Aquarius Color Palette and Meanings (+ Colors to Avoid)

Learn about the Aquarius colors and how to use them to your advantage. Explore the Aquarius color palette to attract positive energies.

Each sign is associated with different elements, energies, planets, qualities, and gemstones. As a result, each symbol is also associated with one or more colors. So, what are the Aquarius lucky colors?

In today’s article, we’ll look at the Aquarius colors, the connection between the lucky colors and this zodiac sign, and their meaning. Aquarius is represented by the color blue, which has strong symbolism and multiple meanings.

We will also introduce you to the Aquarius color palette, which includes your lucky colors that you should wear to attract a state of harmony.

We will also talk about the colors Aquarius should avoid.

Do you have a strong preference for the color blue? Learn more about how your favorite color blue affects your emotions and behavior.

Aquarius colors
Aquarius colors

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius is the 11th sign, and those born between January 20 and February 18 fall under its influence.

Aquarius is known as the most eccentric sign. As a result, Aquarians are drawn to the new and unusual.

Aquarius, an air sign, is associated with intelligence, originality, and a strong humanitarian side. As a result, Aquarians are regarded as independent thinkers.

Although you are an air sign, many people believe you are a water sign (“Acva” means water). 

As an air sign, you are frequently unpredictable and out of the ordinary.

If you’re an Aquarius, you’re a nonconformist who doesn’t care about appearances or other people’s opinions. You prefer to be yourself, even if you are frequently judged by others.

You value freedom of expression as an Aquarius. You frequently see principles as constraints that limit your development.

Furthermore, you are not attached to rules and regulations and see them as limiting creativity.

You always have lofty ambitions and ideals but prefer to work at your own pace.

Despite being a water sign, Aquarius is represented by the water bearer. In mythology, this has a significant meaning. It has the ability to provide the earth with life and water.

Aquarius color blue symbol

According to astrology, this sign is represented by a man pouring water from a pitcher. This link dates back to ancient times when the rising of Aquarius coincided with a flood.

You love people and like to advocate for their rights as a symbol of humanity. So you enjoy doing good for humanity. You are more concerned with others than with yourself. You also easily fit in with groups that share your values, and you enjoy making new friends.

Uranus rules Aquarius, which is where your sense of independence stems from. 

The methane gas in Uranus’ atmosphere gives the planet a blue-green hue. This is where Aquarius’ lucky color, blue, comes from.

Because your sign governs the circulatory system, ankles, shins, and calves, these areas may be more sensitive. 

As a result, you need a magnesium-rich diet to keep your heart and nervous system healthy.

Aquarius Colors

The Aquarius lucky color is blue, which is ruled by Uranus, a planet with a gaseous atmosphere.

Blue, associated with the sea and the sky, represents freedom, intuition, imagination, and inspiration.

As a result, blue resonates with the Aquarian energies. It is a calming and relaxing color that promotes independence and freedom. Blue also conveys feelings of calm and peace.

Blue is the best Aquarius color for giving you the intuition, sensitivity, and freedom you require.

Aside from broadening your life perspective and intuitive capacity, the color blue facilitates communication.

Blue is one of the most relaxing Aquarius colors, and it is associated with trust, loyalty, and honesty.

Blue, as your lucky color, has the ability to calm, relax, and protect.

Blue is associated with the blue chakra. This chakra governs your ability to communicate effectively. Furthermore, it is related to our ability to properly channel creative energy.

Keep blue items near you to benefit from the positive energy of this color. Especially the light shades of blue. It doesn’t matter if it’s a scarf, a gemstone, or a home decor item.

Therefore, your Aquarius power color is blue. But what are the Aquarius lucky colors?

Aquarius color palette
Aquarius color palette

Aquarius’ lucky colors are light blue and purple.

Light blue is associated with serenity, calmness, and faithfulness. It is a soothing and peaceful color that is associated with trustworthiness and dependability. 

Most meanings of this color are related to blue. Furthermore, light blue enhances Aquarians’ sense of responsibility. As a result, it is one of the best Aquarius colors.

Purple represents royalty and imagination. There is no better color in the Aquarius color palette to enlighten, inspire, encourage, and uplift than purple, which is often associated with spirituality. 

Purple also resonates with Aquarius because it represents creativity and wisdom. This is one of Aquarius’ lucky colors. It is best to keep purple things nearby because it repels negative energies. 

Purple also aids this zodiac sign in understanding the true meaning of life.

The Aquarius color palette includes light blue, purple, turquoise, aquamarine blue, and white.

Aquarius’ power color is blue, and light blue is the spirit color. Aquarius’ lucky colors are light blue and purple, which are also known as the colors of success.

Turquoise is another color in the Aquarius color palette that combines the tranquillity of blue with the growth of green. It is a happy color that is associated with friendship and calmness.

One of the Aquarius favorite colors is aquamarine blue, which is associated with happiness and hope. 

Aquamarine blue symbolizes protection in color symbolism. It also provides Aquarius with clarity and harmony.

Another color in the Aquarius color palette is white, which is associated with harmony, intuition, peace, and trust. It also alleviates nervousness and anger. 

Furthermore, it aids in the restoration of confidence. 

Along with purple, it promotes mental clarity and spiritual enlightenment.

Finally, the Aquarius color palette includes blue (the power color), light blue and purple (the lucky colors), turquoise, aquamarine blue, and white.

But what are the colors that Aquarius should avoid? Let’s find out.

Aquarius color blue symbol

Colors to Stay Away From

Aquarius should avoid neutral, dark, or earthy colors such as brown, dark blue, and earthy green.

As an Aquarius, you should avoid dark blues because they have connotations of coldness, uncaring, and sadness, which can interfere with your positive energies. 

Furthermore, dark blue is conservative and resists change, which contrasts with the characteristics of Aquarius, the zodiac’s nonconformist.

Brown is a more conservative color than blue and can convey feelings of isolation, sadness, and even depression. 

Although the brown tones are associated with warmth, comfort, and stability, they can impact your creativity and eccentric nature.

Earthy greens are associated with envy and selfishness and can deplete your energy.

Dark shades of blue, neutral colors, and earthy hues like brown or earthy green are the Aquarius colors to avoid.

Aquarius lucky planet - Uranus
Aquarius lucky planet: Uranus

Other Zodiac Colors

Whether you want to learn about the lucky colors of other zodiac signs or you’re looking for a gift for your friends and don’t know what color to get, we’ve compiled a list of all zodiac colors below.

All you need to know is their zodiac sign to figure out which color suits them.

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