What Are Angel Colors and What Do They Signify?

Have you ever wondered what angel colors are and what they signify? Angel colors are a vibrational method of connecting with your angel or the higher forces you believe in. 

It makes no difference what beliefs you hold. There will always be something that resonates with your soul.

Many people believe in angels, but they manifest this belief in different ways. Some people go to church, while others pray or meditate. 

Let’s go back to angels. Angels are said to have a higher vibrational frequency than us. 

Also, these divine spirits serve as a link between us and God. Therefore, you can find guidance along your journey.

If you believe in the presence of angels, understanding colors can help you strengthen your connection with them. In addition, these angel colors can also help you focus on the angel you need in your life.

What do the Angel Colors Represent?

The palette of angel colors typically includes seven hues, each carrying a dual significance. These colors not only symbolize a particular archangel, but they also convey emotions, traits, or qualities.

This color system is based on seven different rays of light. Therefore, they can be associated with the rainbow colors.

The angel colors include green, yellow, red, purple, pink, and blue. These are closely related to color meanings.

Let’s find out which angel each is connected to and what they represent.

Angel Color Green

Green, the color of nature, represents healing and prosperity. It could be a sign of growth, abundance, or a reminder to cultivate more balance and harmony in your life.

Also, seeing green can indicate it’s time to focus more on yourself. More specifically, it may suggest that you need to heal your soul and body before worrying about others.

The angel color green stands for the Archangel Raphael – the angel of healing.

Angel Color Yellow

Yellow – the sunshine’s color, signifies hope, joy, and inspiration.

Yellow is the color of joy, positive feelings, hope, and happiness. It can represent healing, optimism, and joy. Furthermore, this color can help you always to see the bright side.

So if you notice yellow, angels might encourage you to stay hopeful.

Furthermore, seeing a yellow angel might suggest they’re lending a hand in your decision-making process, as this color stands for the wisdom needed in making choices.

The angel color yellow represents the Archangel Jophiel – the angel of beautiful thoughts.

Angel Color Red

The color red symbolizes passion, courage, strength, and motivation. 

Red can also stand for the need for self-sufficiency, referring to developing your inner strength.

Thus, angels guide you to be confident in your strength.

Red can also symbolize wise service, angels giving you their wisdom.

When this color appears, it could be a sign that you must be brave and act in a particular situation. So stay motivated and follow your passion.

The angel color red represents the Archangel Uriel – the angel of wisdom.

Angel Color Purple

Purple is the color of intuition, spirituality, and higher consciousness. 

It can be considered the color of transformation, as it can help you grow spiritually. So, purple, indigo, or violet variations can symbolize transformative energy.

If this color shows frequently in your life, it may be a sign that you should trust your intuition and embrace your spiritual journey.

So when you see an angel in purple, it may mean it wants to offer you a beneficial transformation or mercy.

The angel color red represents the Archangel Zadkiel – the angel of mercy. This angel embodies intuition, spirituality, and higher consciousness.

Angel Color Pink

Pink is a nurturing color associated with love, peace, kindness, and compassion. 

Thus, it can be perceived as your angel’s love for you. Furthermore, maybe it’s time to show more compassion to your loved ones.

When you see this color, it might remind you to practice self-love or express more compassion towards others.

The angel color pink represents the Archangel Chamuel – the angel of peaceful relationships.

Angel Color Blue

Blue, the color of freedom, represents protection, communication, and truth. Moreover, it’s the color of trust and loyalty. 

Blue, the angel Michael’s color, can also be perceived as protection, faith, and inner strength.

When angels send you blue hues, they might encourage you to speak your truth or offer protection to your loved ones.

The angel color blue is linked with Archangel Michael, a protector, communicator, and the leader of all the holy angels.

Angel Color White

White is associated with purity, harmony, innocence, and enlightenment. Moreover, it’s the color that balances, purifies, and refreshes.

