13 Colors That Go with Lavender (Plus Color Palettes)

Looking for colors that go with lavender? In today’s article, we have compiled a list of colors that go with lavender, including color palettes.

Lavender is a soft, pastel shade of purple, so it pairs well with other pastel hues or colors from the same color family.

There are an infinite number of colors that match lavender because it comes in so many different variations.

Thus, depending on the shade of lavender, it can pair with pastel or vibrant colors.

Let’s explore what colors go with lavender.

Color Theory

Color theory can help you figure out what colors go with lavender. This tells us how colors interact with each other to create harmonious palettes.

But at the basis of this theory sits the color wheel, invented by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666. He placed the colors of the visible spectrum on a circle.

Today, based on the color wheel, there are seven color scheme types: complementary, split complementary, monochromatic, analogous, triadic, tetradic, and square.

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are positioned at opposite sides of the color wheel, forming contrasting pairs.

The complementary color of lavender is yellow-green. Depending on the shade of lavender, it can come close to beige.

For example, lavender with hex code #E6E6FA has a complementary beige color (#FAFAE6).

Lavender #E6E6FA

Beige #FAFAE6

When lavender is paired with its complementary color, it creates a vibrant and eye-catching combination.

Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic color schemes focus on variations of a single color. Pairing different shades and tints of lavender together creates an elegant and sophisticated look. You can choose, for example, periwinkle (#BBBBF1).

Lavender #E6E6FA

Periwinkle #BBBBF1

Analogous Colors

Pastel pink and blue go with lavender

Analogous colors are located in close proximity to each other on the color wheel, creating eye-pleasing and harmonious combinations.

Pairing lavender with analogous colors such as light purple and very pale blue creates a harmonious color palette.

Triadic Colors

Lavender color palette using a triadic scheme

Triadic color schemes involve selecting three colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel. 

For example, when using a triadic approach with lavender, you can pair it with pale pink and green.

In a triadic color palette, lavender pairs well with pale purple (#F0E6FA) and Alice blue (#E6F0FA).

Lavender #E6E6FA

Pale purple #F0E6FA

Alice blue #E6F0FA

Split Complementary Colors

Split complementary colors take the concept of complementary colors and introduce additional shades. 

In order to create a split complementary palette with lavender, you can pair it with shades of green and yellow.

So lavender goes well with pastel shades of green mint, such as Honeydew (#F0FAE6) and pale peach (#FAF0E6).

Lavender #E6E6FA

Honeydew #F0FAE6

Pale peach #FAF0E6

Tetradic Colors

Tetradic color schemes involve using four colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel. 

When working with lavender, you can create a tetradic color combination by pairing it with beige (#FAFAE6), pale green mint (#E6FAE6), and pale purple (#FAE6FA).

Lavender #E6E6FA

Beige #FAFAE6

Green mint #E6FAE6

Pale purple #FAE6FA

What Colors Go with Lavender?

Here’s a list of colors that go with lavender, as well as examples of color palettes.

Lavender and Tea Green

Lavender and green

When using lavender, eggplant, and tea green together, you get a balance of softness, depth, and freshness in your home decor.

You can paint the walls lavender to create a serene and calming atmosphere as a backdrop for your space. Lavender walls can provide a soothing effect and set a peaceful tone. 

Use eggplant-colored accent pieces, such as throw pillows, curtains, or a statement armchair, to add depth and richness.

Consider incorporating furniture pieces in tea green to bring a touch of freshness and lightness to the space. For example, a tea green sofa or chairs can provide a refreshing contrast to the lavender and eggplant colors.

Opt for neutral or light-colored flooring, such as hardwood or light beige carpet, to allow these lovely colors to stand out.

Hex codes: periwinkle #dcd0ffff, eggplant: #6c464fff, tea green: #c7f0bdff; 

Lavender and Coral

Coral goes well with lavender

This lavender color palette provides elegance, sophistication, and vibrancy. 

You can paint the walls lavender and use furniture in dim gray for a pop of elegance. 

If you can’t find furniture in dim gray, use curtains.

In addition, try to incorporate light coral accents through throw pillows or rugs.

Hex codes: lavender #ccc9e7ff, gray #69626dff, light-coral #ee7674ff

Lavender and Teal

Lavender and teal

This is a beautiful and harmonious color palette that combines the soothing qualities of lavender with a pop of vibrancy.

Lavender creates a calming and serene atmosphere, while English violet adds depth and richness. In addition, teal brings a refreshing and energetic touch. 

So you can use English purple as an accent, while the walls can be painted lavender. When it comes to furniture, make sure you introduce at least one piece in this lovely shade of teal.

Hex codes: lavender blue #ccccffff, English violet #533a71ff, light teal #50c5b7ff

Lavender and Charcoal

Lavender and charcoal color palette

Lavender and charcoal? Yes, they look great, especially if you combine them with an intense blue-green shade, such as teal.

Consider using lavender web as the dominant color in your design scheme. 

Use this soft, soothing shade of lavender as a background color for walls.

Moreover, you can incorporate charcoal as a secondary color to add depth and contrast. 

Charcoal, with its deep grayish-blue tone, can be added through furniture or accent pieces.

Furthermore, teal brings some energy and can be used as an accent color. This intense blue-green shade provides a gorgeous pop of color that complements the softer tones of lavender web.

Hex codes: lavender web #ebebffff, charcoal #143642ff, teal #0f8b8dff

Lavender and Pink

Pink is one of the most calming colors match lavender

This lavender color palette has everything you expect: contrast, warmth, and tranquility. Moreover, it’s appealing to the eye.

