Candle Color Meanings: How to Benefit from Candle Colors

Here are the candle color meanings and how to use the different candle colors for spell-casting!

Although once people were used to reading by the flickering light of the candle, today, candles have taken on a different meaning, being used both as decorative elements and to cast spells.

Burning candles has become an increasingly popular practice in the world of magic (candle magic). It is further believed that they can connect us to the spiritual world.

Thus, in today’s article, we will discuss the meanings of candle colors to better understand the world of magic. We will also go through the types and candle colors, one by one, and explain what each one is used for.

Even though it seems like a mystical world, these colorful candles are often used in different cultures.

Let’s find out the meaning of candle colors.

What is Candle Magic?

Candle magic is an ancient practice that combines the elements of air, fire, water, and earth to create spells and bring your intentions to life. Did you catch the key point? Fire…

Fire plays a significant role in candle magic as it is an impactful element that can change everything. So fire has the power to change everything. Neither we nor nature can survive without fire.

So why not use the colored candles to channel this transforming power?

Candle magic is a practice that is used to cast spells and achieve desired results. The color of the candle is essential in determining the type of spell you intend to cast.

Each candle color serves a different purpose and represents different energies, emotions, and goals. As a result, it’s critical to understand candle color meanings in order to choose the right color for your spell.

For example, if you want to cast a love spell, you would use a pink or red candle. A blue candle would be used to bring peace and calm into your life. 

So, the color of the candle represents the energy you wish to attract into your life and serves as the foundation for your spell.

Moreover, having clear and pure intentions is critical when performing candle magic.

What happens next? Choose a candle color that corresponds to your wish, concentrate on your goal, and light the candle. As the candle burns, visualize your desire coming true and watch as the flame brings your dreams to life.

Remember that the amount of energy you put into the spell in candle magic determines the outcome. So, choose your candle color with care, focus your intentions, and let the magic happen.

But first, let’s figure out what the different candle colors mean.

Candle Colors and Days of the Week

Candle magic practitioners believe that each day of the week has a corresponding color that can be used to boost the energy and intention of your candle-burning ritual.

As a result, these magical correspondences produce vibrations that complement one another.

Let me give you some examples. If you are looking for true love, you may want to light a pink candle on Friday. To attract prosperity, you can burn a green candle on Friday. 

Furthermore, suppose you want a stronger connection to the physical world, passion, and energy. In that case, you can light a red candle on Tuesday.

So, by using different colored candles throughout the week, you can enhance your magic by experimenting with the power of charms.

Here are the seven-day candle colors:

  • Sunday: orange and gold
  • Monday: white, silver, and gray
  • Tuesday: red, brown, and autumn-related colors
  • Wednesday: purple and rich blue shades
  • Thursday: deep blue shades and purple
  • Friday: green, light blue, pink, and copper
  • Saturday: maroon, black, and the darker shades

Types of Spell Candles 

Some candles may be more useful than others depending on the spell you want to cast.

Before we get into the meanings of candle colors, you should know that there are several types of candles to choose from:

  • Double action: It’s a two-in-one spell candle. It has a black section to reverse negative energy and a colored section to attract your desired outcome. Start burning the candle from the black side for best results.
  • Reversible: Used to reverse a harmful spell placed on you and bring back good fortune and luck.
  • 7 Knob: This type of candle is perfect for sympathetic magic, a simple yet powerful way to bring emotional healing, abundance, love, or achieve any other personal desire you have.
  • Colored figure: This candle is used to represent a specific person.
  • Adam and Eve: Use this candle to keep your love strong and to bind your passion together.
  • Witch candles: It helps manifest your goals, clarify your intentions, and express positive affirmations. This candle is also great for honoring those who have passed.

If you’re new to candle magic, you’re probably wondering what type of candle you should choose and what you should keep in mind. Although some consider any type of candle to be good, connoisseurs say you should avoid using decorative, often scented candles.

Furthermore, glass or conical candles are preferred as they burn for a longer period of time. 

The material they are made of is also important. For example, vegetable candles or those made from soya are said to have a lower environmental impact. 

Here are some important considerations before choosing a type:

  • Burn time: When choosing candles for magic, consider the candle’s burn time duration. You should select candles that will last the duration of your spell or ritual.
  • Smoke emission: The amount of smoke emitted by the candle can also have an effect on the energy of your spell. 
  • Flame movement: The movement of the candle’s flame as it burns can also be significant. Some candles move faster than others, which can affect the energy of your spell.
  • Candle Type: Taper or glass candles are typically preferred by specialists because they burn for a longer period of time.
  • Cost: The cost of the candle should also be considered. Some candles are expensive, but this does not mean they are better for your needs.
  • Residue: The amount of residue produced by the candle should also be considered.

