 0.0, 12.9, 24.8, 17.6

Soft Fawn

Soft fawn is a medium warm yellowish tan named after a young deer’s fur. This color is a favored choice for achieving harmonious and timeless designs.

Soft Fawn (SW 9097)
Hex #B59778
RGB 181, 151, 120
CMYK 0.0, 16.6, 33.7, 29.0

Playa Arenosa

Playa Arenosa is a serene and beach-inspired color that takes inspiration from a beach’s sandy and pebbly shorelines.

Its name translates to “Sandy Beach” in English, reflecting the color’s connection to the natural beauty of coastal landscapes.
This lovely beige paint color by Sherwin-Williams exudes a sense of calm and relaxation.

Playa Arenosa (SW 9094)
Hex #DCC7B3
RGB 220, 199, 179
CMYK 0.0, 9.5, 18.6, 13.7


Quinoa is a gentle and creamy color inspired by the natural tone of quinoa grains. Named after the nutritious grain, quinoa is a popular beige paint color in interior design.

Quinoa (SW 9102)
Hex #CFB597
RGB 207, 181, 151
CMYK 0.0, 12.6, 27.1, 18.8

Tres Naturale

Its name suggests a connection to the natural world, reflecting the color’s association with organic and calming elements. This is a favored choice for creating a tranquil and inviting look. This light beige color code is SW 9101.

Tres Naturale (SW 9101)
RGB 220, 199, 173
CMYK 0.0, 9.5, 21.4, 13.7

Double Latte

This color takes inspiration from the rich and comforting tones of a double-shot latte coffee. It is a soft and sophisticated shade of beige with subtle hints of brown.

However, this beige color is similar to soft fawn.

Double Latte (SW 9108)
Hex #A78C71
RGB 167, 140, 113
CMYK 0.0, 16.2, 32.3, 34.5


This is a darker beige compared to quinoa but lighter than double latte.

Farro (SW 9103)
Hex #C1A485
RGB 193, 164, 133
CMYK 0.0, 15.0, 31.1, 24.3

Nomadic Desert

Nomadic dessert by Sherwin-Williams has noticeable warm undertones, particularly orange or pink undertones. It is a darker and heavier warm beige, making it a great choice for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in various design projects.

Moreover, nomadic dessert is one of the best warm beige paint colors by Sherwin-Williams due to its warm undertones, versatility, and its ability to create a cozy atmosphere.

If you’re looking for lovely beige paint colors, choose a beige color with a hint of orange or pink.

Nomadic Desert (SW 6107)
Hex #C7B198
RGB 199, 177, 152
CMYK 0.0, 11.1, 23.6, 22.0


Latte is a warm and comforting neutral beige that was inspired by the rich and creamy tones of a latte coffee. It’s a versatile color that falls in between mid to dark tones.

However, it’s essential to consider the size of the room and the amount of natural light it receives. Using a bold color like latte on all walls may make the space feel smaller.

Latte (SW 6108)
Hex #BAA185
RGB 186, 161, 133
CMYK 0.0, 13.4, 28.5, 27.1

Almond Latte

Almond latte features the creamy tones of an almond latte coffee. It’s a gorgeous shade of beige with a slight beige-orange undertone.

Almond Latte (N260-2)
RGB 222, 199, 173
CMYK 0.0, 10.4, 22.1, 12.9

Kilim Beige

Kilim beige is a light shade of beige known for its warm and inviting nature with noticeable orange undertones. It creates a welcoming and traditional atmosphere in interior spaces, adding a touch of earthiness to the overall ambiance.

Kilim Beige (SW 6106)
Hex #D7C5AE
RGB 215, 197, 174
CMYK 0.0, 8.4, 19.1, 15.7

Stone House

Stone House is a wonderful warm beige paint color, predominantly beige, with charming warm undertones. Its warmth makes it an excellent choice for creating an inviting space. It can also be described as a medium tan.

Stone House (BM 1039)
RGB 207, 186, 156
CMYK 0.0, 10.1, 24.6, 18.8


Papaya is a warm and inviting tan color with the subtlest hint of blush undertone. This soft and delicate touch of blush adds warmth and elegance.

Papaya (BM 957)
Hex #E5D7B9
RGB 229, 215, 185
CMYK 0.0, 6.1, 19.2, 10.2

Bridgewater Tan

Bridgewater Tan is a warm, neutral beige color with a touch of muted gold and a subtle yellow undertone. The soft and gentle hint of gold adds a touch of richness and elegance.

Bridgewater Tan (1096)
Hex #C9AE84
RGB 201, 174, 132
CMYK 0.0, 13.4, 34.3, 21.2

Coffee Kiss

Coffee Kiss is a rich, saturated cappuccino beige color with a lovely coconut fiber undertone. This paint color is well-suited for both living spaces and bedrooms, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Its warm tan hue allows it to harmonize well with various design elements, making it perfect for creating a chic monochromatic look.

