Neon Pink Color: Shades and Color Codes

Neon pink is a mixture of pink and purple that has fascinated the fashion world since the 1980s.

But this isn’t just any pink; it’s a striking, high-energy hue that draws inspiration from neon lighting and luminescent paints.

In today’s article, we will discuss the color neon pink, its symbolism and psychological effects as well as similar shades and their color codes.

What Color is Neon Pink?

Neon pink is a vibrant, eye-catching, purplish-pink color. Its electrifying appearance is associated with playfulness, excitement and energy. This color was first developed in the 1930s with the advent of luminescent paint.

Neon pink is not the same as hot pink. Even though they are both bright pinks, they are not the same. Neon pink is brighter and more electrical when compared to hot pink, which needs more blue and purple to come alive.

neon pink background

Neon Pink Color Codes

Code Value HTML/CSS
Hex FF10F0 #FF10F0
RGB 255, 16, 240 rgb(255, 16, 240)
HSL 304°, 100%, 53% hsl(304, 100%, 53%)
HSV 304°, 94%, 100%
CMYK 0, 94, 6, 0

The neon pink hex code is #FF10F0. Its values in the RGB space are 255, 16, 240. It’s a bright and vibrant pink with a touch of purple. It’s so-called due to its intense and eye-catching appearance.

In HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) terms, it has a hue of 304 degrees, a saturation of 100%, and a lightness of 53%. In HSV (Hue, Saturation, Value) terms, it has a hue of 304 degrees, a saturation of 94%, and a value of 100%.

This color is known for its vivid and bold presence, making it a popular choice for attention-grabbing designs.

The History of Neon Pink

Neon lights were invented by a French physicist named Georges Claude in 1910. Claude’s invention was a result of his experimentation with electrified gases, particularly neon gas. He invented the first neon lamp, which consisted of a sealed glass tube containing neon gas and electrodes at both ends.

When an electrical current was passed through the gas, it emitted a vibrant and colorful glow, giving rise to the neon lights.

Claude’s invention revolutionized the world of lighting and advertising, and neon lights have remained popular for their unique and eye-catching illumination.

Two decades later, the first luminescent paint made its debut.

Bob Switzer and his brother Joseph Switzer created the first luminescent paint. They developed this paint in the 1930s.

After Bob Switzer’s severe accident, which left him on bed rest in a dark room for several months, the brothers began experimenting with fluorescent compounds they found using blacklights from their father’s pharmaceutical job.

They carried on their experiments, finally combining these fluorescent compounds with wood varnish to create the first black light fluorescent, or neon, paints.

This marked the beginning of luminescent paint, which later found applications in various fields, including art and signage.

Because of their intense and often unnatural appearance, fluorescent colors have not always been traditionally associated with good taste. However, they’re often linked to fun, excess, and frivolity.

The terms “neon” and “fluorescent” are often used interchangeably when describing bright, vibrant colors, but there is a huge difference.

Neon colors are created using noble gases, with neon gas being one of the earliest gases used.

Fluorescent lights, on the other hand, use mercury vapor and phosphor coatings. When electricity goes through mercury vapor, it emits ultraviolet (UV) light, which stimulates the phosphor coating to produce visible light.

Neon Pink Color Meaning

Neon pink is associated with playfulness, excitement, and energy. Moreover, it symbolizes fun, joy, youthfulness, confidence and sociability. Like any pink, it also evokes feelings of romance, love, innocence, kindness, and generosity.

However, its electrifying and vivid appearance stands out easily and can create a sense of urgency.

On the other side, this vibrant hue can be perceived as overly-emotional and immature.

The symbolism of Neon Pink

Joy and Playfulness

Neon pink is associated with joy and playfulness due to its vibrant and energetic nature. Its intense and vivid appearance naturally evokes feelings of excitement and cheerfulness, embodying the spirit of youthful energy and enthusiasm.

As a color that grabs attention and uplifts moods, it has developed positive associations with optimism and happiness.

Boldness and Confidence

Neon pink exudes confidence and boldness. It’s a color that refuses to go unnoticed, symbolizing the courage to stand out from the crowd.

Its boldness and ability to uplift moods make it a color choice for those seeking a cheerful and playful atmosphere. Fashionistas often incorporate neon pink into their wardrobes to make a bold statement.


This vibrant shade is also strongly associated with youthfulness and energy. It embodies the spirit of adventure and enthusiasm, making it a popular choice in youth-oriented marketing and design.

Romance and Love

Even though this is a bold and vibrant color associated with energy and playfulness, it can still be associated with romance.

While it may not represent romance’s traditional, soft, and delicate aspects, neon pink combines the compassion and kindness of pink with the self-respect and contentment of magenta. Thus, it symbolizes universal love.

Psychological Effects of Neon Pink


Bright and electrifying, this is a color that can boost energy levels. It has a stimulating effect on the senses but lacks the aggressiveness of red. The color can also create a sense of urgency.


