75 Shades of Burgundy Color with Names, Hex & RGB Codes

If you’re searching for some fabulous shades of burgundy color to jazz up your interiors, add that touch of sophistication to your wardrobe, or add some flair to your branding, we’ve got you covered!

The elegant and powerful nature of the color burgundy has captured our hearts for centuries, evoking an air of royalty and sophistication.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the color burgundy: what color it is, the meaning of burgundy, its history as well as the different shades of burgundy.

What Color is Burgundy?

what color is burgundy

Burgundy is a dark brownish-red with a tinge of purple. Its name is derived from the French Burgundy wine, named after the production region.

The color burgundy was first recorded in English in the 1800s due to the high importation of French wine into English-speaking countries.

When it comes to burgundy vs. maroon, both are shades of red, but with different undertones. Burgundy has a purple tinge, while maroon is more brownish.

Although many people mistake maroon for burgundy, these colors are different in terms of undertones – even though they are both red. Maroon is a dark brownish-red, while purple is a deep purplish-red.

Thus, maroon has a brownish tinge, unlike burgundy, which looks more purplish.

burgundy vs maroon

So, is burgundy red? The short answer is yes since burgundy is a dark purplish-red.

What Colors Make Burgundy Paint?

To achieve the rich, dark tone of burgundy, mix a small amount of blue in a red base (1:2 ratio). Use a deep blue shade, like ultramarine or navy blue. The blue will add depth and darkness to the red. 

You can add a tiny amount of black paint to deepen the color and create a more sophisticated shade of burgundy.

The History of Burgundy Color

Burgundy, a rich and captivating color, has a long and fascinating history that spans centuries. 

The name ‘burgundy’ originated from the wine-producing region of Burgundy in eastern France, which was named after the Burgundians, an ancient Germanic tribe.

Burgundy became prominent during the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance period. Initially, it was achieved by mixing red and black pigments to create a darker shade of red. 

The ‘burgundy’ color name was first recorded in English in 1881. This color was prized for its luxurious and regal appearance, often reserved for the attire of nobility and royalty.

In the 19th century, burgundy became popular in the fashion industry. It became a staple in high society and was widely used in formal wear, evening gowns, and accessories. 

The richness and elegance of burgundy made it a symbol of sophistication and opulence.

Meaning of Burgundy Colors

burgundy color meaning

Burgundy symbolizes wealth, power, and ambition. Moreover, its intensity is associated with passion, desire, and romance.

Burgundy also embodies sophistication and elegance. Its association with the luxury of Burgundy wine lends it a sense of prestige and extravagance.

But where does this association come from?

Burgundy is a deep, rich color that gets its name from Burgundy wine, produced in the Burgundy region of France. It is a mix of red and purple with a touch of brown that creates a warm, inviting hue. 

As a result, the color is associated with elegance, sophistication, and a sense of richness.

As a mixture of red and purple, burgundy shares some qualities of both colors.

Red is an emotionally intense color associated with passion, energy, and action. Red’s influence in burgundy makes this color powerful, intense, and emotionally rich.

On the other hand, purple is traditionally a color of royalty, luxury, and power. It also represents creativity, wisdom, and mystery. These purple qualities may influence burgundy’s perception as a sophisticated, luxurious, and somewhat mysterious color.

The color burgundy combines the power, passion, and energy of red, as well as the sophistication, luxury, and mystery of purple.

Regarding fashion, burgundy is often used in the fall and winter due to its warm, cozy feel. It’s a versatile color that pairs well with neutrals like white, black, and gray, as well as other rich colors like gold or navy blue.

In interior design, burgundy creates a sense of opulence and luxury, especially when used with other deep, rich colors or textures.

Different Shades of Burgundy Color

The mysterious and enchanting essence of burgundy has captivated hearts for centuries, exuding an air of regal sophistication that stands the test of time.

That’s why, in today’s article, we’ll talk about the shades of burgundy color, including their names, hex, RGB, and CMYK color codes.


Burgundy is a dark reddish-brown with a more purple undertone, evoking a sense of luxury and refinement. It’s rich and sophisticated, evoking images of elegance and timeless allure. The burgundy hex code is #800020.

Its deep red tones create a sense of passion and intensity, while the subtle blend of brown undertones adds a touch of warmth and subtlety.

