Favorite Color Purple: What Does It Say About Your Character

Is your favorite color purple? Then you might have a purple personality. 

Colors have the ability to influence your emotions and behavior, and they reveal a lot about your personality.

Purple is your favorite color because it symbolizes spirituality, imagination, mystery, and creativity. Purple can also be uplifting, inspiring, and enlightening.

In today’s article, we’ll look at the purple color personality and its character traits.

Many of the purple personality traits are likely to be familiar to you. It is said that when you are out of power, you can borrow less positive qualities.

Favorite Color Purple: What Does it Say About Your Personality?

Favorite color purple personality
Favorite color purple

If purple is your favorite color, it’s said you are creative, inspiring, emotional, deeply intuitive individual who is interested in spiritual growth. In addition, your visionary nature and bright mind make you one-of-a-kind, compassionate, sensitive, and supportive.

What Does it Mean if Your Favorite Color is Purple?

Spiritual Seeker

Purple as a favorite color indicates that you are a deeply intuitive soul interested in spiritual development. You are constantly searching for the meaning of life and adore exploring your spiritual core. You are always looking for spiritual fulfillment and deeper meanings. You also have a tendency for self-discovery.

Spirituality, according to purple lovers, is the wheel of spiritual development. They also associate spirituality with having a personal relationship with God or having a channel of communication with the Higher Self.

As a result, as a purple color personality, you are visionary and artistic.


Purple as a favorite color, says you are an excellent visionary. You can predict the future or the outcome of any situation. This is because you process life through your inner vision, also known as the third eye. 

You have an exceptional ability to visualize the outcomes of your project before you begin working on it. 

Unlike other color personalities who process things through analytic thinking, you tend to see the big picture. So, if you’re a purple person, trust your intuition. You are an inspiration to your friends.

You are a visionary by nature and have lofty goals and aspirations. You are most fulfilled when you work for yourself or as a freelancer. 

You are an individualist, which may make it difficult for you to collaborate with others. But, occasionally, you transform your individuality into an outstanding quality. 

You are very unique and despise it when others imitate you. Thinking is actual labor, and ideas are your intellectual property.


A purple color personality indicates that you are a brilliant and creative soul. You are a critical thinker with an exceptional ability to evaluate and generate innovative ideas. 

Your intuition can also help you in your career. You know where the jobs are and where to look for new opportunities to make money.

You always understand what doesn’t work in your tasks and find new solutions, whether looking for new products or finding better solutions to old problems.

You have a strong inner sense that you are here to make the world a more beautiful place or to accomplish something significant.

purple chives field


Your purple color personality gives you a great deal of compassion and emotional depth. 

You are a free spirit, full of compassion and understanding for those around you. You are also a charismatic individual with magnetic energy.

You are a sensitive soul with deep feelings. Moreover, you are emotionally invested in your relationships. You are accepting and compassionate toward others. 

Emotionally speaking, you are highly intuitive and possess heightened sensitivity.

If your favorite color is purple, your feelings are intense. As a result, any remark or comment can be hurtful. Although others may regard you as strong and self-sufficient, the truth may differ. 

Because you are sensitive, you tend to put up walls to protect yourself emotionally. As a result, you may appear shy at times, but this is only an appearance.


If purple is your favorite color, you have an introverted individual. You require solitude to focus, and you are reflective and self-aware. Furthermore, decision-making takes time. You get tired of being in a crowd. As a result, you prefer to be alone and prefer to write rather than talk.


Purple lovers are said to be free spirits who are sensitive, supportive, and compassionate. You are an altruist because you usually put others before yourself. You tend to help others more than yourself. You enjoy giving without expecting anything in return.

Like any other favorite color, the purple personality has some negative traits. If purple is your favorite color, you struggle to face life’s challenges and frequently avoid responsibility.

When out of power, you can become impulsive and unpredictable. You can be arrogant and selfish as well.

Favorite Color Purple Personality Infographic

Is your favorite color purple? Then check out this infographic, which sums up your personality color purple.

Favorite color purple personality
Purple personality

If Your Favourite Color is Purple

As a person with a purple personality or whose favorite color is purple, you are:

  • Autonomous by nature
  • Dynamic and charismatic
  • Extremely intuitive
  • A unique soul that is creative and visionary
  • Critical thinker
  • A spiritual seeker who is always seeking deeper meanings
  • Emotionally charged with heightened sensitivity
  • You are highly emotional and brimming with passion
  • Compassionate and committed
  • Capable and self-assured

What Does Your Purple Personality Say About Your Career and Money?

As a purple lover, you enjoy spending time in the realm of theory. In addition, you thrive in occupations that require creativity and provide independence and time alone. 

You could be a great artist or writer because you are at ease with spending hours alone with your creativity. 

If purple is your favorite color, your personality traits could help you become a good inventor, designer, and innovator.

Furthermore, you excel at positions requiring you to project outcomes based on limited input, such as economic forecasting or advertising.

When it comes to financial choices, you, as a purple personality, know how to make money quickly.

As a purple personality, you tend to be lazy, preferring to do less work for higher pay. But, on the other hand, you are naturally intuitive and know where to look for opportunities.

Because you enjoy traveling, you need a way of life that allows you to do so. Otherwise, you will become frustrated and unsatisfied. You have an intense desire to travel the world and expand your horizons.

If You Don’t Like Purple

  • You are pragmatic; life is more physical and tangible to you than spiritual.
  • You enjoy living in a community.
  • You are a traditionalist.
  • You don’t let your emotions influence your life.
  • You dislike being cold and distant from those around you.

Facts About Purple

Here are some fascinating facts about the color purple. They might help you understand why purple is your favorite color.

  • Purple is linked to royalty and mystery. This association dates back to ancient times when this pigment was costly and difficult to obtain. Only kings and nobles could thus afford this color.
  • Purple is a secondary color.
  • The human eye has the most difficulty distinguishing purple.
  • Purple is made by combining blue and red.
  • Purple represents bravery in the United States military. Injured soldiers are awarded purple hearts for their bravery.
  • Purple is the color of wealth in Japan.
  • Some fruits and vegetables are purple because they contain anthocyanins. They are antioxidants that protect and repair cells. As a result, they are one of the healthiest purple things.

If your favorite color is purple, you should appreciate the purple personality traits. You are creative, intuitive, sensitive, spiritual, and visionary.

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Favorite color purple

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