November Birthstone Color and Meaning

November borns, today you will learn everything about your November birthstone color, including how it relates to your personality and what the November birthstone color means to you.

Birthstones are a group of stones associated with each month of the year, representing your birth month. This concept comes from the book of Exodus (in the Bible), where 12 stones were on Aaron’s breastplate.

Wearing your birthstone helps channel positive energies, bringing you good luck and joy.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss the November birthstone’s symbolism and history. You will also learn the meaning of the November birthstone color.

November Birthstone

Those born in November are lucky to have two lovely birthstones: topaz and citrine. Topaz comes in a rainbow of colors, while citrine is prized for its gorgeous yellow shades. Both bring good luck, warmth, and tranquility to the wearer.

Topaz Birthstone

Yellow topaz is the traditional November birthstone and has been cherished for centuries for its gorgeous golden hue and durability. 

However, this gemstone comes in a rainbow of colors, including light blue, orange, purple, red, brown, or even colorless.

Topaz is a colorless silicate mineral composed of aluminum and fluorine. Other colors can be caused by trace element impurities or imperfections at the atomic level in its structure.

Depending on the color, topaz can have several nicknames. The most valuable topaz is the Imperial topaz, which has an orange-yellow color with pink undertones.

Topaz - the traditional birthstone for November
Topaz is the traditional November birthstone

This one is given for the 23rd wedding anniversary, while blue topaz is offered for the 4th wedding anniversary.

Topaz is a relatively hard gemstone, having a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale. In terms of hardness, it is softer than a ruby and harder than quartz. Moreover, topaz is as hard as emerald and spinel.

While some believe the term “topaz” is derived from the Greek word “topazos,” others believe its origin comes from the Sanskrit “tapas,” meaning “fire.”

For the Greeks, topaz symbolized strength, while Renaissance Europeans believed this gemstone had magical powers, being able to dispel anger.

In ancient Egypt, topaz had the power to protect the pharaohs from harm. It symbolized the golden light of the sun god Ra.

While Hindus felt it had protective properties and could protect homes from burning down, the ancient Egyptians believed it to be an incredibly powerful stone.

Imperial Topaz crystals
Imperial Topaz

In ancient Greece, it was said to improve eyesight while also having properties to increase strength. 

Moreover, like in Egypt, topaz was associated with Helios, the sun god. Even the Romans associated this birthstone with Jupiter, the god of the sun.

Interestingly, in medieval times, topaz was believed to have the power to ward off spells and detect poisons. 

In contemporary times, topaz is said to have the power to improve communication and creativity.

Some of the topaz’s symbolism has survived to this day. This November birthstone is believed to bring strength to the wearer, calm anger, and ward off spells.

Minas Gerais in Brazil is the most famous place for topaz mining, with a tradition of over two centuries. It is also prized for mining the highest quality topaz.

Citrine Birthstone

While yellow topaz is the modern November birthstone, citrine is the traditional one.

Citrine is a yellow-to-orange quartz with trace amounts of iron in its crystal structure, giving it its gorgeous color. Furthermore, it is the second most popular Quartz gem after Amethyst.

Citrine’s colors range from pale yellow to deep golden and reddish orange (Madeira citrine) to brownish red. This brownish-red is known as brown citrine. But it’s not brown.

The most valuable citrine is bright, saturated yellow with fiery orange flashes.

Citrine is a relatively soft gemstone with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. It has the same hardness as any other quartz, softer than topaz but harder than feldspar.

The name “citrin” comes from the French word “citron,” meaning lemon, which describes its gorgeous yellow color. 

Citrine November birthstone
Citrine is the modern November birthstone

Throughout history, citrine has been called the “merchant’s stone,” “money stone,” or even the “success stone.” Thus, it has a rich symbolism and is said to be a stone that exudes a cheerful, sunny energy that brightens the wearer’s life.

Citrine has long been associated with the sun’s power in most cultures. As a result, this birthstone is associated with happiness and positivity.

