What are the Emoji Heart Color Meanings?

Understanding the emoji heart color meanings allows us to decode the subtle nuances behind these lovely emoticons. So, what do the different color hearts mean?

Emojis have become an integral part of our communication in the digital age. For example, the colorful hearts allows you to express various emotions, including love and affection.

Today, your emoji keyboard features hearts in different colors and shapes, unlike when there was just a red heart.

Communication through different colored hearts has become increasingly interesting in recent years.

However, did you know that the colors of the heart emoji convey different meanings? 

In today’s article, we will explore the emoji heart color meanings.

Why Emojis Look Different on Different Devices

Emojis look different on different devices because Unicode – an international encoding standard by which symbols are assigned values – has not regulated how emoji should look. 

Thus, large software and hardware manufacturers create their emoji as they see fit.

In the Unicode standard, colored heart emojis are symbolized by a hexadecimal number. For example, the U+1F49B Unicode number represents the yellow heart emoji.

Thanks to these codes, each major software producer codes their emoji differently for the same Unicode hexadecimal number.

So, this is where things get a bit weird. While Apple users see a heart emoji one way, Samsung or Google users may see the same emoji another way.

This is because emoji are not images or icons but character sets encoded in different Unicode character encoding formats such as UTF-8, UTF-16, or UTF-32. The difference is that each encodes a character into binary strings of one, two, three, or even four bits.

Regardless of design variations, the colors of the heart emojis have the same meanings.

What does the red heart emoji mean?

The color red is associated with love, passion, action, courage, heat, and confidence.

red heart emoji meaning

A red heart emoji is associated with unconditional love, intimate passion, and desire. This color has the most emotional associations and symbolizes romantic love, gratitude, intense passion, or flirtatiousness. 

In addition, this heart emoji connects to friendship and good feelings.

The red heart emoji is the perfect choice when you want to express your deepest emotions or declare your love for someone.

According to statistics, the red heart is the most used color for heart emojis in the USA. [1]

To use this colorful emoji correctly, ensure you only send it to those you love, like your partner and family. It is also a suitable emoji for those who mean a lot to you.

However, sending a red heart emoji to your co-workers, boss, or someone in a relationship is inappropriate.

While the red heart stands for love, the broken heart emoji represents disappointment and sadness. It’s a way of saying, ‘I’m crushed.’ 

When it comes to the red heart exclamation point, this is a unique way of conveying to your partner that you’re excited to see them. The anatomical red heart is appropriate to use if referring to the medical aspect.

What does the pink heart emoji mean?

Pink is associated with romance, innocence, compassion, love, lust, and kindness.

pink heart emoji meaning

The pink heart emoji is often associated with gentle love and affection. It represents a softer and more delicate form of love than the fiery passion the red heart emoji conveys.

You can use the pink heart emoji to express fondness, adoration, or a budding romance.

But the pink heart comes in several variations of emoji. As well as the classic one, there are two static pink hearts – a symbol of appreciation or kindness; or being flirty – or the orbiting pink hearts emoji, which is suitable for sending to your partner to show them you’re on the same page.

In case of a vibrant pink heart, this one sends out all kinds of good vibes.

What does the orange heart emoji mean?

The color orange is associated with enthusiasm, optimism, spontaneity, and warmth.

orange heart emoji meaning

The orange heart emoji means admiration, care, optimism, and friendship. It’s often used to symbolize close bonds, enthusiasm, and support. This color also represents youth, emotion, and spontaneity.

Also, an orange heart emoji encourages, stimulates, and uplifts.

This emoji is great for friends and acquaintances. So, when you send an orange heart emoji, you show the person appreciation as a friend. It is strictly related to the friend zone.

Furthermore, sending an orange emoji to a person flirting with you can be a polite way of conveying that you are not interested in a relationship with them.

On the other hand, this colored emoji – like the color itself – can be associated with superficiality and impatience.

What does the yellow heart emoji mean?

Yellow represents happiness, friendship, optimism, and creativity.

yellow heart meaning

The yellow heart emoji symbolizes happiness, joy, and warmth. This emoji also represents friendship and platonic feelings. It’s more about liking and friendship than romantic love.

Its color symbolizes optimism, creativity, and intellect. Moreover, it energizes, inspires, and amuses. That’s why when someone tells you you have a ‘heart of gold,’ they mean you are very kind.

Thus, this emoji in sunshine’s color is often shared among friends and signifies a strong bond. 

It is commonly used to express platonic love, close camaraderie, or convey warmth and positivity towards friends.

This way, you will show them their friendship brings you joy and happiness.

What does the green heart emoji mean?

Green is associated with freshness, renewal, new beginnings, growth, and abundance.

green heart emoji meaning

The green heart emoji means harmony, good luck, and new beginnings. It can represent a new and blossoming love or convey a sense of harmony and balance in a relationship. 

On the other hand, it can represent jealousy and envy.

Since this color is closely related to nature, the green emoji is used for anything environmental and ecological.

The green emoji can also stand for growth, renewal, and abundance. 

The connection of the green emoji with jealousy comes from the green’s connotation of envy, jealousy, and greed.  

So, sending your loved one a green heart may symbolize that you are a possessive and angry individual due to jealousy.

However, the emoji colors also depend on cultural background. In Ireland, this emoji is just the thing to show your admiration for the Irish holiday.

This emoji’s color is suitable for friends and acquaintances. On the other hand, this emoji is also ideal for environmentalists to show their love for nature. Or for vegetarians.

What does the blue heart emoji mean?

The color blue represents trust, loyalty, confidence, peace, and serenity.

blue heart meaning

The blue heart emoji represents trust, confidence, and support. Moreover, the blue heart also represents honesty, reliability, peace, and serenity.