In addition, the color burgundy exudes a sense of extravagance and indulgence, making it a hue that embodies both power and sensuality.

These qualities make the burgundy color a lovely choice for adding a splash of luxury to any setting.

Hex #800020
RGB 128, 0, 32
CMYK 0, 100, 75, 50

Dark Burgundy

Dark burgundy is a very dark red-purplish color that creates a mysterious and captivating feel. Its deep saturation brings an air of sophistication and luxury to the space.

If you want to make a statement, this bold hue is ideal. Burgundy complements deep brown, charcoal, and navy blue, bringing warmth and richness to the table.

Wear dark burgundy to add depth and drama to your wardrobe.

Dark Burgundy
Hex #65081F
RGB 101, 8, 31
CMYK 0, 92, 69, 60

Alabama Crimson

This bright shade of burgundy is associated with the University of Alabama, evoking feelings of passion, pride, and athletic excellence.

Moreover, this color exudes energy and determination, symbolizing Alabama athletics’ competitive drive and winning tradition.

Alabama Crimson
Hex #9E1B32
RGB 158, 27, 50
CMYK 0, 83, 68, 38

Deep Burgundy

This deep red-purplish sits between burgundy and dark burgundy.

As its name suggests, Deep Burgundy is a deep, saturated red with a subtle touch of purple undertones, contributing to its sense of luxury and sophistication.

Deep Burgundy
Hex #650015
RGB 101, 0, 21
CMYK 0, 100, 79, 60

Burgundy Wine

Burgundy wine is a muted reddish-brown that exudes an air of sophisticated charm. Its subtle brown undertones add a touch of earthiness and grounding, making it a hue that invites relaxation and contentment.

Burgundy Wine
Hex #6C403E
RGB 108, 64, 62
CMYK 0, 41, 43, 58

Vivid Burgundy

With its rich and deep red tones, vivid burgundy creates a sense of drama and intensity, making a statement wherever it is used.

This captivating shade demands attention with its intense and bold appearance. Like any other red, it evokes energy and allure, reminiscent of the pulsating heartbeat of a passionate soul.

Vivid Burgundy
Hex #9F1D35
RGB 159, 29, 53
CMYK 0, 82, 67, 38

Wine Red

Wine red is a bold and vibrant shade of burgundy, leaning towards fuchsia tones while still drawing inspiration from traditional Merlot wines. Thus, it evokes a sense of richness and robustness akin to the depth and intensity found in a glass of Merlot wine.

Wine Red
Hex #58181F
RGB 88, 24, 31
CMYK 0, 73, 65, 65

Blackberry Burgundy

Blackberry burgundy is a deep and luxurious shade of burgundy that combines the allure of blackberry tones with the richness of burgundy.

This mixture of blackberry and burgundy undertones adds a touch of elegance and richness, making it a hue that exudes sophistication and allure.

Blackberry Burgundy
Hex #4C3938
RGB 76, 57, 56
CMYK 0, 25, 26, 70

Bright Burgundy

Bright burgundy is a vibrant and striking shade that exudes energy and passion. This lively and intense red with a slight purple undertone evokes feelings of excitement and allure, like witnessing a burst of fireworks on a warm summer night.

Bright Burgundy
Hex #C20E35
RGB 194, 14, 53
CMYK 0, 93, 73, 24

Burnt Burgundy

This is a different burgundy that brings charm and sophistication. Like a mixture of purple and red, this burgundy color can instantly transform any space into an inviting and refined environment, leaving a lasting impression of coziness and style.

Burnt Burgundy
Hex #6D213C
RGB 109, 33, 60
CMYK 0, 70, 45, 57


Claret is a regal shade of purple associated with luxury, power, and ambition.

This captivating hue resembles the luxurious wine that shares its name, exuding elegance and allure like a grand ballroom bathed in Claret’s deep allure.

Hex #53013F
RGB 83, 1, 63
CMYK 0, 99, 24, 67


Sangria is a deep red with hints of brown. It resembles the color of the popular Spanish wine punch it is named after, evoking a sense of warmth, passion, and sophistication.

Even though it doesn’t have purple undertones but rather blue, this reddish-brown is a shade between maroon and classic burgundy.