Using Each Type and Color of Candle According to Your Needs

Depending on the candle color meanings and types, here are the most used intentions during spell casting:

  • Black and red reversible candle: good spirits.
  • Red double-action candle: love and passion.
  • Pink and green double-action candle: prosperity and true love.
  • White and black double-action candle: enhance your spiritual energy.
  • Green and black double-action candle: wealth, good luck, the banishing of negative people.
  • Green 7-knob candle: abundance and success.
  • White 7-knob candle: peace and harmony.
  • Red Adam & Eve candle: make your relationship more passionate.
  • White-colored figure: peace and bless someone you love.
  • Red witch candle: enhance your affirmations with added power. Remember to write your intention on paper and place it under the candle.

Candle Flame Color Meanings

According to The Candle Signs Dictionary, the colors of candle flames have different meanings:

  • Yellow or red candle flame: When a candle flame burns yellow or red, it is fueled by mundane energy rather than spiritual energy and can be very powerful. 
  • Blue candle flame: When the candle flame is blue, it is said to be the presence of a spirit in the form of an angel, fairy, or other spiritual entity.

However, it’s all about fire, and science tells us more about the colors of candle flames: [1]

  • Blue candle flame: usually range from 4500° to 5400° Fahrenheit due to high oxygen concentration.
  • Orange and brown candle flame: usually occurs at temperatures that range from 2000° to 2200° Fahrenheit because the fuel in the candle loses oxygen. This orange hue is often seen above the blue flame.
  • Red candle flame: Because of the higher amount of carbon, the brown flame becomes red or yellow at higher levels. This happens at temperatures near 2500° Fahrenheit.

Meanings of the Candle Colors

Here are the candle color meanings. Their order is random. Are you ready to see the spell candle colors? Let’s get started.

Red Candle Meaning

As you might imagine, red is the color of passion, energy, vitality, and strength. It is also associated with lust, courage, and security. So, red candles are great for increasing physical energy, boosting self-confidence, and evoking feelings of passion and desire.

If you want to bring your life with more passion, desire, and excitement, or if you want to feel more grounded in the physical world, light a red candle.

It is also said that burning red candles is effective for attracting material things.

Red is also a physical color associated with anger and danger, so burning red candles can make you feel tense.

red candle meaning

Orange Candle Meaning

Orange, the color of sunshine, is associated with warmth, creativity, joy, happiness, enthusiasm, and success.

As a result, orange candles are said to draw energy from the sun and boost your creativity. In addition, it is said that this color helps you release anger and frustration.

When you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, an orange candle can help you reconnect with your inner sense of creativity, passion, and enthusiasm.

Moreover, orange candles are said to improve your mood and self-esteem, making them an excellent candle color for attracting success and new opportunities.

Orange candle color meaning

Yellow Candle Meaning

Yellow is an energizing and inspiring color that is frequently associated with creativity, optimism, happiness, spontaneity, and intellect.

Yellow, as you already know, is very stimulating. As a result, yellow candles are excellent for increasing your focus and optimism. 

It brings positive energy into your life while promoting mental clarity and stability.

Furthermore, they may assist you in expanding your logical imagination or creativity.

Because it is so closely associated with intellect, mentality, and creativity, lighting a yellow candle can assist you in breaking down mental barriers.

Yellow candle meaning

Green Candle Meaning

As you might have imagined, green is the color of life, associated with growth, abundance, new beginnings, and renewal.

This is an excellent candle color to attract abundance, prosperity, and growth. That’s why it is often used in career advancement, personal development, or financial success spells. 

Thus, consider adding a green candle to your collection if you want to advance in your career.

In addition to these, green candles can help you connect with nature. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, this candle can help by providing the earth’s calming and grounding energy.

green candle meaning

Blue Candle Meaning

Blue is associated with serenity, relaxation, and harmony. Furthermore, blue is the color of communication, so this is an excellent candle color for improving your communication skills and expressing yourself more freely.

Do you want to taste the calm energy of the sea and sky? Then, light a blue candle.

While light blue candles are excellent for those seeking acceptance, mental fortitude, inspiration, and emotional healing, dark blue candles help to improve communication and discover the real truth. 

Furthermore, dark blue candles are used to cast spells for peace, harmony, and joy.

Also, if you are having trouble accepting something, light blue is a good candle color to consider.