The color white is associated with Archangel Gabriel – the angel of revelation. Known as the messenger angel, Gabriel often brings messages of inspiration, hope, and clarity.

Seeing this color may be a sign of spiritual growth or indicate that Archangel Gabriel is offering guidance and support in your life.

Meaning of Angel Colors
Meaning of Angel Colors

How to Use the Angel Colors?

People generally use the colors of angels to communicate or call the angel they need. But angel colors can be used in different ways to connect with your angel. 

Meditation and Visualization

Meditation or visualization is one of the best ways to connect with angel colors. Thus, visualizing the color of your angel can help you connect with it. 

By focusing on a certain color during meditation, you can access the energy of that hue as well as the angelic assistance associated with it.


A common practice to connect with your angel is by burning candles the same color as the angel you need.

If you don’t like to meditate, write down your wish or questions on a piece of paper and leave it next to the burning candle. 

However, keep the paper away from the flame so it does not burn.


what are the seven chakras?
The primary seven chakras

Another way to connect with your angel is through the use of chakras, which are energy centers located in certain areas of your body.

There are seven energy centers, or chakras, each connected with a different color. Learn more about the chakra colors.

Furthermore, chakras are energy channels that run through your entire body. Your health is said to flow through these chakras. 

The whole system can be affected when one or more chakras are blocked. That is why keeping your chakras open is so important. 

If you’re wondering why it can get blocked, there are many causes, and one could be an unhealthy lifestyle.

Reasons for blocking one or more chakras can include excessive stress, negative thinking, lack of sleep, an unbalanced diet, or lack of exercise.

People often use meditation, yoga, singing, or dancing exercises to open a chakra. 

Once you have your chakras open, your chances of connecting with your angel increase.

Healing Crystals

Healing crystals - one of the best ways to connect with angel colors
Healing crystals are one of the best ways to connect with angel colors

Crystals are said to hold vibrational energy. As such, they have been used for meditation, prayer, or healing since ancient times.

Even today, people use crystals to help them connect with their angels. 

However, color is essential when choosing a healing crystal. Once you have chosen your healing crystal, you can wear it daily to strengthen your relationship and connection with your angel.

Days of the Week

Each day of the week corresponds to a distinct angel color.

The colors associated with the weekdays are:

  • Sunday: Blue – Archangel Michael
  • Monday: Yellow – Jophiel
  • Tuesday: Pink – Chamuel
  • Wednesday: White – Gabriel
  • Thursday: Green – Rafael
  • Friday: Red – Uriel
  • Saturday: Purple – Zadkiel

Thus, you can focus your prayers on the day associated with the angel you need most.

Angel Color Readings

Another way to connect with angel colors is through readings. These are usually done by a psychic or spiritual advisor who is attuned to the energies of angels and can interpret their messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are angel colors?

Angel colors represent a way to connect and communicate with your angels. There are seven colors, each of which carries specific vibrations and unique meanings.

How do I connect with angel colors?

You can connect with the angel you need by the color associated with it. There are many ways to connect with angel colors, including visualization, candle burning, chakras, or days of the week.

Is there a specific angel associated with each color?

Yes, blue is associated with the archangel Michael, yellow with Jophiel, pink with Chamuel, white with Gabriel, green with Raphael, red with Uriel, and purple with Zadkiel.

Last Words on Angel Colors

Angel colors are a beautiful and profound method of angelic communication.

Although the colors of angels may seem a little strange to you, especially if you are not a spiritual person, if you have arrived here, it means you have been drawn to it. Thus, it may already be a sign that your angel wants to connect to your soul.

But remember that these colors are just a vibrational way of connecting to higher forces. 

Even if it doesn’t mean that Archangel Uriel is red, the vibrational energy associated with that color may be the best way to call them into your life to guide you when you need it.

Understanding the meaning behind these colors allows you to tune into the guidance, support, and love angels offer.

So, if you see a color too frequently or one with which you have a strong connection, it could be the associated angel trying to communicate with you.

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