Hex #5E1914
RGB 94, 25, 20
CMYK 0, 73, 79, 63


Mahogany is a deep red that resembles the warm, reddish-brown color of the wood from the mahogany tree. This lovely shade exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Mahogany tends to have more brown undertones, giving it a warmer and earthier appearance. On the other hand, burgundy is characterized by its deep red tones, which can vary from slightly purple to almost black.

Hex #420D09
RGB 66, 13, 9
CMYK 0, 80, 86, 74

Dark Vermilion

This Vermilion is different from the orangish-red you’re familiar with. Despite its name, it’s a Sherwin-Williams paint color that looks rather dark brownish-red.

Vermilion exudes warmth and sophistication as a fine wine enjoyed in a cozy setting.

Dark Vermilion
Hex #7E191B
RGB 126, 25, 27
CMYK 0, 80, 79, 51

U.S. Flag

This bright shade of burgundy resembles the red used on the American flag. Thus, it symbolizes valor, bravery, and the sacrifices made by the nation’s founding fathers and defenders.

U.S. Flag
Hex #BF0A30
RGB 191, 10, 48
CMYK 0, 95, 75, 25

Angels Red

Angels red is a vibrant and powerful red associated with the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. It symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, and the spirit of competition.

Angels Red
Hex #BA0021
RGB 186, 0, 33
CMYK 0, 100, 82, 27

Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate cosmos is a good choice if you’re looking for something darker than burgundy.

This color draws its name from the dark red hue of the Chocolate Cosmos flower, which resembles the color of dark chocolate. Its brown undertones provide warmth and earthiness.

Chocolate Cosmos
Hex #58111A 
RGB 88, 17, 26 
CMYK 0, 81, 70, 65


Cordovan is a deep reddish-purplish brown. It gets its name after cordovan leather, which is known for its distinctive deep reddish-brown color. This is derived from the Spanish city of Córdoba, where the leather was originally produced.

While it is not a pure shade of burgundy, it is closely related to the burgundy color family due to its similar deep and dark characteristics.

Hex #893F45 
RGB 137, 63, 69 
CMYK 0, 54, 50, 46


This color has more brown undertones compared to burgundy. Even if it’s more brownish than purplish, it’s very similar to burgundy.

Falu is named after the Swedish town of Falun, where the traditional brownish-red paint originated.

Falu has a long history and is a symbol of the Swedish cultural heritage. It was traditionally made using water, rye flour, linseed oil, and red pigment derived from the copper mine waste in Falun.

The paint was used to preserve and protect wooden buildings, giving them a distinct and iconic appearance.

Moreover, this color is both rustic and timeless, and it has become an integral part of Swedish architecture and design.

Hex #801818 
RGB 128, 24, 24 
CMYK 0, 81, 81, 50

Japanese Carmine

Japanese carmine is a deep red with purple undertones – like burgundy – reflecting the vibrancy and elegance of traditional Japanese culture and art.

This color draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese pigment known as “carmine” or “Akane,” which was historically derived from the crushed bodies of female cochineal insects.

Japanese Carmine
Hex #9D2933 
RGB 157, 41, 51
CMYK 0, 74, 68, 38


This softer burgundy shade is associated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where it is used as one of the school’s official colors. Moreover, it symbolizes the spirit of innovation and achievement associated with this popular institute.

Hex #A31F34
RGB 163, 31, 52
CMYK 0, 81, 68, 36


Oxblood is a deep red with strong brown undertones. The color gets its name from the dark, rich hue of oxblood, which is the color of the blood of an o

Hex #800020
RGB 128, 0, 32
CMYK 0, 100, 75, 50


Rosewood color is a dark purplish-red or a deep red with purple undertones. The color draws its name from the dark reddish purplish brown of rosewood, known for its beautiful and lustrous appearance.

However, rosewood is slightly darker than burgundy.

Rosewood Red
Hex #65000B
RGB 101, 0, 11 
CMYK 0, 100, 89, 60


Jam is a dark reddish purple that resembles the delicious and intense hue of ripe jam made from berries. This color evokes the richness and depth found in a jar of flavorful jam, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Hex #67032F
RGB 103, 3, 47
CMYK 0, 97, 54, 60

Wine Dregs

Wine dregs showcases a captivating contrast of dark red mixed with deep purple tones, evoking a mysterious allure. Like the burgundy color, this hue exudes sophistication and depth, evoking a sense of elegance and luxury.