Like the color itself, this emoji conveys a sense of trust, loyalty, and understanding.

As previously said, the blue heart emoji stands for peace. Not surprising that on Twitter, this emoji is the fifth most used emoji in the UK. [2]

If you want to show your empathy for loved ones going through a tough time, send them a blue heart emoji. After all, this emoji is about support and encouragement.

Moreover, this emoji can symbolize your love for whatever is blue in nature as it calms and relaxes you.

It can also be a delicate way to get someone into the friend zone.

What does the purple heart emoji mean?

Purple is associated with royalty, power, magic, luxury, extravagance, and grandeur.

purple heart emoji meaning

The purple heart emoji means admiration for glamour, luxury, and extravagance. 

In addition, this emoji’s color stands for grandeur, mystery, fantasy, wisdom, and creativity. It’s the color of royalty and magic.

Moreover, purple is spiritual, compassionate, and unique.

Since this color is associated with wealth, purple heart emojis are often used on social media to feature luxurious outfits or products.

There is no wonder that the purple heart is the second most popular heart emoji.

The purple heart can also be perceived as a horny emoji. However, this is more of a cultural association due to Ty Dolla Sign’s ‘Purple Emoji’ song.

What does the brown heart emoji mean?

Brown is associated with stability, reliability, dependability, honesty, and comfort.

brown heart emoji meaning

The brown heart emoji represents stability and reliability. Also, this emoji is dependable and comforting, just like the color.

Because it is an earthy color, it symbolizes resilience, comfort, security, and safety. Furthermore, it shows appreciation for simple things.

Because it’s associated with comfort and stability, this heart emoji is a good way to let your partner know you’re looking forward to seeing them.

Also, the brown heart emoji represents solidarity for movements such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ referring to the brown color of the skin.

On the other hand, it can be perceived as empty and stark, like desert sand.

Thus, the brown heart’s meaning is closely related to the connotations of this color, evoking feelings of earthiness, security, and comfort.

What does the black heart emoji mean?

Black is associated with elegance, sophistication, power, and prestige.

black heart emoji meaning

The black heart emoji symbolizes sorrow, morbidity, grief, or loss.

Moreover, the black heart emoji symbolizes a love for sad things or a morbid sense of humor. However, it can also symbolize irony or rebellion.

Thus, this is a more complex emoji that can have multiple interpretations. The black heart emoji often expresses a unique and unconventional form of love.

Furthermore, black heart emojis can also symbolize love for elegance and sophistication, especially in fashion. This color is associated with power, formality, and prestige.

Also, the black heart emoji is used to show admiration and support for Black Lives Matter and similar movements. [3]

The black emoji can also symbolize feelings of sadness or emo.

The association of this emoji heart color with sadness comes from the color’s connotations carrying pessimism and depression.

What does the white heart emoji mean?

The color white is associated with innocence, purity, hope, and goodness.

white heart meaning

The white heart emoji means purity, innocence, angels, and wedding stuff. In addition, the white heart means purest love, goodness, and clarity of thought.

It can also signify potential bridal and wedding things. The white heart also represents feelings of peace or grief over someone’s death.

For example, in some Eastern cultures, white is associated with sadness and death.

But the white heart emoji can also stand for the pleasure of eating white chocolate. Or for your love of the cold season and snow.

The truth is that this emoji was created out of the desire of those who prefer this color to complete the set of colored heart emoji.

Summary of Heart Color Meanings

  • Red Heart 💗: Unconditional love, intimate passion, and desire;
  • Orange Heart 🧡: Admiration, care, and close bonds;
  • Yellow Heart 💛: Friendship, happiness, and joy;
  • Green Heart 💚: Harmony, gratitude, and jealousy;
  • Blue Heart 💙: Trust, confidence, and peace;
  • Purple Heart 💜: Glamour, luxury, and extravagance;
  • Brown Heart 🤎: Stability, reliability, and dependability;
  • Black Heart 🖤: Sorrow, dark humor, and loss;
  • White Heart 🤍: Purity, innocence, and wedding things.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the heart symbolize in emoji language?

The heart symbolizes love and affection in emoji language. It is a universal symbol that transcends language barriers and allows us to express our emotions visually.

Can the meaning of heart colors change in different contexts?

Yes, the meaning of heart colors can vary depending on the context and the relationship between the sender and the recipient. It is important to consider the overall conversation and the individuals involved to interpret the intended meaning accurately.

Can I use multiple heart colors together in a message?

Absolutely! Using multiple heart colors in a message can add depth and nuance to your expression of love. Feel free to combine different heart emojis to convey a more specific meaning.

Why do emojis have different colors in the first place?

Emojis come in different colors to allow for a broader range of expression. Colors have symbolic associations, and by using different hues, emojis can convey various meanings.

What is the friendship heart color?

The friendship heart colour is yellow. This color is also associated with happiness, joy, intellect, and optimism.

What do the different color hearts mean?

In short, ❤️ = love and passion, 🧡 = admiration and care, 💛 = happiness and friendship, 💚 = envy and jealousy, 💙 = trust and peace, 💜 = glamour and extravagance, 🤎 = stability and reliability, 🖤 = sorrow and dark humor, and 🤍 = purity and wedding stuff.

Last Words on Emoji Heart Colors Meaning

Today, the colored heart emojis hold a special place as the universal symbol of love, affection or friendship.

By understanding the emoji heart colors meaning, you can add depth to your digital expressions of love. By using emoji hearts in different colors, you can convey different feelings.

Whether you choose the passionate red heart, the gentle pink heart, or the joyful yellow heart, let the language of emojis speak volumes and convey your emotions with a single symbol.

Did you enjoy this article about heart emoji meanings? Help us spread the word and share it with your friends who might be interested in these lovely emoticons.

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