Neon pink demands attention. It is often used in signage and advertising to ensure the message is noticed and remembered. The human eye is naturally drawn to such bright, high-contrast colors.

Mood Uplifter

This vibrant hue can uplift moods and bring positivity. It has a way of dispelling gloom and adding excitement and optimism to your mood. After all, any pink is youthful and fun.

Shades of Neon Pink

Neon pink is a vibrant, electrifying, purplish pink. In the CMYK space, this color is created by mixing magenta with a splash of yellow. Also described as an intense pink with a purplish undertone, this hue resembles shocking pink and hot magenta.

Neon Pink
Hex #FF10F0
RGB 255, 16, 240
CMYK 0, 94, 6, 0

Fashion Fuchsia

Fashion Fuchsia is a vivid purplish-pink color inspired by the bright fuchsia color. It can also be described as a pinkish-red hue and makes part of the magenta color family. This is a popular choice in the fashion industry for its ability to make a bold statement.

Fashion Fuchsia
Hex #F400A1
RGB 244, 0, 161
CMYK 0, 100, 34, 4

Shocking Pink

Shocking Pink is an intense, bright, and electrifying pink-magenta color, often described as a hot pink with a bold and vivid quality. Whether similar to the neon version, it has more yellow in its composition.

Shocking Pink
Hex #FC0FC0
RGB 252, 15, 192
CMYK 0, 94, 24, 1

Hot Magenta

Hot Magenta is an intense shade of magenta that combines bright pink with a deep purplish-red undertone. Despite its similarity to neon and shocking pink, this color distinguishes itself by having a maximum concentration of magenta in its CMYK.

Hot Magenta
Hex #FF00CC
RGB 255, 0, 204
CMYK 0, 100, 20, 0


Although not as intense as the neon version, this deep pink is trendy in the fashion industry, heavily promoted by the Barbie series.

Barbie Pink
Hex #E0218A
RGB 224, 33, 138
CMYK 0, 85, 38, 12


Rose is a deep pinkish-red color created in the CMYK space by mixing two parts magenta and one part yellow. It’s often described as “hot pink” or “shocking pink” and is known for its intense and eye-catching look.

Hex #FF007F
RGB 255, 0, 127
CMYK 0, 100, 50, 0

Other Neon Pink

This is another vibrant and vivid shade of pinkish-red. It is a deep pink with a strong reddish undertone.

Other Neon Pink Color
Hex #FE347E
RGB 254, 52, 126
CMYK 0, 80, 50, 1

Hot Pink

Hot pink is a youthful pink shade with electric tones. Packed with energy, this hue is often associated with feminity, romance, and sweetness. However, it’s less vibrant than neon pink.

Hot Pink
Hex #FF69B4
RGB 255, 105, 180
CMYK 0, 59, 29, 0

Deep Pink

Deep pink is a bold and vibrant pink characterized by its rich and saturated appearance. This captivating color evokes feelings of energy, passion, and excitement.

Deep Pink
Hex #FF028D
RGB 255,2,141
CMYK 0, 99, 45, 0

Pink Glo

Pink Glo is a vibrant and attention-grabbing color with a hint of magenta and a neon-like quality. This color is part of the Pantone colors. Its color code is 17-2435 TN.

Pink Glo
Hex #FA008A
RGB 250, 0, 138
CMYK 0, 100, 45, 2

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Colors That Go With Neon Pink


This intense and electrifying pinkish hue pairs well with cool, calming shades of greenish-blue. Teal is one of them.

teal and neon pink color palette

Hex codes: Beige (#EBEBD3), Neon Pink (#FF10F0), Teal (#00798C)

Lime Green

This bright pink contrasts beautifully with the lively lime green, which provides a sense of freshness and a touch of nature.

Hex codes: Lavender Blush (#F7EBEC), Fashion Fuchsia (#F400A1), Lime Green (#A9FDAC)

Royal Blue

The deep, rich tones of royal blue provide a complementary backdrop to the vibrant and energetic pink. This pairing is often used in fashion and design. However, you can use any deep blue. Generally, neon pinks pair well with deep blues.

See more colors that go with royal blue.

royal blue is one of the colors that go with neon pink

Hex codes: Royal blue (#222A68), Neon pink (#FF10F0), Dusty pink (#FFC4D1)


This combination evokes feelings of happiness, joy and playfulness. Moreover, the warm and soft yellow tone creates a lovely contrast, creating a bold color palette.

yellow and neon pink color palette

Hex codes: Maize (#F7Ef81), Fashion Fuchisa (#F400A1), Peach (#FFB4A2)

Last Words on Neon Pink

Neon pink is far more than just a color; it’s a statement. It symbolizes passion, boldness, and youthful energy. Its psychological effects can be both stimulating and mood-enhancing. In contemporary culture, neon pink continues to make waves in fashion, art, and challenging traditional gender roles.

Get ready to embrace the electrifying world of neon pink and let it infuse your life with its vibrant energy.

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