Wine Dregs
Hex #673147
RGB 103, 49, 71
CMYK 0, 52, 31, 60

Light Burgundy

Light burgundy, with the hex code #C73A52, is a softer and more delicate shade of burgundy. It keeps the sophistication and depth of the classic burgundy color while introducing a touch of brightness and vibrancy.

This hue offers a balance between richness and subtlety, making it an elegant choice for adding depth and warmth to any space.

Light Burgundy
Hex #C73A52
RGB 199, 58, 82
CMYK 0, 71, 59, 22

Bruised Burgundy

Bruised burgundy is a deep, moody shade of burgundy. This color draws inspiration from the intense and complex hues that appear in a bruise, with its mix of dark red and purple undertones.

Moreover, This burgundy color captures the depth and complexity of emotions, evoking feelings of drama and sophistication.

Bruised Burgundy
Hex #5B4148
RGB 91, 65, 72
CMYK 0, 29, 21, 64


Bordeaux is a very dark red named after the famous wine-producing region in France known for its exquisite red wines. The color captures the depth and complexity found in a fine Bordeaux wine, evoking feelings of sophistication and indulgence.

As opposed to burgundy, Bordeaux is a darker shade. However, both share purple undertones. So, it can be described as a darker shade of burgundy.

Hex #4C0013
RGB 76, 0, 19
CMYK 0, 100, 75, 70

Dark Cherry

Dark cherry is a dark red with a subtle purple tinge. It takes its inspiration from those mouthwatering ripe cherries you just can’t resist. It looks like a lovely shade of brown.

In addition, dark cherry adds drama and flair to any scene, making it a fashion favorite for creating that perfectly edgy vibe.

Dark Cherry
Hex #7D1201
RGB 125, 18, 1
CMYK 0, 86, 99, 51

Dark Scarlet

Dark scarlet is a deep, saturated red with rich burgundy undertones. Sophistication and mystery are the buzzwords that best describe this lovely color.

Dark Scarlet has something in common with Bordeaux but is a little lighter.

Dark Scarlet
Hex #560319
RGB 86, 3, 25
CMYK 0, 97, 71, 66

Dark Wine

Dark wine is a luxurious red with a rich burgundy undertone, capturing the richness and depth of a full-bodied wine.

Even if it is more maroon than burgundy, dark wine is associated with refinement and elegance.

This hue is perfect for those who appreciate the complexity of a deep red with a twist of burgundy.

Dark Wine
HEX #8B0000
RGB 139, 0, 0
CMYK 0, 100, 100, 45

Old Burgundy

Old Burgundy is a beautiful, deep rose-red color that exudes sophistication and vintage charm. Its rich and vibrant hue resembles the luxurious tones in aged wines, evoking feelings of elegance and warmth. It’s a popular choice in vintage-inspired designs.

Old Burgundy
Hex #43302E
RGB 67, 48, 46
CMYK 0, 28, 31, 74

Schauss Pink

Schauss pink, also known as Baker-Miller, is a tint of red with purple undertones, which can be perceived as a light shade of burgundy. It evokes feelings of joy, playfulness, and kindness. 

According to researchers, this color can suppress aggressive behavior. It was specially created in 1979 for a Seattle correctional institute to study the impact of pink prison cells on prisoners.

The distinguishing features of this color are its youthful vibrancy and soft rosy tone. 

Schauss Pink
Hex #FF94AE
RGB 255, 148, 174
CMYK 0, 42, 31, 0

Vulcan Burgundy

Vulcan burgundy is a deep purple-red with earthy undertones. Its rich hue resembles the rugged landscapes of the Vulcan planet, evoking strength and allure. Works well with neutrals, adding warmth and drama to any design.