Coffee Kiss (PPG1084-5)
Hex #B19576
RGB 177, 149, 118
CMYK 0.0, 15.8, 33.3, 30.6

Brown Owl

Brown owl is a rich, earthy beige that evokes feelings of wisdom and nature, creating a sense of warmth and comfort.

This is a darker beige compared to the color latte by Sherwin-Williams.

Brown Owl (M136)
Hex #C0A88D
RGB 192, 168, 141
CMYK 0.0, 12.5, 26.6, 24.7

Golden Ecru

Golden Ecru is a golden-beige color that combines the richness of golden tones combined with the softness of ecru.

This warm, golden-beige hue, complemented by an almond undertone, evokes feelings of opulence and sophistication, creating a sense of luxury.

Golden Ecru (PPG1095-4)
Hex #D8C39F
RGB 216, 195, 159
CMYK 0.0, 9.7, 26.4, 15.3


Gaia is a warm, clay-beige hue that is complemented by a khaki undertone. It’s linked to the planet’s natural beauty, evoking feelings of grounding and connection to nature.

Moreover, gaia has a rich and golden-beige tone, with a touch of warmth that resembles the nurturing embrace of Gaia, the ancient Greek goddess of the Earth.

Gaia (PPG14-18)
Hex #D3BC9E
RGB 211, 188, 158
CMYK 0.0, 10.9, 25.1, 17.3

Sand Fossil

Sand fossil is a soft and neutral sepia beige with a subtle undertone of umber, reflecting the beauty of fossilized sand.

As a warm, earthy color, it evokes elegance and sophistication.

Its soft and muted quality makes it an excellent backdrop for a variety of decor styles.

Sand Fossil (PPG1098-3)
RGB 222, 207, 179
CMYK 0.0, 6.8, 19.4, 12.9

Alpaca Wool

Alpaca wool is a warm, caramel-yellow with a bronze undertone, exuding a sense of comfort and elegance. This makes it a perfect beige paint color for a Mediterranean kitchen.

Moreover, this color is inspired by the natural beauty of alpaca wool – so it’s a natural beige.

Pairing Alpaca Wool with white trim will create a crisp and clean contrast, enhancing the brightness. To add depth and richness, incorporate darker wood elements.

Alpaca Wool (PPG14-19)
Hex #E4D5BC
RGB 228, 213, 188
CMYK 0.0, 6.6, 17.5, 10.6

Wheat Sheaf

Wheat sheaf is a lovely yellow-greige color with a hint of green undertone, conveying calmness and harmony. Moreover, it showcases a muted quality with a warm, creamy beige tone that makes it perfect if you want comfort and simplicity.

Wheat Sheaf (PPG14-21)
Hex #DFD4C4
RGB 223, 212, 196
CMYK 0.0, 4.9, 12.1, 12.5


Sun kiss is a peachy beige with orange undertones. It’s muted enough to be elegant and orange enough to add a splash of optimism.

For a more vibrant look, add some accents in coral or pastel pink shades.

PANTONE 12-0807 TCX – Sun Kiss
RGB 235, 209, 187
CMYK 0.0, 11.1, 20.4, 7.8

Last Words on Shades of Beige

The subtle shades of beige offer far more than might initially meet the eye. 

These beige color names provide a diverse palette that can be adapted to many different design concepts and moods. 

From the warm, inviting tones of honey beige to the minimalistic sophistication of cosmic latte, the infinite potential in this seemingly simple color family cannot be overstated. And, because there are so many different color names for beige, you really do have a choice.

Despite its reputation as a ‘safe’ or ‘boring’ color, beige proves to be versatile, timeless, and deeply ingrained in our natural and cultural landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color is beige?

Beige, deriving its name from French, refers to the natural color of unbleached wool. It’s a subtle, soothing hue, often compared to the soft color of sand or wheat. It’s a light, slightly grayish yellow, which embodies warmth and sophistication. As a timeless color, beige offers a sense of tranquility and comfort.

What are the different beige color shades?

The different shades of beige include French beige, ecru, khaki, hazelnut, latte, papaya, greige, bone, quinoa, farro, nomadic desert, sand fossil, and stone.

What are the best beige paint colors?

Some of the best beige paint colors include nomadic dessert (SW 6107), latte (SW 6108), tres naturale (SW 9101), Kilim beige (SW 6106), stone House (BM 1039), papaya (BM 957), beige intenso (SW 9096) and playa arenosa (SW 9094). SW stands for Sherwin-Williams, and BM is for Benjamin Moore.

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