Since ancient times, citrine has been considered a stone with healing powers. Roman priests wore citrine rings to protect them from evil thoughts.

In the Renaissance period, citrine was said to attract prosperity and success. For this reason, merchants kept it in their cash registers. That’s why it was called “merchant’s stone.”

In the Middle Ages, the symbolism of this October birthstone expanded. It was believed to improve health, enhance creativity, and strengthen the intellect. Furthermore, this birthstone has also been used in promoting digestion and supporting the immune system.

Citrine has rich symbolism and, for a good reason, is associated with cheerfulness, joy, and optimism. It has something to do with the powers of the Sun. Moreover, November-borns can enhance their creativity and strengthen their intellect by wearing this gem.

Those born in November can enjoy the energizing effect of citrine, which promotes vitality, happiness, joy, and good health.

Citrine gemstones
Citrine gemstones

November Personality

November born people are pleasant, loyal, emotional, and creative. Unfortunately, they have difficulty controlling their emotions and are frequently impatient. As a result, as sweet as they are, they can easily become enraged.

Once you challenge them, they can become dangerous. However, their transparent and non-partisan nature makes them avoid such conflicts to a certain point.

Citrine is the perfect birthstone for those born in November. It brings them joy and cheerfulness. Moreover, it strengthens their intellect to manage their emotions better.

November-borns are very loyal and expect the same from those around them. They are reliable friends you can rely on, and betrayal upsets them the most.

Moreover, they are hardworking individuals. They advocate for long-term success rather than short-term success.

Due to their outstanding creativity, they think outside the box and are often appreciated for their brilliant minds. In this respect, citrine can be an excellent stone that can further enhance their creativity.

Because they are transparent, loyal, and open to others, those born in November easily make friends. And if you have friends born this month, keep them close.

Those born before November 21st are Scorpios. They are charming, discreet, passionate, and devoted. They have strong intuition and bold personalities. Those born after November 22nd are Sagittarius, and they are optimistic, freedom lovers, hilarious, fair-minded, and honest.

November Birthstone Color Meaning

Because there are two birthstones (topaz and citrine) that share gorgeous yellow-orange hues, the November birthstone color is not one but two: yellow and orange.

November birthstone color
Orange is the modern November birthstone color

Citrine is a yellow to brownish-orange quartz. However, the most prized is a saturated golden yellow. More of an orange shade. That’s why orange is one of the birthstone colors for November.

Orange combines red’s energy with yellow’s happiness. 

It’s a color that radiates energy, optimism, and positivity. This is why citrine was associated with the power of the sun.

Furthermore, it is frequently associated with enthusiasm, creativity, and determination.

It also instills emotion and youthfulness and has encouraging, stimulating, and uplifting effects.

On the other hand, the yellow of topaz and citrine symbolize happiness, intellect, and creativity. Moreover, this birthstone color inspires and amuses at the same time. 

Both yellow and orange exude warmth and positive feelings.

traditional November birthstone color

Boosting Your November Birthstone Color Energies

If you are born in November, you are a lucky person because the November birthstone colors evoke optimism and energy. Furthermore, they are associated with excitement, youth, enthusiasm, warmth, and creativity.

Yellow also inspires creativity by being closely linked to positive thoughts and intellect. At the same time, gold enlightens and symbolizes success, prosperity, and wealth.

Wearing topaz as your birthstone can help you increase your optimism and compassion. It also attracts success and prosperity. 

Furthermore, it is associated with the solar plexus chakra, and you can experience better self-confidence when this is balanced.

Citrine, on the other hand, can help you strengthen your intellect and enhance your creativity. It is associated with the sacral chakra, responsible for sensuality and creativity. 

It also helps keep negative energies at bay. Its color is stimulating and uplifting, giving you a positive vibe.

So whether you choose the gorgeous citrine or the lovely topaz, you can benefit from the positive energies of your two November birthstones.

Other Birthstone Colors

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