Vulcan Burgundy
Hex #5F3E42
RGB 95, 62, 66
CMYK 0, 35, 31, 63

List of Other Burgundy Shades

Antique Ruby
Hex #841B2D
RGB 132, 27, 45
CMYK 0, 41, 34, 48

Hex #990F4B
RGB 153, 15, 75
CMYK 0, 54, 31, 40

Black Rose
Hex #67032D
RGB 103, 3, 45
CMYK 0, 39, 23, 60

Hex #A62A20
RGB 166, 42, 32
CMYK 0, 49, 53, 35

A Different Burgundy
Hex #900020
RGB 144, 0, 32
CMYK 0, 56, 44, 44

Hex #662F2B
RGB 102, 47, 43
CMYK 0, 22, 23, 60

Hex #B31B1B
RGB 179, 27, 27
CMYK 0, 60, 60, 30

Cedar Wood Finish
Hex #711A00
RGB 113, 26, 0
CMYK 0, 34, 44, 56

Colour Me Pink
Hex #A90C50
RGB 169, 12, 80
CMYK 0, 62, 35, 34

Crown Of Thorns
Hex #771F1F
RGB 119, 31, 31
CMYK 0, 35, 35, 53

Dark Magenta
Hex #960056
RGB 150, 0, 86
CMYK 0, 59, 25, 41

Hex #81332D
RGB 129, 51, 45
CMYK 0, 31, 33, 49

Hex #752642
RGB 117, 38, 66
CMYK 0, 31, 20, 54

French Wine
Hex #AC1E44
RGB 172, 30, 68
CMYK 0, 56, 41, 33

Imperial Purple
Hex #66023C
RGB 102, 2, 60
CMYK 0, 39, 16, 60

Madam M
Hex #610C1D
RGB 97, 12, 29
CMYK 0, 33, 27, 62

Hex #730039
RGB 115, 0, 57
CMYK 0, 45, 23, 55

Metallic Copper
Hex #71291D
RGB 113, 41, 29
CMYK 0, 28, 33, 56

Hex #6E1D14
RGB 110, 29, 20
CMYK 0, 32, 35, 57

Hex #920A4E
RGB 146, 10, 78
CMYK 0, 53, 27, 43

Hex #7C2D37
RGB 124, 45, 55
CMYK 0, 31, 27, 51

Purplish Red
Hex #B0054B
RGB 176, 5, 75
CMYK 0, 67, 40, 31

Quinacridone Magenta
Hex #8E3A59
RGB 142, 58, 89
CMYK 0, 33, 21, 44

Hex #5D1F1E
RGB 93, 31, 30
CMYK 0, 24, 25, 64

Rock N Roll
Hex #9D002F
RGB 157, 0, 47
CMYK 0, 62, 43, 38

Hex #770C25
RGB 119, 12, 37
CMYK 0, 42, 32, 53

Hex #822A32
RGB 130, 42, 50
CMYK 0, 35, 31, 49

Sanguine Brown
Hex #8D3D38
RGB 141, 61, 56
CMYK 0, 31, 33, 45

Spartan Crimson
Hex #9E1316
RGB 158, 19, 22
CMYK 0, 55, 53, 38

Hex #990000
RGB 153, 0, 0
CMYK 0, 60, 60, 40

Strong Amaranth
Hex #A80015
RGB 168, 0, 21
CMYK 0, 66, 58, 34

Hex #7E372E
RGB 126, 55, 46
CMYK 0, 28, 31, 51

Hex #752B2F
RGB 117, 43, 47
CMYK 0, 29, 27, 54

Shades of Burgundy Color Chart

Here is a chart with the most popular shades of burgundy, along with their hex codes.

shades of burgundy color chart

Kindly use the provided code to display this infographic on your website. Otherwise, I regret to inform you that no rights of use will be granted. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Last Words on Burgundy Shades

The world of burgundy shades is a treasure trove of elegance, depth, and timeless allure. Throughout history, this color’s rich and mysterious perception has remained undeniably captivating, making it a favorite among designers, artists, and creatives from all walks of life.

With these shades of burgundy presented in this article, each accompanied by their names, Hex, RGB, and CMYK codes, navigating the vast spectrum of this gorgeous color has never been easier. 

Whether you’re seeking to add a touch of regal sophistication to your fashion designs, infuse warmth into your interior spaces, or create eye-catching branding, burgundy offers many possibilities.

Its versatile nature allows it to evoke various emotions and set the perfect tone for any project. From deep, velvety wines to vibrant and bold crimson hues, burgundy effortlessly weaves elegance and allure into every creation it touches.

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