31 Shades of Blue-Purple Colors with Names, Hex, RGB, & CMYK Codes

Blue-purple shades are special because they combine the serenity of blue with the mystery of purple. Moreover, they symbolize tranquility, healing, inspiration, imagination, nobility, and creativity. They can also represent ambition, wisdom, and grandeur.

Have you ever wondered what color purple and blue make when mixed? As you might guess, it’s blue-purple, a tertiary color on the RYB color space. This is also called violet on the color wheel.

Whether you call them purple-blue or blue-purple colors, these shades are mixtures of blue with a tinge of violet or purple.

The most popular blue-purple colors include indigo, violet, lavender, and periwinkle. However, there are many shades of blue-violet, such as Blue Nova, Burple, Gentian, Purple Navy, Smoky Violet, King’s Robe and Queen Blue.

Blue-Purple Color Shades

Because they combine the two colors in different proportions, they can be called shades of blue or purple colors. As their name suggests, blue-purple colors vary between violet and indigo, and fall somewhere between blue and purple on the color wheel.

Here are the most popular blue-purple shades along with their Hex, RGB and CMYK codes:


Burple is a deep bluish-purple color whose name was inspired by a play on words or a pun, as it’s a creative way of expressing this blend. However, the higher magenta percentage makes it lean more towards purple.

Blue Nova

Blue Nova is Benjamin Moore’s color of the year 2024. Blue Nova is a dusty bluish-purple that combines indigo’s wisdom with violet’s imagination. Inspired by the glow of newly formed stars in space, Blue Nova invites you to explore unexplored depths by combining indigo’s wisdom and violet’s imagination.

Furthermore, this cosmic hue stands for serenity, exploration, inspiration, and freedom. It is not as cold as other shades of blue due to the soft touch of red in its violet undertones.

Blue Odyssey

If Blue Nova looks too gray for you, this shade is a deeper purplish-blue. Blue Odyssey is a dusty indigo with a soft touch of violet that gives it a cosmic vibe.

Ocean Night

Ocean Night is a dusty blue with subtle violet undertones. It evokes depth and mystery. It’s a great choice for creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Maximum Blue Purple

Maximum Blue Purple
RGB 172, 172, 230
CMYK 25, 25, 0, 10

Maximum Blue Purple is a pale bluish-violet with high brightness (75% in the HSV color space).

Purple Navy

Have you ever considered what a navy and purple mix looks like? That’s how Purple Navy was created: a dark blue with a purple tinge.

Daring Indigo

Daring Indigo is a dark, purplish blue paint color created by PPG Paints. Its deep, vibrant hue falls between blue and violet on the visible spectrum.


Gentian is a blend of blue and purple with a hint of gray, creating a tranquil and calming effect. Its name was inspired by the gentian flowers.

Indigo Ink

Indigo Ink is one of the darkest shades of blue-purple. Created by Behr, Indigo Ink adds a touch of sophistication to interior spaces, evoking feelings of elegance and creativity.

Simply Burple

This color evokes a sense of mystery and creativity while maintaining a classic bluish vibe.

Champion Blue

This purple-blue shade carries an air of sophistication and style. Even if you call it a muted blue with a touch of gray, you can print this color using relatively equal percentages of cyan and magenta, and a lot of black.


This deep shade uses 100% cyan, 50% magenta, and 58% black in the CMYK color space. This explains why it leans more towards a dark blue.

Discord Blue Purple

This is a vibrant purplish blue named after the app of the same name, used to talk over voice and text.

Sorbet Ice Mauve

Sorbet Ice Mauve
Hex #A1A6D6
RGB 161, 166, 214
CMYK 24.8, 22.4, 0.0, 16.1

Sorbet Ice Mauve is a pale bluish-purple named after blueberry ice cream, which has a similar color. Its RAL color code is 290 70 25.

Queen Blue

Queen Blue is a muted bluish-purple with twice as much cyan as magenta in the CMYK medium.

Indigo Dye

Indigo Dye is a blue-violet color, named after the natural pigment that comes from the plants of the Indigofera genus.

Pantone 2139C

Pantone 2139 is similar to Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova but has more cyan and magenta in its composition. So, it is a bit more intense.


This dark shade is a more vibrant variation of Indigo Dye.

Indigo SW 6531

Indigo SW 6531 is a blue-purple paint created by Sherwin-Williams. It is a deep purple with strong blue undertones and looks very elegant and soothing in any room.

Easter Egg

Easter Egg
Hex #919BC9
RGB 145, 155, 201
CMYK 28, 23, 0, 21

This is a purplish blue created by Pantone. Its color code is 16-3925 TCX.

Smokey Violet

This is a purplish blue with a lot of gray.


Bellflower is a muted bluish purple color named after the bellflower plant, also known as Campanula, which produces charming, bell-shaped flowers.

Blue Bell

This is a medium, muted bluish-purple with the same amount of cyan and magenta in its CMYK composition.


This bluish-purple hue can also be described as dark blue-gray.

Periwinkle by Dunn-Edwards

Periwinkle (DE 5906)
Hex #97A3DA
RGB 151, 163, 218
CMYK 31, 25, 0, 15

This variation of Periwinkle created by Dunn-Edwards is a pale, violet-tinged blue.

Wild Pansy

Wild Pansy is a luscious blue-violet paint created by Behr that evokes feelings of joy and energy. It was named after the wild pansy plant, which produces violet flowers used for centuries in phototherapy.

Its color code is P540-6.

Violet Blue

As its name suggests, Violet Blue is a mixture of violet and blue. It combines the depth and coolness of blue with the vibrancy of purple.

Blue Calico

Blue Calico combines the coolness of blue with a hint of purple, creating a delightful and unique hue.

Moreover, this color carries the calm and cool qualities of blue and a touch of depth and mystery of purple.

King’s Robe

This regal shade of blue-purple evokes a sense of grandeur and opulence, reminiscent of the attire worn by royalty.

Rich Violet

Rich Violet is a deep shade that exudes richness and elegance, combining the depth of violet with a touch of regal sophistication. Its RAL color code is 290-40-30.

Egyptian Violet

Egyptian Violet is a deep bluish-purple that blends the serenity of blue and the energy of red. Moreover, this PPG paint has a strong plum undertone.

Dark Slate

This is a bluish-violet color associated with elegance and sophistication. It’s a color that encourages relaxation and contemplation.

Violet Blue

Violet Blue is actually a vibrant blend of blue and violet.

Blue Violet

This color is very similar to violet, and its name comes from the fact that violet is a mixture of blue and purple.

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