The first color, known as old lavender, provides a sense of warmth and sophistication, while lavender web is soothing and relaxing. Finally, the pale pink is perceived as healing, peaceful, and soft.

You can use old lavender as the anchor color. So you can paint the walls in lavender web, opt for old lavender flooring, such as hardwood or laminate, and use soft pink as an accent color for decorative items.

Hex codes: old lavender #5d576bff, lavender-web #e3e9faff, mimi pink #ffd1dcff

Lavender and Cream

Cream goes with lavender color

Cream is a warmer version of white but also a darker version. Moreover, it gives richness to the whole design.

Together with gray, it forms a perfect neutral combo.

This shade of gray also brings elegance and neutrality to the color palette.

Also, lavender is an excellent color to bring out the cream undertones.

Hex: eggshell #faf3ddff, periwinkle #cdc5fcff, Payne’s gray #5e6472ff

Lavender and Blue

Off-white and Marian blue are some of the best colors that go with lavender

This color palette includes floral lavender, a bolder lavender that pairs amazingly with Marian blue and off-white.

The Marian blue and lavender floral both belong to the violet-purple color. However, they create a pleasing contrast and a sense of depth when paired together.

The seasalt color, a light off-white shade, is a neutral tone that balances the vibrant blue and floral lavender.

Neutral colors like off-white, gray, or smoke are the best lavender complementary colors.

Hex codes: Marian blue #3d3b8eff, lavender-floral #b57edcff, seasalt #f9f9f9ff

Lavender and Turquoise

Turquoise and lavender color combination

The languid lavender’s softness complements turquoise’s vibrancy, resulting in a balanced and eye-catching color palette.

Moreover, languid lavender shares similar cool undertones with turquoise and aquamarine.

Hex codes: turquoise #5dd9c1ff, thistle #d6caddff, aquamarine #acfcd9ff

Lavender and Bronze

bronze and lavender color palette

Lavender and bronze? Yes, this palette combines the gentleness of lavender with the earthiness and maturity of bronze. 

While lavender adds a subtle note to the richness of bronze, rose taupe can be used as a neutral base color on walls.

You can also replace this brownish-red with black (#000505), a more neutral taupe shade (#4B4237), or a dark purple (#420039).

Wondering how to use this lavender combination? Use lavender-colored curtains or drapes to create a calming ambiance. Then, incorporate rose taupe through pillows, throws, or rugs to add depth. 

Bronze can be introduced in decorative items like vases or candleholders to bring a luxurious and warm touch.

Hex codes: bronze #cd7f32ff, rose taupe #885053ff, thistle #c9b1bdff

Lavender and Yellow

lavender and yellow

Lavender helps to create a relaxing feel to your space, while dark blue adds depth and richness. When it comes to this mustard yellow, it’s like a splash of joyfulness.

You can paint a wall dark blue and the other ones in lavender. Also, use a sofa or armchairs in Naples yellow to create a cheerful and inviting atmosphere. 

Hex codes: space cadet #1f2041ff, lavender web #e6e6faff, Naples yellow #f0cf65ff

Lavender and Orange

lavender and orange

Digital lavender is gaining more and more popularity.

Digital lavender is a cool, pale lavender color with gray undertones. It exudes serenity and optimism and can work perfectly in your room, along with sage and light orange.

You can paint the walls in digital lavender for a gentle and peaceful effect and use light orange for ornamental things like rugs or drapes.

On the other hand, sage offers a natural elegance and can be used as an accent.

Choose lighting fixtures with metallic finishes, such as brushed nickel or bronze. They will give you a feeling of sophistication.

Hex codes: Light orange #fcd0a1ff, digital lavender #988eaeff, sage #b1b695ff

Lavender, Soft Pinks, and Light Blues

What colors go with lavender?

What do you think about this lavender color palette?

Lavender goes well with soft pinks and light blues. 

This color palette contains pastel colors with similar lightness and gentle tone. 

The combination of these colors creates a dreamy air.

Hex codes: thistle #cdb4dbff, fairy tale #ffc8ddff, carnation pink #ffafccff, uranian blue #bde0feff, light sky blue #a2d2ffff

Lavender, Thistle, and Gray

Pink and thistle are lovely colors that match lavender

This color palette combines muted tones of lavender, pink, and thistle – a pale shade of purple. Together with cool gray, this combination evokes elegance and tranquility.

Hex codes: cool gray #8e9aafff, thistle #cbc0d3ff, misty rose #efd3d7ff, pale purple #feeafaff, lavender web #dee2ffff

Last Words on Colors That Go with Lavender

Lavender is such a beautiful color that you can use it in almost everything from web and interior design to fashion.

Colors that go well with lavender include neutrals (white, gray, beige), greens, yellows, pinks, and other pastels.

If we go into detail, the colors that match lavender differ depending on the shade used. Grey-toned lavenders go well with beiges, golds, yellows, and warm browns. On the other hand, more vibrant shades match orange and lime green.

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What colors go with lavender?

Colors that go with lavender include neutrals like white, beige, and gray. Lavender also pairs well with greens, yellows, pinks, and other pastels.

What colors go with light lavender purple?

Light lavender purple goes well with lilac, soft pink, beige, and white.

Does blue go with lavender?

Blue goes with lavender, especially the paler shades. Lavender is a shade of purple created by mixing red and blue. Thus, both lavender and blue share common components.

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