Meaning of the Color Blue: Symbolism, Psychology, and More

blue ocean waves

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, and it represents imagination, freedom, inspiration, intuition, and sensitivity. Blue symbolizes depth, loyalty, trust, and wisdom. The color blue has several positive effects on the human body and mind. Blue can help the body produce chemicals that have a calming effect and help release feelings … Read more

Meaning of the Color Red: Symbolism, Uses, And More

red roses

The color red, which represents both blood and fire, is associated with strong emotions such as love, passion, courage, and joy. Red also has meanings of power, sexuality, desire, sensuality, danger, rage, and aggression. Moreover, it represents life, health, and vitality. Red is one of people’s favorite colors because it is magical, vibrant, and intensely emotional. … Read more

Butterfly Colors Meanings and Symbolism

colored butterfly

Each of us wonders what the meaning of butterfly colors is when we see them. Butterflies are incredible insects whose wings hold an array of colors from black to brown, blue, red, and orange. Butterflies are insects that people find really beautiful, along with dragonflies and ladybirds. And certainly, their colors have different symbolic meanings … Read more