Blue candle meaning

Purple Candle Meaning

Purple is a spiritually uplifting, enlightening color associated with mystery, wisdom, and fantasy. 

It allows you to connect with the divine and your inner self. By lighting a purple candle, you can access deeper levels of spiritual awareness, promoting greater self-understanding.

So, purple candles are an excellent choice for connecting with the spiritual realm, accessing your dream world, or seeking spiritual protection.

As a result, this vibrant candle color promotes self-awareness and deepens your understanding of your innermost thoughts.

This color is also associated with the purple chakra, which is said to be the doorway to higher consciousness. So, light a purple candle to enhance your spiritual journey.

Purple candle meaning


Indigo is an uplifting candle color that allows you to see the world in a new light. 

In addition, indigo candles are about intuition and dispelling illusions.

Furthermore, indigo candles assist you in reaching higher frequencies in order to truly understand the purpose of life.

Pink Candle Meaning

Pink is a calming and nurturing color associated with love, romance, compassion, and kindness. 

This candle color represents true love more than any other. Thus, pink candles can help you attract more love into your life. Furthermore, pink candles are also used in love and attraction spells.

In addition, lighting a pink candle can help you connect with your inner sense of love and compassion. So, consider this candle color if you feel lonely or disconnected.

Moreover, pink candles are said to help you replace anger, sadness, and frustration with feelings of love, peace, and happiness.

Pink candles are also used in spells involving love and attention.

pink candle meaning

White Candle Meaning

White candles have a special meaning in many spiritual traditions because they represent purity, clarity, and new beginnings.

Because white is the color of purity, this candle is ideal for bringing peace, harmony, and balance into your life. Furthermore, it provides cleansed energy that is beneficial to your home.

The white candle’s meaning is also associated with protection. As a result, white candles are frequently used in spell-casting to dispel fear. 

For example, the protective energy of a white candle can help you feel safer and more secure when you are going through a difficult time.

The white candles are also thought to assist you in releasing negative energy and attracting positive vibes into your life. 

White candle meaning

Gray Candle Meaning

Gray candles represent balance, neutrality, and detachment. Gray is frequently used to seek stability and calm, especially when emotions run high. 

By lighting a gray candle, you can cultivate an inner sense of balance and dispel any negative energy that may be present.

Gray candles are also linked to wisdom and understanding. Burning a gray candle may help you connect with your inner wisdom and intuition, allowing you to see things from a different perspective and make confident decisions.

Gray candle meaning

Black Candle Meaning

Even though black is a contested color in terms of symbolism, this is not the case when we think of candles.

Black candles are associated with protection, banishing negative energy, and absorbing negative emotions. 

When used in spells or rituals, black candles are thought to aid in releasing negative thoughts, feelings, or people who may impede your personal growth or happiness.

As a result, if you want to protect yourself from negative energies or remove negative influences from your life, a black candle is a good choice.

Black candle meaning


Silver candles represent intuition, introspection, and psychic abilities. As a result, this is an excellent candle for gaining broader intuition.

This color also encourages introspection and self-discovery, so it’s ideal for meditation and self-reflection.

Silver candles are also linked to the moon and the third eye chakra, which governs intuition, psychic abilities, and inner vision. Thus, this candle color can help you connect with your inner wisdom and improve your ability to see things from a different angle.

This candle is also ideal for full moon magic and spells that involve the moon and its energies.

Silver candle meaning


If you’re looking for wealth, good fortune, and success, gold is the candle to go for. More specifically, the gold candle meaning is associated with abundance, prosperity, and financial success.

The gold candle is also ideal for sun-related spells such as healing, protection, and renewal. 

You can use the sun’s energy to boost your self-confidence by burning a golden candle. Furthermore, this color instills confidence and motivation, making it an excellent choice for goal-setting rituals.

If you want to start a new relationship, pair a gold candle with an orange candle.

So, what are you waiting for? Light a golden candle to attract wealth and success into your life.

Gold candle meaning


Brown is the color that represents comfort, stability, and warmth. 

Brown candles, as you might expect, represent grounding, stability, and a connection to nature. 

This color evokes feelings of security and comfort. So, lighting a brown candle can help you feel more stable and secure. 

Furthermore, you can connect with the earth’s energy and your own sense of grounding and stability.

Brown candles are used to cast spells concerning grounding, stability, and the home.

Brown candle meaning

Final Thoughts on the Candle Colors Meanings

So, the candle colors meanings play an important role in the candle magic world. Now that you have understood the meanings of the candle colors, you have the basic knowledge about spells and spell-casting.

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